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sense of security

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Let the person don’t have the office romance of sense of security
The middle ten days of month start from the last month, small far and suddenly very cheerless to me, deliver a message also not return, in the company saw face me also not cold not hot, I don’t know is the reason why.The end of the month, the company leadership says that recent everyone works all very hard and has a meal then sings a song to kick back and enjoy together in the evening.
Small far always faces feelings with the active carriage I and small all far have respectively male girl friend, this is the later affair and start a company only have we two young men, Relocation Companyso we in clear and ordered patternly walk to together.Only we deceived inside all people of company, because the company disallows to fall in love, if discover, two personal medium have to a person leave a company.

Two of uses are June, 2000s are one ex- company of one juniors, I am 19 years old that year, small great I am 3 years old and compare me early and enter a company for a week, the director calls us into his office, to small far say this is the newly arrived Suo is thin and will look after each other hereafter.Small far give my first impression very good, there is gifted qualities on his body, grow to also have delicate looks, be like a southern person, in fact he is the Northerner of tunnel.The boy made track for me at school before, but he and I once saw of boy’s sons are all different.

I fancied like this small far, this mutual attraction that likes an opposite sex just, there is also no the composition of feelings, but what to follow is my from vulgar, I feel that I doesn’t deserve him.Until two of us after talking a period of time to be in love, he tells me, he sees my first eye, feel that two of uses’ affirmation will take place what, also say that he can’t easily pass me.His words on the other hand make me feeling glad, on the other hand also have some to don’t understand he why will like me, I am thus ordinary girl’s son.

Just- gone to work first weekend, he makes a phone call and invites me and says that he just came to Tienjin and wanted to ask me and be a free guide and take him to take a walk everywhere, acquainted with this city and also said inviting me to eat a McDonald’s.Receive his telephone invitation, I am very happy.I in early morning got up that day on Saturday and turned over a box of bottom to wear the clothes that oneself like most on the body, I hoped to dress a beautiful bright of Piao now his in front.He has very high request to the chemisette and specially cares the place of detail of girl’s son, this is for a while what we got along with to just know, and this is to result in reason of very big pressure for me.

We meeteach other in the location of appointmentInternational Moving, he wore a T-shirt and a recreational trousers that day, is a pair of recreational shoeses on the feet, seem to be particularly spirit.We usually go to work to all request to wear to be packing, this body of his foppery makes the person looking at very comfortable, my then feeling is absolutely handsome Be getting more foolish.This be not in the my lover’s eyes west, even our colleagues all say that he is the public appearance of our company.With him walk together, my vanity got very big of satisfy.I take he strolled for a day, he invited me to have a meal and sat the chat of chair by the side of the street to two of uses in evening after, although we what didn’t also say,could feel our to relate to again near 1 F.

From that after, we go off work to all go out to have fun every day, in fact also having no a place can go, is pushing bicycle Ya street, even if is so, we are also very happy.

I have been aming enduring, this kind of endure to allow me to can not find a sense of security us this kind of mutually understand without saying of the appearance kept on for half month.A weekend in mid- July, he invite I play at his house, his house is him very much in disorder and his father rent of house, I tidy up a house for him.He looking at clean house of say that let I hereafter every day to his house, I say every day to your house, I calculate?He says that girl friend’s looking after boyfriend is as it should be.This should calculate to vindicate, I have been all aming waiting this sentence, my in the mind is very excited.

Didn’t fall in love before, his everythings all have nothing to do with me, can after we built up an in love relation, I he when most become intimate with of person, his everything I think tube.But I slowly discover, he doesn’t like me what matters all interfere with, since that time, I realize that on this problem we are self-contradict.There is girl in the that time head quarter make a phone call for him, I ask him is who, he woulds not like to say, either, even if said that I feel to be not true words either.I think since I love him, I will slowly change his.

