mental state help a hospital

Jilin to get hurt the set visitor’s mental state help a hospital to evaluate to get out of the hospital
Medium the new president spring gives or gets an electric shock(the Cui Yan Feng beam Nuo Ji Nan) on August 16 according to accept and cure the University of Jilin of getting hurt the Taiwanese visitor two vice- directors in the first hospital and introduce on the 16th at Ao in the house, suffer a traffic accident and get hurt on the afternoon of the 15th of Taiwanese visitor currently all lifeless danger,DVB-T TUNERthe authority has arranged a mental doctor since the 16th and carry on mental state and help to the injured, will can get out of the hospital and carry on risk valuation to the injured in the meantime as well.

On the 16th, the authority convenes a medium notification meeting, introduced to rescue the whole processeses of the injured and the circumstance of the injured.Say at Ao in the house, the matter hair has behind 9 male 615 female total injuredses is sent to a hospital, among them 14 artificial Taiwanese visitors.The authority broke through “green passage”, 11-year-old boy, Cai Mou, of the age least was the first to be sent to operating room, Be diagnosed for the soft organization skin external injury by doctor, the face is infected.Go to on the 16th around 1:00, little boy and all other injureds has been cured the condition all have been already stabilized.

Introduce at Ao in the house, after the foundation treatment on the 15th, the 16th also adjusted to send a mental doctor since the hospital and developed mental state to appease a treatment to the injured, and will have the injured of relatives relation, the arrangement is in the same room.But next move, the injured will get into to recover from illness treatment stage.

This was ex- to have Taiwanese medium to say,DVB-T MPEG 4parts of injureds would return Taiwan on the 17th.For injured whether current circumstance suits hospital discharge, means at Ao in the house, the hospital will consider the risk that the feeling puts forward foreknowledge according to the will of the condition and the injured and the family, such as actually carry on telling to them.

Says at Ao in the house, because the injured wants to then can lead Shu to be infected to expect behind after 48 hours, is also then can do a risk valuation till around 2:00 A.M. the 17th.DVB T RECEIVER Then will hand over to the related section the risk valuation, if the injured indeed wants to leave, they can allow to turn a hospital.

Another according to understanding, the Deputy Secretary-general Zhang Sheng Lin of ARATS has already rushed through to leave for long spring currently and matches with a local government to rescue an injured with all strength.The ARATS has already delivered a letter to notify the related circumstance Taiwanese as well sea radicle meeting.led home lighting

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