LED business clustering

The Northern LED business clustering with Beijing and Dalian as its representatives dominated by research institutions with strongest R&D power. The best LED chip technology in China could be found here. In terms of HR, the clustering has most chip talents.LED industry still

The manufacturing of epitaxial material and chip, and also packaging in Jiangxi province have achieved large-scale production in recent years. In Xiamen Fujian, there are a lot of enterprises engaged in chip manufacturing, packaging, the research and production of the application products. They have concentration advantage, talent advantage and regional advantage as well.

In this report, along with an extensive survey about the supply and management of human resources of China LED industry, existing problems, confusion and challenge in the human resource has been explored. Solutions and recommendations are made as the reference for the LED enterprise to improve its human resource management, and for the central and local governments to formulate industrial policies

LED have applied to mobile phones in the small size LCD panel, mobile phone production backlighting market growth brings back light the rapid development of the market. Especially in 2003, the mobile phone is labeled appear white leds promote the rapid development of the market. But as mobile phase and steady growth in output into mobile technology used in LCD panel back light, LED decrease in the number of mobile phones in the back light in LED the slowing dosage. The average number of slowing growth and declining prices, resulting in small size back light market growth, at the same time, the weak size, back light markets become manufacturers to be bestowed favor on newly.

Application Three: auto lamp great market potential, but short-term market to start.already open

LED for auto lamp mainly because of low power consumption, long life and corresponding speed. Statistics show that, in the car is running at 100 kilometers per hour, with the vehicle brake light is LED not LED brake light vehicle braking distance will reduce 7 feet. Currently, the application in automobile LED gradually the third brake light. Although still facing unit LED low lumens wattage and relevant policies, and into the car headlights market need are certain time, but as cost performance and efficiency of the ascending, eventually LED to gradually realize from the front to rear car interior, the transfer of the auto lamp, occupy the market. With great capacity of the car, LED lamp market is facing a huge development potential.

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