LED and small common sense

The product of LED and small common sense
LED(Light Emitting Diode) gives out light diode, is a kind of semi-conductor spare part of solid, it can directly chase the electricity conversion as light.The LED heart is a chip of semi-conductor, chip of on carrying to attach on a support, a carry is an anode, another on carrying the cathode of linking the power, make the whole chip packed by the epoxy.The semi-conductor chip constitutes to°from two parts, a part is a semi-conductor and get empty cave to predominate in it position, another a carry is a semi-conductor, is mainly an electronics here.But these two kinds of semi-conductors at the time that conjunction got up, they formed a “P-N knot”.When the electric current passes to lead a line function at this chip of time, electronics the meeting is pushed toward the P area, the electronics reunites with empty cave in the P area, then meeting with light the form of the son send out energy, this is the principle that the LED gives out light.But light of wave-length decision light of color, from formation P-N knot material decision of.

LED(Light-Emitting-Diode Chinese meaning for give out light diode) is a kind of semi-conductor that can convert the electric power as light ability, it changed the incandescent lamp Wu silky hair light and economy energy light three radicle color the powder give out light of principle, but adopt electric field to give out light.According to the analysis,LED lights manufacturer LED characteristics very obvious, life span long, radiation Gao, have no radiation with low achievement consume.The LED spectrum is more almost all concentrated than it is thus clear that segment only and repeatedly, it gives out light an efficiency can over the 150 lms|W(2010).Economize on energy LED and common incandescent lamp, helix light and T5 three radicle color the fluorescent lamp carry on contrast and show as a result:The radiation of the common incandescent lamp is a 12 lms|W, the life span is small in 2000 hours, the radiation of the spiral economy energy light is a 60 lms|W, the life span is small in 8000 hours, T5 fluorescent lamps then is 96 lmses|W, life span about 10000 hours, but the diameter is 5 millimeters of white lights LED radiation can over the 150 lms|W, the life span is big in 100000 hours.Someone also predicts that future LED life span upper limit will infinity.

Big power, points to give out light power big, generally point a 0.5 Ws, the 1 W 3 Ws 5 Ws or higher.The light is strong with flow clear is bigger than small power, but equally spread heat also very big, now big power is all single application, add to spread very greatly hot slice of.The small power is generally that the 0.06 Ws is or so.The LED hand electricity generally uses with the small power and only spreads not to spread and is decided by giving out light of LED angle and separates the big angle the small angle now, the small angle doesn’t spread,dvb t mpeg4 and the big angle just spreads.The flashlight on the market generally does with the straw hat head.Effective.Worry now some time article LEDs that doesn’t weigh quality, takes do flashlight, can not use how long have a dead light.

The LED bright degree gives out light angle to have an inevitable relation with LED, LED angle more small its bright degree is more high, have no super bright not super bright of, that is to cheat a kid, if is good quality LED ignore is which LED factory house produce of everyone of bright degrees are all just about and just produce a craft different, the service life slightly has a dissimilarity, because what everyone used is LED of all those abroads chip.If is the bright degree of the white light of LED180 degree Cape with 5 MMs is only several 100 MCDs, if is the bright degree of 15 degrees Cape Be about to go to 10,000 many 20,000 MCDs bright degrees, the bright degree differed quite a few decuple, if used for lighting to use, had better be LED used big power outdoors, the bright degree is getting higher, the single power has a 1 W, 3 Ws, 5 Ws, also have plenty of to use many LEDs that the big powers constitute a big power, the power goes to several 100 all have.
The color moderate bright degree didn’t relate to, but bright degree and flow a clear value relevant

To see a few concepts:
Light flux(lm)
Because the person’s eye has the intelligent degree of dissimilarity to the electromagnetic wave of different wave-length, we can not directly use up radiation power or radiation flux of source to measure only energy, have to adopt with person’s eye to light of amount of felling is fiducial unit—-Light flux to measure.Light flux is meant with the sign Φ , unit for flow clear(lm).
Give out light strength(cd)
The light flux is to explain some one light source to shoot toward the on all sides space of total light energy.The light flux that the different light source sends out is different in the distributing of space.The giving out light the unit of strength pulls for virtuous hole,Xu Huangthe sign is a cd, it means light source at some unit surface of sphere degree the light flux that shoot inside the stereoscopic Cape(the object’s surface is to the Cape that orders light source formation).1 cd=1 lm|1 sr(sr:The surface of sphere degree of the stereoscopic Cape unit).
Bright degree(cd|m& sup 2;)
Bright degree is mean eyes are from some object blast-off light that one direction sees of strength.The unit pulls for virtuous hole|square meter[cd|m& sup 2;], the sign is a L and express the luminary is in the particular direction unit stereoscopic Cape unit light flux in the area, it equals a square meter to superficially send out 1 axe virtuous pull of give out light strength.
Color( Color Temperature)
Pawn everything the color of light that the source sends out with black body when the radioactive color is same under some one temperature the temperature of black body is called color of that light source and means with the absolute zero K(open an Er text, open a surname degree= Celsius degree+273.15).
Show a color(Color rendering property)
In principle,12 volt led lighting the artificial ray should make with natural ray homology the person’s naked eye ability exactitude recognize thing of color, certainly, this position and purpose that wants to be according to illuminating but settle.

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