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Vicissitudes of life harm

Monday, August 15th, 2011

If the youth is a together bright and beautiful sadness ……
When the dawn sting breaks fog Ai, 11 years of spring woulds be such of warmly a sweep Fuzhou of dispirited.
Is a bright and beautiful a year spring scenes again, the bell of New Year a lead then little divide pleased celebrated much some things are persons not.We always”BE grown up” wear, much more several of young sorrow ah, and wear this spring scenes rise Teng, is so penetrate everywhere Cu to cannot compare with to defend ……just still rejoice can worry so, worry to would be dissatisfied foot, sadness wear return at least young.regulations operation
The labor pain of the youth, at the matter, at the thing, at the person, chisel and carve that muddled heart.That each knife but again is thus of fine, finely let a person impression You Shen.That way wound is the embryo of world and mold the heart of everybody in the world of sensual pleasures that Anne enjoys taken pleasure in;Is a first personality, encourage in behaviour and manner in dealing with others in continuously investigate just right of feedback;BE pay most purely, because of oneself of very poor but stupid, fearless of in hopes of.
Therefore, we continuously harm, 1.1:00, a time per time.Don’t know what weariness wear, we continuously use to earnestly practice to feeling to know this world and cut and polish boundless life.But this wound for accumulating, the Jian certificate wears us the trueest youth.The beam Qi is super at 《young China say 》in speech way:”I am young people to usually like to play.Much worry, so easily disappointed;Want to play, so produce prosperous animation.Disappointed, so timid;Annoying is prosperous, so the Hao is strong.Timid, so can drift along;The Hao is strong, so presume an adventure.Drift along to follow routine, so necessarily make social alignment death;Presume an adventure, so can create world.”
These harm, continuously produce plus or minus feedback to regulate our behavior methods, because of individual of difference and indetermination of produce of feedback at form personality of diverse sexually also destined in the meantime young of not mature and not rational.So our sensitive faculty grows confused self-will and very naughtily acts in pettish, proud ego, naturally of careless, certainly and those so-called oath solemnly pledged ……however accompany with our sunlights with big-hearted, self-confidence and proud, dream and hope ……this is what handsome!No matter is cry or smile, we can explain of like the sanctity of angel’s sort, this would was youth, the youth of our uniqueness.
But always have so for a day, we will unload the angel’s wing but live.About when the life has already led 1/3, our mistakes will lose to anily lend.That is the what cruel removal to allow the youth that we mislay, is like a seal is livingly peeled off skin general, greatly aggrievedly accept the despair that the reality brings, allow ordering about of destiny in the mentally dense of the tears and the blood ……is not a seal not, is the Chu eagle that folds feather, fight the sky of shot one oneself after breaking wings;Is the Phoenix of Nie 槃 , burn a hope that make person’s awe in the flame of sexual desire;BE from the spring silkworm of Fu, conceive a surprised gorgeous beauty in the middle of locking up.
But those harm, eventually will pass by, is regardless what deep-rooted.Let her pass away gradually along with the youth and remain is 1.1:00, a segment per segment of, tomorrow.Tomorrow, we are no longer young, we are no longer light-minded reckless, no longer the speech is vulgar and no longer do as pleases and no longer take no responsibility and no longer overflow us then rarely seen but again Mi foot precious feelings.
One day there will, time vicissitudes of life these harm and do a chapter with a smile, cover at these harm of seal to print up.Bury in the heart bottom, make insolation rain not pour, make wind blows and rain beats down not write.Protect of, is our roots, is a bottom line, is a rock-bottom touched.Fold mutually leaving of, break taking a distant view of bridge, the Mu in the setting sun however look back, under the old tree of childhood years echo ……we is eventually what we love most and hate most the meeting guarding.
Coming and going was those vicissitudes of lifes of the wound put together to connect but become of break continuously continuously old movie, more wound but more see, more see and more harm.Is like an old song, which afraid is the most joyful song, Be getting older, Be getting older, is also a wound.Positive such as comedy usually idea, the tragedy then can finally go deep into people’s heart, those are people mutually understand without saying of a kind of tacit understanding.Modulate technique
Let go!Don’t clench to recall not to put, let it leave.I am why the need for strong to stay approaching death person’s son!The variety of vicissitudes of life, eventually will return you one is serene and cool.Use the most fitting method processing, time vicissitudes of life harm, but is a vaster one world after harming, there still have life to leave moreover 2/3!

calico sack pencil case

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Was stained with ink on the calico sack pencil case, how wash out.I am like my one-time pencil case afraid to deceive all of boxes BE,

How are you, if is black words and then can hardly wash out, because black ink is a natural color, but ink in blue and red is all synthetic, can wash out.Is me to your some methods for seekings as follows,ink boxyou can try and see:

1, the benzene cleans the ball-point pen dirty vestige method:Soak through a dirty vestige with 40 ℃ water, roll with the benzene again, then use rinse rinse, Wen Shui is blunt clean.
2, the aspirin cleans the high potassium manganate dirty vestige method
Use high potassium manganate aqua, often make to wait contact part to dye yellow, generally washing away dirt can not clean.Can dip water to wipe to wash with a grain of aspirin slice, wash very easily.toner
4, the spot not clear cause on the clothes, should according to descend the row order one by one try to go to dirty:Going to dirty oil-wine  Jing-water-liquefied detergent-ammonia water-vinegar-grass is sour-bleach, majority of dirty vestiges can in this process in addition to clean.
5, the vinegar cleans the ball-point pen dirty vestige method

Use first to shampoo a liquid to soak through a dirty vestige, dip some aquas that the white vinegars fills with water dilution lightly and brush namely with the brush again in addition design

6, the common rush cleans a painting method

The painting on the clothes is used common rush to again and again roll after wetting with water and use clear water Piao again clean.

