Use and maintenance

Use and maintenance of the white furniture
White furniture can usually be considered light color furniture, when in use, if properly maintained, it than other types of furniture more variable yellowing old, thus affecting the furniture appearance, maintain the white furniture more carefully. When in use, try to pay attention to the following points:Office Furniture Desk
First of all do not take furniture left out in the sun for long time.
Secondly, to protect the furniture surface, don’t be collision scratch, so as not to damage the paint film.
Third, if the water or drinks in the furniture surface, should immediately with dry cotton dry wipe.LED Lights Supplier
Fourth, don’t be boiling water or hot water cup placed directly in the furniture surface, should use the tea pad isolation.
Sixth, do not use alcohol, gasoline acidic solvent to remove stains, to prevent the destruction of the furniture surface paint film gloss and color.taylor made suits
In seventh, white furniture if yellowing old case, can use cotton cloth dipped in some toothpaste wipe, and then half wet wipe the toothpaste remnants, finally with a dry cloth to dry.Tin Box
Eighth, if there are scratches, can be the first to use gypsum powder wound filling, to be dry after use after spraying sand down, with the color of paint.Set up Company

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