Soon was “11”, Mover Companyhe returned to old house and classmate party.That several days he not at nearby, I feel it’s empty.After”11″ be overs, he returns to°from the old house Tienjin, I discover that he didn’t seem to be originally so last heart to me, I was one allowing is distrustful of person, at that time still have no cellular phone, I check his to shout machine and turn over his drawer, I know so not very good, but I am to want to find out some proof.

Afterwards, I discover he shouts to have a repeated number on board and starts the noodles that he returns to be me answering the phone, can afterwards take advantage o me up the bathroom or just return to the another house and wait me a come back and in a hurry hang a telephone.Start I have been enduring and embrace I am the attitude of his girl friend, want to reform him.Afterwards my endured to make him become to no longer avert from me, he is my noodles to answer the phone for that girl’s son, that girl seems to be very to depend on him, connect to buy what color of shoe all want to ask him, this is what I am from the telephone in hear.I pretty hate his on this, I feel he don’t respect me at all.

We so the place writes, as long as his shout machine not to ring, he is quite good to me.Have no a few New Year that the months are 2001s, he returned to old house again, my knowing his affirmation will seek that girl.Once wait over year of after he returns to a company, I discover that his telephone is getting less, at that time I not knew them have already turned into “underground work”, I was silly to silly think that he comes around.Have no in a couple of days, I have a meal at his house and finish eating after meal, I tidy up a bowl of chopsticks with one of his relatives in the kitchen, this aunt tells me, small far have been contacting with that girl, two of thems were classmates in the senior high schools before and originally related to always quite good of, can afterwards the girl went abroad, a pair person have no contact, can that girl went out a period of time again return to country, with small far again had contact.The aunt still takes her photograph for me to see, that girl isn’t very beautiful and but pretty have qualities.After knowing these affairs, I was getting more silly at that time, this kind of matter to me is like that the sky fell, I didn’t know I as well how returned to, he saw my facial expression not to, ask what’s the matter with me.I say a nothing important.

English Mei calls

Monday, August 29th, 2011

The Change hot mechanismEnglish Mei calls that the post-war”massacre” civilian of Libyan government soldier makes dismay
The Libyan opposition faction calls to need more than ten days to capture the card firm thin old house Qatar calls to wish to build up good relation English Mei with”new Libya” to call that basic life supplies in Libya raises an alarm people to call to still accept a round-the-world net to practice the report way of reporter, Chen Wei,quality too the time split according to England 《the shell Er method Si especially the tele-communications report 》website August is 29, it has been longer than a week since Libyan armed clash kept on, order in the Li wave of the capital city confusion, in the streets often take place bleed conflict, people just living in the tremendous dismay

The report way said that last weekend, of reappearing 150 corpses in the warehouse of neighborhood in the Li wave, 53 among those have already been burned.The report way cites the words from a Libyan special correspondent of “the sky news” in England that”I am large-scale to kill” that the card firm thin advocator starts has already kept on a period of time.There was another witness to say, victim because of doing not wish to kill a civilian just drive roughneck shoot-to-kill.Residents also mean that there are still not a few corpses that are burned in neighborhood, is all government the soldier attacks and occupies in the opposition faction of Lis wave in kill.

Does one named the horse of Ao Sa?The man of Si tile said, he once by luck succeeded in escaping occurrence’s”bloodbath” in the Libyan domestic affairs safe center mansion last week.He says,husband and wife live had 25 people at that time drive the government soldier detention is in the mansion, people heard the newses in the Li wave that the opposition faction gets into all shouted, everyone thinks to will save very quickly.However, but the sniper of upstairs suddenly starts madness strafing to people.He says:”I hide in the corner and take they stop a shoot-to-kill of empty beillicit love photograph just can succeed in escaping.

The report way also calls that the quite a few in the Li wave of capital city regions all discover a great deal of rancid body.The proof that American human rights the organization”African human rights observation station” controls suggests that card firm the thin troops be still in great quantities massacring a civilian, don’t lack a medical personnel among them.

