Agilent TMDS signal source

Agilent TMDS the signal source has three passages, namely D0, D1 and D2, overaly green, red and blue three radicle colorses respectively.Also provide the fourth passage moreover, namely D-passage, used to for to inside Zhi passage, provide HDMI the standard medium rules of common with repair an of data with each other of additional Zhi test.Still provide a clock signal.LED lights manufacturer

Used for TMDS that matches sex test and characteristic description signal source of the main characteristic include:

The YMDS signal gives or gets an electric shock even regulate

Have the best signal function, the velocity is up to a 7 Gbs|s, tremble to move low

Clock and data that have real independence tremble to move to plug-inly tremble to move to make functiondvb t tuners

Have to used for HDMI the data sequence creation software of the video frequency

Receive to carry a test

That N5990 AN auto test terrace can also pass test to guide a customer.For example, such as figure 6 medium give TMDS is minimum|biggest bad the cent put to receive the instrument of carrying the test allocation method.(CTS test ID 8-5)At should special allocation in, a the pedestal full TMDS includes clock and data to tremble the signal source of moving the source and the power and pass a TPA-P is linked DUT.And only be a customer confirmation the constitution is behind test a square can start.dvb t mpeg4

Send out to carry a test

The N5990 AN auto test platform can with used for HDMI to send out to carry test of, circulate at Anne the Jie Lun DSO80000 a set show N5399 As on a machine to connect in the middle of the serieses.N5990 As are responsible for the allocation and start that sends out to carry a test.After test completes, data chart’s up carrying from show a machine is the whole TMDS that test controller to produce the automatic terrace in the PC controller of machine in.dvb-t receivers

TMDS sends out to carry time of ascension to tests(test ID 7-4) a result.The that TMDS data eye diagram(test ID 7-10) result is in the figure 10 in give.Send out to carry a test data to also put Excel form to used for a follow-up processing.overseas risk

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