LED gives out light

1 kind can raise the new technique that LED gives out light material quality to publish
Limitless light and LEDs will act for all of traditional light source Belgrade’s marketplace adopts LEDLED to illuminate industry to turn item go into halt a pack of sparse soil LED industry whole country in Guangdong of Gao Xin Qu of hat LED the industry foreground is bright heavy celebrate will throw 500,000,000 to set up 17 LED city gates five the tycoons cooperate to build LED,Still virtuous the patent barracks is optimistic about lighting to”subdivide” market space recently outside Mei report, north card Luo Lai Na the state university discovered a kind of passed to lower nitrogen to turn the gallium thin thin film in of 2~3 pieces measured class blemish, raise LED gave out light material of the new technique of the quality.

The researcher introduces and passes that technique, homology of importation electric power can the fecundity living 200% exportations only ability,market of light for low electric power importation and purple outside give out light the LED but speech of scope, this kind of growth is very considerable.

LED illuminates to mainly rely on nitrogen to turn giving out light of gallium thin film diode, the researcher imbeds the half thickness of 2 microns thick GaN thin films to grow 2 micron breadths, the space cleft of 0.5 microns, after discover, many blemishes will be drawn on and trap in these crevice spaces.This makes the crevice space up reduced many blemishes.Therefore, Quan’s invitationthey effectively after placing some crevice spaces in the thin film, successfully keep blemish from spreading the rest part of thin film.If there is no this crevice technique, square Li nitrogen of the rice turns gallium thin film to have about 1010 blemishes each time.However after using this technique,business enterprise level square Li the blemish of the rice will decline each time to about 107.Can make a higher quality and more effectively give out light diode with this.

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