LED gives out light

Friday, August 26th, 2011

1 kind can raise the new technique that LED gives out light material quality to publish
Limitless light and LEDs will act for all of traditional light source Belgrade’s marketplace adopts LEDLED to illuminate industry to turn item go into halt a pack of sparse soil LED industry whole country in Guangdong of Gao Xin Qu of hat LED the industry foreground is bright heavy celebrate will throw 500,000,000 to set up 17 LED city gates five the tycoons cooperate to build LED,Still virtuous the patent barracks is optimistic about lighting to”subdivide” market space recently outside Mei report, north card Luo Lai Na the state university discovered a kind of passed to lower nitrogen to turn the gallium thin thin film in of 2~3 pieces measured class blemish, raise LED gave out light material of the new technique of the quality.

The researcher introduces and passes that technique, homology of importation electric power can the fecundity living 200% exportations only ability,market of light for low electric power importation and purple outside give out light the LED but speech of scope, this kind of growth is very considerable.

LED illuminates to mainly rely on nitrogen to turn giving out light of gallium thin film diode, the researcher imbeds the half thickness of 2 microns thick GaN thin films to grow 2 micron breadths, the space cleft of 0.5 microns, after discover, many blemishes will be drawn on and trap in these crevice spaces.This makes the crevice space up reduced many blemishes.Therefore, Quan’s invitationthey effectively after placing some crevice spaces in the thin film, successfully keep blemish from spreading the rest part of thin film.If there is no this crevice technique, square Li nitrogen of the rice turns gallium thin film to have about 1010 blemishes each time.However after using this technique,business enterprise level square Li the blemish of the rice will decline each time to about 107.Can make a higher quality and more effectively give out light diode with this.

LED and small common sense

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The product of LED and small common sense
LED(Light Emitting Diode) gives out light diode, is a kind of semi-conductor spare part of solid, it can directly chase the electricity conversion as light.The LED heart is a chip of semi-conductor, chip of on carrying to attach on a support, a carry is an anode, another on carrying the cathode of linking the power, make the whole chip packed by the epoxy.The semi-conductor chip constitutes to°from two parts, a part is a semi-conductor and get empty cave to predominate in it position, another a carry is a semi-conductor, is mainly an electronics here.But these two kinds of semi-conductors at the time that conjunction got up, they formed a “P-N knot”.When the electric current passes to lead a line function at this chip of time, electronics the meeting is pushed toward the P area, the electronics reunites with empty cave in the P area, then meeting with light the form of the son send out energy, this is the principle that the LED gives out light.But light of wave-length decision light of color, from formation P-N knot material decision of.

LED(Light-Emitting-Diode Chinese meaning for give out light diode) is a kind of semi-conductor that can convert the electric power as light ability, it changed the incandescent lamp Wu silky hair light and economy energy light three radicle color the powder give out light of principle, but adopt electric field to give out light.According to the analysis,LED lights manufacturer LED characteristics very obvious, life span long, radiation Gao, have no radiation with low achievement consume.The LED spectrum is more almost all concentrated than it is thus clear that segment only and repeatedly, it gives out light an efficiency can over the 150 lms|W(2010).Economize on energy LED and common incandescent lamp, helix light and T5 three radicle color the fluorescent lamp carry on contrast and show as a result:The radiation of the common incandescent lamp is a 12 lms|W, the life span is small in 2000 hours, the radiation of the spiral economy energy light is a 60 lms|W, the life span is small in 8000 hours, T5 fluorescent lamps then is 96 lmses|W, life span about 10000 hours, but the diameter is 5 millimeters of white lights LED radiation can over the 150 lms|W, the life span is big in 100000 hours.Someone also predicts that future LED life span upper limit will infinity.

