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Fujian financial supplement 9000000 energy-saving lamps to buy energy saving lamps like to buy Chinese Cabbage

maintenance focusing methodLast year did not” rob” to public attention the half-price energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps to continue this year to promote financial supplement. Fujian energy conservation supervision ( monitoring ) center news, this year the province plans to promote efficient lighting products 9000000, predict August rolled out in complete province. This year the financial supplement energy saving lamp number of row whole nation the third min

Guo Jia hair change appoint annulus endowment department joint Ministry of Finance Building Division 6 issued a circular, released the 2011 financial subsidies to the promotion of efficient lighting products task. According to the circular, this year the national promotion of efficient lighting products of more than 150000000, including 9000000 in Fujian only, promotion after Shanxi ( 10000000 ), Sichuan ( 10000000 ), in the third row.

Energy Saving Supervision ( monitoring ) center expresses about the personage, Fujian promotion of specific programmes are being developed, will be published recently, expected 8 months these efficient lighting products can be sold around in Fujian. With its 2008 promotion allowance policy consensus, the promotion as the object is still mainly for industrial and mining enterprises, office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, commercial buildings, railway station, airport, dock, road, and the use of contract energy management to promote efficient lighting products, energy saving service company and other bulk users and the community or village administration for the purchase of units of the urban and rural areas residential customers.simple method

Bulk users each energy-saving lamps will be given 30% subsidies, urban and rural residents per user 50% subsidy. Subsidies to indirect subsidies, namely financial subsidy to the enterprises, successful enterprises on by the supply agreement price minus the financial subsidy funds of the sales price for the terminal user.

Fuzhou residents to buy energy saving lamps like to buy Chinese Cabbage
Last year, Fujian completed a total of Guo Jia issued by the 8000000 energy-saving lamps promotion mission, due to promotion of enterprise itself is lower than the market price, and then a half-price subsidy after, members of the public to buy energy-saving lamps generally only for the market price of 1 / 3, a market price at 10 million energy-saving lamps, promotion price as long as the lowest 2.95 yuan. In complete province especially Fuzhou half the energy saving lamp community promotion spot, energy-saving lamps were Fengqiang financial supplement. Promotion of enterprise name, Fuzhou residents to buy energy saving lamps like to buy Chinese cabbage, is very crazy. Fuzhou last year more than 3000000 of the promotion, occupy complete province gross of nearly four into. In addition, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan three city promotion has more than a million.

The annual lighting 1500 hour, 8000000 energy-saving lamps or about 600000000 kwh electricity.

This year the financial supplement energy saving lamp price less than market price 1 / 3
Since March this year, the main raw material of energy-saving lamps fluorescent powder rose in price 10 times. Industry analysts pointed out, fluorescent powder spurt in prices and soaring prices for rare earth.

The present Fuzhou market energy-saving lamps retail prices generally at 15 yuan to 30 yuan, the supermarket said, compared with last year, the majority of products sold by at least one into. It is reported, because financial supplement energy saving lamp bid time is a few months ago, when the price is low, therefore, is likely to follow the original offer. That is to say, in the buying public financial supplement energy-saving lamps generally only for the market price of 1 / 3, this year’s financial supplement energy saving lamp is lower than this.

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