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By marrying best-in-class mobile TV tuner technology from the Athena Semiconductor acquisition and our core demodulator IP together with leading- edge process technology, Broadcom has delivered a compelling solution to our customers,” said Dino Bekis,her own initiativeDirector of New Business Initiatives for Broadcom”s Wireless Connectivity Group. “These new mobile TV receivers, coupled with Broadcom”s handset capabilities and evolving user applications, enable a whole new class of products that will drive significant revenue growth.

Hierarchical Modulation option
Hierarchical modulation allows simultaneous transmission of two MPEG-2 transport streams. The compromise between data rate and ruggedness can be set differently between the two virtual channels.choose son-in-law’s condition For example:

highly protected channel (High Priority – HP- input) for transmission to mobile and/or portable receivers and
high capacity channel (Low Priority – LP – input), at the expense of ruggedness, for transmission to rooftop antennas.
This option can be used to provide simultaneously two services: DVB-H and DVB-T, where DVB-H service is provided via the HP channel, while DVB-T service via the LP channel. Another typical application is simulcasting of the same program in high definition resolution and standard definition resolution. A significant benefit of hierarchical modulation is that the total data-rate available in a system with two hierarchically modulated RF channels is higher than what is available for a two-channel non-hierarchical system, where one Adjust LED RF channel is strictly dedicated to mobile/portable receivers and the other RF channel is strictly dedicated for transmission to rooftop antennas.

DAB also uses frequency interleaving, a similar technique to time interleaving but applied to the sub-carriers centre frequencies in the RF spectrum instead. The data stream from the studio is deliberately not modulated serially onto sub-carriers across the frequency range, but instead in a more random way. Multipath and other forms of selective fading generally affect a relatively narrow part of the RF multiplex bandwidth at any one time so frequency interleaving would tend to average out ‘bursts’ of errors resulting from these.Guang of LED

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