Big power, points to give out light power big, generally point a 0.5 Ws, the 1 W 3 Ws 5 Ws or higher.The light is strong with flow clear is bigger than small power, but equally spread heat also very big, now big power is all single application, add to spread very greatly hot slice of.The small power is generally that the 0.06 Ws is or so.The LED hand electricity generally uses with the small power and only spreads not to spread and is decided by giving out light of LED angle and separates the big angle the small angle now, the small angle doesn’t spread,dvb t mpeg4 and the big angle just spreads.The flashlight on the market generally does with the straw hat head.Effective.Worry now some time article LEDs that doesn’t weigh quality, takes do flashlight, can not use how long have a dead light.

The LED bright degree gives out light angle to have an inevitable relation with LED, LED angle more small its bright degree is more high, have no super bright not super bright of, that is to cheat a kid, if is good quality LED ignore is which LED factory house produce of everyone of bright degrees are all just about and just produce a craft different, the service life slightly has a dissimilarity, because what everyone used is LED of all those abroads chip.If is the bright degree of the white light of LED180 degree Cape with 5 MMs is only several 100 MCDs, if is the bright degree of 15 degrees Cape Be about to go to 10,000 many 20,000 MCDs bright degrees, the bright degree differed quite a few decuple, if used for lighting to use, had better be LED used big power outdoors, the bright degree is getting higher, the single power has a 1 W, 3 Ws, 5 Ws, also have plenty of to use many LEDs that the big powers constitute a big power, the power goes to several 100 all have.
The color moderate bright degree didn’t relate to, but bright degree and flow a clear value relevant

To see a few concepts:
Light flux(lm)
Because the person’s eye has the intelligent degree of dissimilarity to the electromagnetic wave of different wave-length, we can not directly use up radiation power or radiation flux of source to measure only energy, have to adopt with person’s eye to light of amount of felling is fiducial unit—-Light flux to measure.Light flux is meant with the sign Φ , unit for flow clear(lm).
Give out light strength(cd)
The light flux is to explain some one light source to shoot toward the on all sides space of total light energy.The light flux that the different light source sends out is different in the distributing of space.The giving out light the unit of strength pulls for virtuous hole,Xu Huangthe sign is a cd, it means light source at some unit surface of sphere degree the light flux that shoot inside the stereoscopic Cape(the object’s surface is to the Cape that orders light source formation).1 cd=1 lm|1 sr(sr:The surface of sphere degree of the stereoscopic Cape unit).
Bright degree(cd|m& sup 2;)
Bright degree is mean eyes are from some object blast-off light that one direction sees of strength.The unit pulls for virtuous hole|square meter[cd|m& sup 2;], the sign is a L and express the luminary is in the particular direction unit stereoscopic Cape unit light flux in the area, it equals a square meter to superficially send out 1 axe virtuous pull of give out light strength.
Color( Color Temperature)
Pawn everything the color of light that the source sends out with black body when the radioactive color is same under some one temperature the temperature of black body is called color of that light source and means with the absolute zero K(open an Er text, open a surname degree= Celsius degree+273.15).
Show a color(Color rendering property)
In principle,12 volt led lighting the artificial ray should make with natural ray homology the person’s naked eye ability exactitude recognize thing of color, certainly, this position and purpose that wants to be according to illuminating but settle.

revenue growth

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

By marrying best-in-class mobile TV tuner technology from the Athena Semiconductor acquisition and our core demodulator IP together with leading- edge process technology, Broadcom has delivered a compelling solution to our customers,” said Dino Bekis,her own initiativeDirector of New Business Initiatives for Broadcom”s Wireless Connectivity Group. “These new mobile TV receivers, coupled with Broadcom”s handset capabilities and evolving user applications, enable a whole new class of products that will drive significant revenue growth.

