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The bride chamber fresh flowers decorates
The bride chamber fresh flowers decorates with to arrange flowers the decoration as lord and have of like to arrange flowers a form decoration with the Orientalism, have of like to arrange flowers form adornment with the western type, have of then like to arrange flowers a form to pack a point with the modern freestyle.But regardless use which flower arrangement form, have to attain to unify with repairing of living quarters and the style of furniture mutually, mutually moderate with space size and environment of living quarters.The scope that the bride chamber fresh flowers decorates mainly includes four spaces in the living room, den, bedroom, and restaurant…etc..horniness of skin

Living room:The living room is the biggest space in the living quarters, are the place that the host receive guest, take a rest.Arrange flowers the form proper adoption western type.The flower arrangement of this kind of form, uses a flower amount more, the color is strong gorgeous, can construct entertaining guest of enthusiasm, amity atmosphere.The in common use main flower is a bird of paradise, bulb of lily, red Zhang, gladiolus, month quarter and dance the flowers, such as orchid, ocean orchid and butterfly orchid…etc. flower material with big and gorgeous color and good implied meaning.Go together with the flower as a full sky of stars, lover’s grass and don’t forget my etc..Go together with a leaf to use needle Kui, Brazil wood leaf, sword leaf, loose text, sky door winter etc..The familiar shape is several regular what sketch, such as circle type, and oval type…etc..The general decoration is central in the tea side-table, it considers size to take up 1| of the tea side-table area 4 is proper, height with don’t influence the view that each other communicates is standard.If the living room is bigger, the tea side-table up decorates fresh flowers, besides which, can still just the sofa turn Cape or corner of wall etc. and set out erection type and triangle type or L type to arrange flowers a work.creativity vogue wedding

Den:The den is the place that the host read a book, study, the space scope isn’t big, and the proper decoration Orientalism arranges flowers.The flower arrangement of this kind of style, the fresh flowers of the usage is few, needs a few fresh flowers to go together with with the few greenery and puts in a traditional basin or the tube-shaped container, then can produce 1 kind to a little bit well appreciate effect.Use a green first while creating flower arrangement used in den greenery material, delineate an irregular and triangle type frame, the in common use material is water candle, silver, needle Kui, loose, and plum…etc., then insert a few bulb of lilies, chrysanthemum, water Yu and hand Lang etc. lord flower.Finally wait ground floret and go together with a leaf to fill crevice with the small chrysanthemum.The shape is simple and direct clear quick, the assortment is plain and dignified, general is used 1-3 cultivate flowers then.Can also set out a flower arrangement that bottom hangs a type in the coping of bookcase, the effect is also quite good.

Bedroom:The bedroom space is opposite smaller, are the place that the host go to bed, proper decoration Orientalism or modern freestyle arrange flowers.The Orientalism flower arrangement sets out basic set out a homology with den.Modern freestyle flower arrangement can impromptu exertion, arbitrarily shape, spend a leaf to freely match, or simply will whole of the bulb of lily, month quarter and a full sky of star etc.s insert a vase, with the single species go together with a few leaf material is proper.Color with white, the powder have the shallow color of elegant etc., plain Jie to fasten for lord, hate to use yellow and red etc. gorgeous color flower, avoid influencing to fallen asleep because of excitement.LED light lighting corresponds

Restaurant:Restaurant’s decorating is mainly the fresh flowers of the dining tables decoration.The dining table is provided for host or guest to have a meal, the fresh flowers setting out requests to have no sting, not poisonous, have no pollen, just like flavor, have no plant diseases and insect pests trace.Proper choose a few fresh flowers to go together with with the few greenery, insert small bottle of in then.Conditioned words, the decoration choiceness is some and make cushion with the white set cloth and put a few upscale wine and a few high feet wine cups and embellish some fruits with bright color and lusters like lemon, apple, and grape…etc., again go together with with the fresh flowers and the greenery, make the dining table decoration had an unique style.

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