sense of security

Let the person don’t have the office romance of sense of security
The middle ten days of month start from the last month, small far and suddenly very cheerless to me, deliver a message also not return, in the company saw face me also not cold not hot, I don’t know is the reason why.The end of the month, the company leadership says that recent everyone works all very hard and has a meal then sings a song to kick back and enjoy together in the evening.
Small far always faces feelings with the active carriage I and small all far have respectively male girl friend, this is the later affair and start a company only have we two young men, Relocation Companyso we in clear and ordered patternly walk to together.Only we deceived inside all people of company, because the company disallows to fall in love, if discover, two personal medium have to a person leave a company.

Two of uses are June, 2000s are one ex- company of one juniors, I am 19 years old that year, small great I am 3 years old and compare me early and enter a company for a week, the director calls us into his office, to small far say this is the newly arrived Suo is thin and will look after each other hereafter.Small far give my first impression very good, there is gifted qualities on his body, grow to also have delicate looks, be like a southern person, in fact he is the Northerner of tunnel.The boy made track for me at school before, but he and I once saw of boy’s sons are all different.

I fancied like this small far, this mutual attraction that likes an opposite sex just, there is also no the composition of feelings, but what to follow is my from vulgar, I feel that I doesn’t deserve him.Until two of us after talking a period of time to be in love, he tells me, he sees my first eye, feel that two of uses’ affirmation will take place what, also say that he can’t easily pass me.His words on the other hand make me feeling glad, on the other hand also have some to don’t understand he why will like me, I am thus ordinary girl’s son.

Just- gone to work first weekend, he makes a phone call and invites me and says that he just came to Tienjin and wanted to ask me and be a free guide and take him to take a walk everywhere, acquainted with this city and also said inviting me to eat a McDonald’s.Receive his telephone invitation, I am very happy.I in early morning got up that day on Saturday and turned over a box of bottom to wear the clothes that oneself like most on the body, I hoped to dress a beautiful bright of Piao now his in front.He has very high request to the chemisette and specially cares the place of detail of girl’s son, this is for a while what we got along with to just know, and this is to result in reason of very big pressure for me.

We meeteach other in the location of appointmentInternational Moving, he wore a T-shirt and a recreational trousers that day, is a pair of recreational shoeses on the feet, seem to be particularly spirit.We usually go to work to all request to wear to be packing, this body of his foppery makes the person looking at very comfortable, my then feeling is absolutely handsome Be getting more foolish.This be not in the my lover’s eyes west, even our colleagues all say that he is the public appearance of our company.With him walk together, my vanity got very big of satisfy.I take he strolled for a day, he invited me to have a meal and sat the chat of chair by the side of the street to two of uses in evening after, although we what didn’t also say,could feel our to relate to again near 1 F.

From that after, we go off work to all go out to have fun every day, in fact also having no a place can go, is pushing bicycle Ya street, even if is so, we are also very happy.

I have been aming enduring, this kind of endure to allow me to can not find a sense of security us this kind of mutually understand without saying of the appearance kept on for half month.A weekend in mid- July, he invite I play at his house, his house is him very much in disorder and his father rent of house, I tidy up a house for him.He looking at clean house of say that let I hereafter every day to his house, I say every day to your house, I calculate?He says that girl friend’s looking after boyfriend is as it should be.This should calculate to vindicate, I have been all aming waiting this sentence, my in the mind is very excited.

Didn’t fall in love before, his everythings all have nothing to do with me, can after we built up an in love relation, I he when most become intimate with of person, his everything I think tube.But I slowly discover, he doesn’t like me what matters all interfere with, since that time, I realize that on this problem we are self-contradict.There is girl in the that time head quarter make a phone call for him, I ask him is who, he woulds not like to say, either, even if said that I feel to be not true words either.I think since I love him, I will slowly change his.

Soon was “11”, Mover Companyhe returned to old house and classmate party.That several days he not at nearby, I feel it’s empty.After”11″ be overs, he returns to┬░from the old house Tienjin, I discover that he didn’t seem to be originally so last heart to me, I was one allowing is distrustful of person, at that time still have no cellular phone, I check his to shout machine and turn over his drawer, I know so not very good, but I am to want to find out some proof.

Afterwards, I discover he shouts to have a repeated number on board and starts the noodles that he returns to be me answering the phone, can afterwards take advantage o me up the bathroom or just return to the another house and wait me a come back and in a hurry hang a telephone.Start I have been enduring and embrace I am the attitude of his girl friend, want to reform him.Afterwards my endured to make him become to no longer avert from me, he is my noodles to answer the phone for that girl’s son, that girl seems to be very to depend on him, connect to buy what color of shoe all want to ask him, this is what I am from the telephone in hear.I pretty hate his on this, I feel he don’t respect me at all.

We so the place writes, as long as his shout machine not to ring, he is quite good to me.Have no a few New Year that the months are 2001s, he returned to old house again, my knowing his affirmation will seek that girl.Once wait over year of after he returns to a company, I discover that his telephone is getting less, at that time I not knew them have already turned into “underground work”, I was silly to silly think that he comes around.Have no in a couple of days, I have a meal at his house and finish eating after meal, I tidy up a bowl of chopsticks with one of his relatives in the kitchen, this aunt tells me, small far have been contacting with that girl, two of thems were classmates in the senior high schools before and originally related to always quite good of, can afterwards the girl went abroad, a pair person have no contact, can that girl went out a period of time again return to country, with small far again had contact.The aunt still takes her photograph for me to see, that girl isn’t very beautiful and but pretty have qualities.After knowing these affairs, I was getting more silly at that time, this kind of matter to me is like that the sky fell, I didn’t know I as well how returned to, he saw my facial expression not to, ask what’s the matter with me.I say a nothing important.

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