Hierarchical Modulation option
Hierarchical modulation allows simultaneous transmission of two MPEG-2 transport streams. The compromise between data rate and ruggedness can be set differently between the two virtual channels.choose son-in-law’s condition For example:

highly protected channel (High Priority – HP- input) for transmission to mobile and/or portable receivers and
high capacity channel (Low Priority – LP – input), at the expense of ruggedness, for transmission to rooftop antennas.
This option can be used to provide simultaneously two services: DVB-H and DVB-T, where DVB-H service is provided via the HP channel, while DVB-T service via the LP channel. Another typical application is simulcasting of the same program in high definition resolution and standard definition resolution. A significant benefit of hierarchical modulation is that the total data-rate available in a system with two hierarchically modulated RF channels is higher than what is available for a two-channel non-hierarchical system, where one Adjust LED RF channel is strictly dedicated to mobile/portable receivers and the other RF channel is strictly dedicated for transmission to rooftop antennas.

DAB also uses frequency interleaving, a similar technique to time interleaving but applied to the sub-carriers centre frequencies in the RF spectrum instead. The data stream from the studio is deliberately not modulated serially onto sub-carriers across the frequency range, but instead in a more random way. Multipath and other forms of selective fading generally affect a relatively narrow part of the RF multiplex bandwidth at any one time so frequency interleaving would tend to average out ‘bursts’ of errors resulting from these.Guang of LED

LED business clustering

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

The Northern LED business clustering with Beijing and Dalian as its representatives dominated by research institutions with strongest R&D power. The best LED chip technology in China could be found here. In terms of HR, the clustering has most chip talents.LED industry still

The manufacturing of epitaxial material and chip, and also packaging in Jiangxi province have achieved large-scale production in recent years. In Xiamen Fujian, there are a lot of enterprises engaged in chip manufacturing, packaging, the research and production of the application products. They have concentration advantage, talent advantage and regional advantage as well.

In this report, along with an extensive survey about the supply and management of human resources of China LED industry, existing problems, confusion and challenge in the human resource has been explored. Solutions and recommendations are made as the reference for the LED enterprise to improve its human resource management, and for the central and local governments to formulate industrial policies

LED have applied to mobile phones in the small size LCD panel, mobile phone production backlighting market growth brings back light the rapid development of the market. Especially in 2003, the mobile phone is labeled appear white leds promote the rapid development of the market. But as mobile phase and steady growth in output into mobile technology used in LCD panel back light, LED decrease in the number of mobile phones in the back light in LED the slowing dosage. The average number of slowing growth and declining prices, resulting in small size back light market growth, at the same time, the weak size, back light markets become manufacturers to be bestowed favor on newly.

Application Three: auto lamp great market potential, but short-term market to start.already open

LED for auto lamp mainly because of low power consumption, long life and corresponding speed. Statistics show that, in the car is running at 100 kilometers per hour, with the vehicle brake light is LED not LED brake light vehicle braking distance will reduce 7 feet. Currently, the application in automobile LED gradually the third brake light. Although still facing unit LED low lumens wattage and relevant policies, and into the car headlights market need are certain time, but as cost performance and efficiency of the ascending, eventually LED to gradually realize from the front to rear car interior, the transfer of the auto lamp, occupy the market. With great capacity of the car, LED lamp market is facing a huge development potential.

Agilent TMDS signal source

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Agilent TMDS the signal source has three passages, namely D0, D1 and D2, overaly green, red and blue three radicle colorses respectively.Also provide the fourth passage moreover, namely D-passage, used to for to inside Zhi passage, provide HDMI the standard medium rules of common with repair an of data with each other of additional Zhi test.Still provide a clock signal.LED lights manufacturer

Used for TMDS that matches sex test and characteristic description signal source of the main characteristic include:

The YMDS signal gives or gets an electric shock even regulate

Have the best signal function, the velocity is up to a 7 Gbs|s, tremble to move low

Clock and data that have real independence tremble to move to plug-inly tremble to move to make functiondvb t tuners

