LED the profession foreground

LED the profession foreground is vast五大注意事项
LED at the beginning useds for the designation of appearance instrument lighting, expands to the traffic sign light later on and arrives a view again to illuminate, vehicle-use illuminate and cellular phone keyboard and carry on the back light source.LED is a kind of green light source, its application is extensively very, currently, the main realm applying in the our country includes LCD carry light source on LCD’s back, illuminate, industry application and cellular phone, car application, show to hold etc..

Remarkable BE, the LED in the new will present “the well spray” in the near future the type become available in the market, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, Hong benefit optoelectronics, continent clear science and technology, the electronics of Ao Tuo ……but is having already become available in the market of in the LED tectonic plate, shine on optoelectronics and virtuous Hao such as the Gan smooth reach, allied create optoelectronics etc., all have recently quite good performance, so is the reason why to cause LED does the tectonic plate oscillate a period to appear a changes in the big dish?热塑射频

Will get into Gao Zeng long term
According to the estimate, the global LED industry production value amounts to USD 15,100,000,000 around in 2010, the year increases 68%.The overall universality ages illuminated along with LED of will soon come, estimate global LED the industry production value will amount to USD 20,800,000,000 in 2011, the year growth leads up to 38%.2012 will amount to USD 30,000,000,000, year growth the rate over 40%.There is an opportunity challenging an USD 50,000,000,000 toll-gate in 2013, the year growth rate will even reach to above 60%.Furniture maintenance

Gold 100 work properly to consult analyst, Qin Hong, to think, the global LED industry has vast market capacity and mean our country LED thus the group leader business enterprise of the industry will own vast of galloping about of global market space.Much less, the our country local LED industry also has tremendous growth space.Illuminates engineering development and industry alliance(CSA) data to suggest according to the guo jia semi-conductor, the our country LED the market total scale will attain 100,000,000,000 dollars in 2010 or so.Anticipate till 2015, the local LED market scale will attain above 500,000,000,000 dollars, year compound’s increasing soon will attain 38%.Data like this means LED, the industry has vast market capacity and has the investment opportunity to hope to urge to living new high growth industry thus.Is also say, have already corresponded the virtuous Hao of LED obvious realm currently smooth reach, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, the Gan shine on optoelectronics, three Anne’s optoelectronics etc.s deliver a business enterprise first already and hope to acquire first hair advantage, thus the Chang enjoy the industry cake of keeping on the high growth.simple method

More important BE, LED industry in addition to illuminating, still just the realms, such as intelligence cellular phone and flat panel computer…etc. have an extensive application.But permeate a quickly promoting of the rate along with the intelligence cellular phone, flat panel computer prosperity and LED LCD TV, make LED carried on the back only become pushing the fast- increasing main motive of the short-term LED market.The LED LCD TV permeates to lead in 2009 only is 3%, but 2010 first half year of quickly rises to 16%, meaning can quickly suit LED carry first delivering of the light source industry realm on LED’s back the business enterprise acquire new high growth kinetic energy.

The LED profession that cheerful industry stock certificate released recently ground to also think in the report, can particularly pay attention to LED at present lighting application and have high quality chip etc. realm of brand advantage, maintain sub- profession to”recommend” to LED of investment rating.

The cheerful industry stock certificate points out that local still weaker than same period of trend of industry index number of LED June our Taiwanese semi-conductor components the index number and Taiwan add power index number.To local LED industry, the factor of product structure and customer’s structure, make local LED business enterprise and LED television carry scene spirit on television’s back have smaller connection, revenue’s undulating sex is smaller than the industry chain of our country Taiwan, but still face a need to slow down, the productivity supply exceeds demand of concealed suffer from.If the need keeps on shortage and only owns technique real strenght and cost management ability, and actively expand the business enterprise that the new product applies realm then can shuffle cards in the survival in the industry.妳“腰齡”

The wide hair stock certificate thinks that since 2011, the LED profession will get into high growth ages.Anticipate for 2011-2012 years, the production value will attain USD 14,000,000,000 and USD 20,500,000,000 respectively and together compare to increase soon to attain 40% and 46% respectively, the LED profession gets into high growth orbit, and second half year LED illuminates the possibility of existing the explosion growth this year.Suggest particularly concern to grow up an assurance strong the realm of the and high growth.

Eastern stock certificate new energy analyst Zou Hui’s thinking , in recent years, on the other hand be subjected to push of the aggressive factor of the guo jia industry policy function, public finance subsidy particularly is zheng fu in the place to illuminate in the view, biggest stimulated LED the development of the industry, then push LED significantly lowering of the product cost;On the other hand, then because technical progress make the product cost quickly descended.Therefore, in the near future LED industry the favor that obviously got a funds.On these grounds, analyzing a personage to think two types ofs can actively pay attention to, one is a productivity to expand strength big species.The Gan shines on optoelectronics, continent clear science and technology etc. to will become available in the market in the near future of new, with lend IPO to collect funds item, the accomplishment has already hoped quick growth.Two is LED that suits industry development trend concept, among them optoelectronics dragon in the sky and virtuous Hao smooth reach etc. is such.

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