Dial out accurate sales call

Telephone communication is through the opposite side of the voice, tone, speed, language to judge each other’s psychological activity. While the face-to-face communication, is easier to pass each other look, gaze, gestures, language, tone to judge their psychological activities. So, for telephone sales staff, able to step in place to find the target customers, interested in, grasp the customer’s psychology, to obtain the trust of customers, has become a decision to call sales success the key steps.
One, to identify target customers
Sales of the first step is to determine their target customers. Target customers in where? Which customers are most likely to use your product? This information must be very clear, otherwise, every play more telephone, could prove futile.
For example, there are all kinds of fish in the pond, you want what kind of fish? You must observe, you want to get the fish are mostly concentrated in what place, do not aim at random fishing.
In the target customers the most centralized place looking for customers, in order to achieve better results, so we must accurately define your target customers. Make cold calls later, the success of the first step is to find the right person. If have the right to decide who could not find a good sales skills, it is useless to setbacks. Therefore, sales telephone dial out strange phone call is the primary step to confirm the person you are talking with is your key people.
How to judge this person is your key? Set up Company Key person generally has three characteristics, can use English MAN: M said rich, key person must have the budget to buy your product; A said right, key people must have the procurement decision-making power or right decision-making have important influence; N says demand.
Two, effective sales preparation
Telephone sales sales process is short, you only can be fully prepared to seize the rare opportunity. Telephone sales preparation as the building foundation, if not a solid foundation, the building will soon collapse. On the phone to communicate with customers and telephone sales results, preparation work has the very big relations. Even if you have very strong communication ability, if the preparatory work is not done well can not achieve the desired effect. Telephone sales before including the following:
Clear to the customer the purpose of the call. Your objective is to successfully sell products or want to and customers to establish a long-term relations of cooperation? Must be clear, such ability have a definite object in view.
Clear call target. What is the target? Goal is to call after the results. Aims and objectives are related, must clear the purpose of the call and the target, which are two important aspects.
Clear in order to achieve the goal to the questions. In order to achieve the goal, need which information, questioning what problem, those on the phone before must be clear. On the phone started to get more information and understand the needs of customers, without question, apparently unable to get customers’ information and requirements. Therefore, telephone sales skills of asking questions in very important, should be put to the questions on the phone before you write on the paper.
Imagine the customer may be mentioned problems and prepare. Call, customers will ask you some questions. If the customer you are not very clear, to take the time to find some information, customers may be afraid of delay time and give the phone to hang up, this is not conducive to the establishment of trust relationship. So clear customers may ask any questions, and should already know how to answer.
Preparation of the required information. As mentioned, if certain customer in response to the need for access to information, you may not have much time. Pay attention, do not let the customer at the other end of the line to wait for too long time, therefore, information must be put in the hand, so need to check immediately when you can find.

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