Have to used for HDMI the data sequence creation software of the video frequency

Receive to carry a test

That N5990 AN auto test terrace can also pass test to guide a customer.For example, such as figure 6 medium give TMDS is minimum|biggest bad the cent put to receive the instrument of carrying the test allocation method.(CTS test ID 8-5)At should special allocation in, a the pedestal full TMDS includes clock and data to tremble the signal source of moving the source and the power and pass a TPA-P is linked DUT.And only be a customer confirmation the constitution is behind test a square can start.dvb t mpeg4

Send out to carry a test

The N5990 AN auto test platform can with used for HDMI to send out to carry test of, circulate at Anne the Jie Lun DSO80000 a set show N5399 As on a machine to connect in the middle of the serieses.N5990 As are responsible for the allocation and start that sends out to carry a test.After test completes, data chart’s up carrying from show a machine is the whole TMDS that test controller to produce the automatic terrace in the PC controller of machine in.dvb-t receivers

TMDS sends out to carry time of ascension to tests(test ID 7-4) a result.The that TMDS data eye diagram(test ID 7-10) result is in the figure 10 in give.Send out to carry a test data to also put Excel form to used for a follow-up processing.overseas risk

fresh flowers decorates

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The bride chamber fresh flowers decorates
The bride chamber fresh flowers decorates with to arrange flowers the decoration as lord and have of like to arrange flowers a form decoration with the Orientalism, have of like to arrange flowers form adornment with the western type, have of then like to arrange flowers a form to pack a point with the modern freestyle.But regardless use which flower arrangement form, have to attain to unify with repairing of living quarters and the style of furniture mutually, mutually moderate with space size and environment of living quarters.The scope that the bride chamber fresh flowers decorates mainly includes four spaces in the living room, den, bedroom, and restaurant…etc..horniness of skin

Living room:The living room is the biggest space in the living quarters, are the place that the host receive guest, take a rest.Arrange flowers the form proper adoption western type.The flower arrangement of this kind of form, uses a flower amount more, the color is strong gorgeous, can construct entertaining guest of enthusiasm, amity atmosphere.The in common use main flower is a bird of paradise, bulb of lily, red Zhang, gladiolus, month quarter and dance the flowers, such as orchid, ocean orchid and butterfly orchid…etc. flower material with big and gorgeous color and good implied meaning.Go together with the flower as a full sky of stars, lover’s grass and don’t forget my etc..Go together with a leaf to use needle Kui, Brazil wood leaf, sword leaf, loose text, sky door winter etc..The familiar shape is several regular what sketch, such as circle type, and oval type…etc..The general decoration is central in the tea side-table, it considers size to take up 1| of the tea side-table area 4 is proper, height with don’t influence the view that each other communicates is standard.If the living room is bigger, the tea side-table up decorates fresh flowers, besides which, can still just the sofa turn Cape or corner of wall etc. and set out erection type and triangle type or L type to arrange flowers a work.creativity vogue wedding

Den:The den is the place that the host read a book, study, the space scope isn’t big, and the proper decoration Orientalism arranges flowers.The flower arrangement of this kind of style, the fresh flowers of the usage is few, needs a few fresh flowers to go together with with the few greenery and puts in a traditional basin or the tube-shaped container, then can produce 1 kind to a little bit well appreciate effect.Use a green first while creating flower arrangement used in den greenery material, delineate an irregular and triangle type frame, the in common use material is water candle, silver, needle Kui, loose, and plum…etc., then insert a few bulb of lilies, chrysanthemum, water Yu and hand Lang etc. lord flower.Finally wait ground floret and go together with a leaf to fill crevice with the small chrysanthemum.The shape is simple and direct clear quick, the assortment is plain and dignified, general is used 1-3 cultivate flowers then.Can also set out a flower arrangement that bottom hangs a type in the coping of bookcase, the effect is also quite good.

