English Mei calls

The Change hot mechanismEnglish Mei calls that the post-war”massacre” civilian of Libyan government soldier makes dismay
The Libyan opposition faction calls to need more than ten days to capture the card firm thin old house Qatar calls to wish to build up good relation English Mei with”new Libya” to call that basic life supplies in Libya raises an alarm people to call to still accept a round-the-world net to practice the report way of reporter, Chen Wei,quality too the time split according to England 《the shell Er method Si especially the tele-communications report 》website August is 29, it has been longer than a week since Libyan armed clash kept on, order in the Li wave of the capital city confusion, in the streets often take place bleed conflict, people just living in the tremendous dismay

The report way said that last weekend, of reappearing 150 corpses in the warehouse of neighborhood in the Li wave, 53 among those have already been burned.The report way cites the words from a Libyan special correspondent of “the sky news” in England that”I am large-scale to kill” that the card firm thin advocator starts has already kept on a period of time.There was another witness to say, victim because of doing not wish to kill a civilian just drive roughneck shoot-to-kill.Residents also mean that there are still not a few corpses that are burned in neighborhood, is all government the soldier attacks and occupies in the opposition faction of Lis wave in kill.

Does one named the horse of Ao Sa?The man of Si tile said, he once by luck succeeded in escaping occurrence’s”bloodbath” in the Libyan domestic affairs safe center mansion last week.He says,husband and wife live had 25 people at that time drive the government soldier detention is in the mansion, people heard the newses in the Li wave that the opposition faction gets into all shouted, everyone thinks to will save very quickly.However, but the sniper of upstairs suddenly starts madness strafing to people.He says:”I hide in the corner and take they stop a shoot-to-kill of empty beillicit love photograph just can succeed in escaping.

The report way also calls that the quite a few in the Li wave of capital city regions all discover a great deal of rancid body.The proof that American human rights the organization”African human rights observation station” controls suggests that card firm the thin troops be still in great quantities massacring a civilian, don’t lack a medical personnel among them.

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