Bedroom:The bedroom space is opposite smaller, are the place that the host go to bed, proper decoration Orientalism or modern freestyle arrange flowers.The Orientalism flower arrangement sets out basic set out a homology with den.Modern freestyle flower arrangement can impromptu exertion, arbitrarily shape, spend a leaf to freely match, or simply will whole of the bulb of lily, month quarter and a full sky of star etc.s insert a vase, with the single species go together with a few leaf material is proper.Color with white, the powder have the shallow color of elegant etc., plain Jie to fasten for lord, hate to use yellow and red etc. gorgeous color flower, avoid influencing to fallen asleep because of excitement.LED light lighting corresponds

Restaurant:Restaurant’s decorating is mainly the fresh flowers of the dining tables decoration.The dining table is provided for host or guest to have a meal, the fresh flowers setting out requests to have no sting, not poisonous, have no pollen, just like flavor, have no plant diseases and insect pests trace.Proper choose a few fresh flowers to go together with with the few greenery, insert small bottle of in then.Conditioned words, the decoration choiceness is some and make cushion with the white set cloth and put a few upscale wine and a few high feet wine cups and embellish some fruits with bright color and lusters like lemon, apple, and grape…etc., again go together with with the fresh flowers and the greenery, make the dining table decoration had an unique style.

Chen Shui Bian3

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

New report of China Ao:Tsai Ying-wen choose feeling cold nasty very dedicate to account in the jail of Chen Shui Bian3
17 daily publication texts say that recently, not a few peoples enter a party person all at surprised shout, the feeling of choosing of Tsai Ying-wen is “chilly”, is have already been turned by the edge.This can have been hoping she immediately declares after winning an election that amnestying her own Chen Shui Bian3 is nasty to be getting worse.Yesterday, he dedicated to account in the busy jail and suggested Tsai Ying-wen, on wanting to tee off a subject and leading a subject, not afraid controversy, with compartment different;Two want to plan to raise a large campaigning to coagulate incorporation, touched support.Revive old customs

The article takes off a plait as follows:

James Soong jumps out, recently the layout of printed sheet and screen of Taiwanese medium, always jamed “Ma Song will”, “the country matches in person” and”James Soong actually chooses not to choose” ……the subject of etc., but hardly appear Tsai Ying-wen’s news.Hence not a few peoples enter a party person all at surprised shout, the feeling of choosing of Tsai Ying-wen is “chilly”, is have already been turned by the edge.And her Dai in throw a policy subject, particularly gloss over a cross-strait relation policy, always attend to or so but talk him, as a result plused again”policy fog receives”, cause hers “choosing feeling is chilly” thus.

This can have been hoping she immediately declares after winning an election that amnestying her own Chen Shui Bian3 is nasty to be getting worse.He publicly announced yesterday of 《you didn’t know of true facts 》conversing of the series 17 《 poll won 》 point out, entered the poll that the party carries on according to the people, Tsai Ying-wen from inchoate won 7.5 percentage points of choosing Ma Ying-jiu, after leading no longer than three months, left to slightly lead of 0.2, “the Wu was rather a seriously surprised Xun!”

He also points, this isn’t Tsai Ying-wen don’t make great effort, but holding of campaign the dish is as wrong as strategy, such as don’t have adjustment correction, perhaps”thoroughly win a bureau will wager to lose to go, this will never be the startling statement creates a sensation.”For this, suggestion Tsai Ying-wen of Chen Shui Bian3 , on wanting to tee off a subject and leading a subject, not afraid controversy, with compartment different;Two want to plan to raise a large campaigning to coagulate incorporation, touched support.honeymoon eyeball

For this, Chen Shui Bian3 is in this jail in the sundry notes, enumerated oneself in the campaign hold a few examples that the large activities urges a hair poll to converse to win, include in 2000 the last week, successfully hold Taichung, Kaohsiung and Taipei three super large 《1,000,000 people the station comes out 》evening party, become the keys that win to choose, and February 28, 2004 《the ethnicity is greatly united and hold the hand to protect Taiwan 》, whole Taiwanses 1,000,000 people start to lead long 500 kilometers of long”democracy the Great Wall” and break overcast not and ex-ly choose feeling, poll right away from fell behind to pull to lead etc., press Tsai Ying-wen to also use “the war method of Chen Shui Bian3 “, throw a various language not astonishing dead endlessly of subject, and hold a large campaigning, even if is cause controversy, also at Be not afraid of, as long as as for purpose that can cause heat to stir-fry and then can attain to”focuse”, by with coagulate incorporation and others’ spirit.

Chen Shui Bian3 ‘s personally appear has it the truth of oneself.Actually, Chen Shui Bian3 really knows the elective very much and particularly knows to hold dish to throw a subject, and lead all of a subjects are oneself Dous to tightly and around turn.Compare under, Tsai Ying-wen really lacks this kind of energy, not only is can not arouse a subject, and connect a large activity have never held as well.Be apart from vote day only now no longer than five months, Tsai Ying-wen is loquacious for more than a years 《10-year party platform 》, have been being still “called a great many times don’t come out”, until just announced opposite and simple”public finance article” yesterday, and became “cross-straits article” of”cover door” of its election”president”, or could not take make moves, can again and again that is empty”and and dissimilarity, with and beg together” is eight words, as a result even people enter the comrade inside the party also sneer at she is “water convolvulus”.Experience personally Seychelles

mental state help a hospital

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Jilin to get hurt the set visitor’s mental state help a hospital to evaluate to get out of the hospital
Medium the new president spring gives or gets an electric shock(the Cui Yan Feng beam Nuo Ji Nan) on August 16 according to accept and cure the University of Jilin of getting hurt the Taiwanese visitor two vice- directors in the first hospital and introduce on the 16th at Ao in the house, suffer a traffic accident and get hurt on the afternoon of the 15th of Taiwanese visitor currently all lifeless danger,DVB-T TUNERthe authority has arranged a mental doctor since the 16th and carry on mental state and help to the injured, will can get out of the hospital and carry on risk valuation to the injured in the meantime as well.

On the 16th, the authority convenes a medium notification meeting, introduced to rescue the whole processeses of the injured and the circumstance of the injured.Say at Ao in the house, the matter hair has behind 9 male 615 female total injuredses is sent to a hospital, among them 14 artificial Taiwanese visitors.The authority broke through “green passage”, 11-year-old boy, Cai Mou, of the age least was the first to be sent to operating room, Be diagnosed for the soft organization skin external injury by doctor, the face is infected.Go to on the 16th around 1:00, little boy and all other injureds has been cured the condition all have been already stabilized.

Introduce at Ao in the house, after the foundation treatment on the 15th, the 16th also adjusted to send a mental doctor since the hospital and developed mental state to appease a treatment to the injured, and will have the injured of relatives relation, the arrangement is in the same room.But next move, the injured will get into to recover from illness treatment stage.

This was ex- to have Taiwanese medium to say,DVB-T MPEG 4parts of injureds would return Taiwan on the 17th.For injured whether current circumstance suits hospital discharge, means at Ao in the house, the hospital will consider the risk that the feeling puts forward foreknowledge according to the will of the condition and the injured and the family, such as actually carry on telling to them.

Says at Ao in the house, because the injured wants to then can lead Shu to be infected to expect behind after 48 hours, is also then can do a risk valuation till around 2:00 A.M. the 17th.DVB T RECEIVER Then will hand over to the related section the risk valuation, if the injured indeed wants to leave, they can allow to turn a hospital.

Another according to understanding, the Deputy Secretary-general Zhang Sheng Lin of ARATS has already rushed through to leave for long spring currently and matches with a local government to rescue an injured with all strength.The ARATS has already delivered a letter to notify the related circumstance Taiwanese as well sea radicle meeting.led home lighting