8, the carbon paper dirty vestige goes to division

The carbon paper dirty vestige that the clothes is up stained with, can dip into first to warm up of rub in the washing powder aqua, then wipe with the volatile oil, dirty vestige remain, then can wipe with the alcohol.

9, the high potassium manganate dirty vestige goes to division
To remove the high potassium manganate on the clothes dirty vestige can first rub with citric acid or 2% grasses sour aqua, use clear water Piao again clean.

10, red ink dirty vestige goes to division

①Make into extender to crumple to wash with ammonia water and alcohol;
②Use Wen Xi Ji first, then wash with 10% alcohol liquids;
③Take a few vitamin C medicine slices to dip water to wipe to put on, can again and again several times.Email Marketing

11, the glue dirty vestige goes to division

The clothes are stained with glue, can fuse resin to clean with the acetone.But the fibers, such as acetic acid and PVC…etc. makes into of the clothing material then hate to use this method.

12, the alcohol cleans the ball-point pen dirty vestige method

Use soap rinse first, then wipe to wipe with the 95% alcohols, benzene or acetone, can in addition to the ball-point pen on the clothes dirty vestige.

13, the wax pen dirty vestige goes to division

The wax pen on the clothes dirty vestige, can first at warm up of clean in the washing powder aqua, then wipe with the gasoline, finally wipe with the alcohol clean.

14, blue ink dirty vestige goes to division

①Blue ink dirty vestige on the clothes rubs to crumple to immerse to wash with milk.
②First wash with the washing powder, washes with 10% alcohol aquas again in addition to.
③Put to go into 20% sour liquids to wash in the washing powder liquid that tempers at Wen Shui, remaining the dirty vestige can join 10% ammonia water again to clean.
④Thin thin the fabric having a color can dip into thick brine, Tu Shang Suan’s milk first and use again to contain an ammonia soap a liquid to crumple to wash after 30 minutes.
⑤The new vestige can be immersed to clean behind with the vinegar.

15, the sulphur soap cleans the carbon plain ink dirty vestige method

The clothes taint with the carbon plain ink and use a sulphur soap in time Tu Ca again and again roll, then don’t stay trace.

16, the rice cleans a painting method

Is stained with dirty painting on the clothes, should rub with cold water in time.The trace of remaining can be added some table salt to put to rub to crumple in the painting with the rice.

17, ink cures a clothes to be suffused with a yellow method

The white clothes is suffused with Huang, can put to go into to soak for 20 minutes in the drop inside the clear water the clothes that goes into 3 drops of blue ink, will wash, need not wring dry and then sun, fresh yellow vestige can in addition to.

18, milk cleans the ball-point pen dirty vestige methodLED will dominate lighting market

At be stained with dirty under the clothes of ball-point pen vestige the mat a piece of towel, dips boiling milk to again and again wipe in the grease spot with a regiment cotton until grease spot disappearance.

19, the shoes greasy dirt vestige goes to division

①Was stained with on the clothes shoe cream, should use gasoline first smooth wet, then clean with 10% ammonia water, wipe with alcohol or turpentine again.
②Use gasoline, turpentine or alcohol to again and again roll, can also remove shoes greasy dirt on clothes vestige.

20, strange ink dirty vestige goes to division

①Strange ink after being stained with the dirty clothes can tap with four chlorination carbons or turpentine, can immediately go dirty.
②In Wen Shui according to 15 ∶s one comparisons join liquefied detergent, will be stained with a dirty clothes to put to go into to rub, can immediately clean strange ink dirty vestige.

21, the gasoline cleans the ball-point pen dirty vestige method

After wiping to wash with the gasoline cleans with the rinse again, need not hot water bubble, being stained with on the clothes the dirty ball-point pen dirty vestige can in addition to.

22, Su beats to clean a painting method

Brush to do laundry painting to be stained with dirty place with 4% big soda, then use to generally clean method rinse.

23, the almond cleans a painting method
Pound into pulp almond is in the Mo on the clothes dirty place and use clear water Piao after again and again rolling clean.
24, the toothpaste cleans a painting method
Dirty place in the clothes Mo Tu Shang’s toothpaste , after again and again rolling, clean with the soap again.
The toothpaste cleans neckband and cuff of sleeve of the collar of dress gusset dirty mark method shallow color underclothing specially easily dirty, the list is used a soap hard wash,clearly can wet underclothing, then in the collar of dress and the cuff of sleeve evenly Tu Yi Ceng’s toothpaste, use a brush again to lightly scrub, use clear water Piao clean after, again wash with the soap, neckband and cuff of sleeve will be particularly clean.

25, the toothpaste cleans the ball-point pen dirty vestige method

First wet with cold water, dirty vestige Tu Xie’s toothpasteses, add a few soap to lightly roll.If there is damaged site, again with the alcohol clean.
The smoke way dirty vestige goes to division
Be stained with a dirty smoke way on the clothes dirty vestige, the new vestige can be rubbed with the gasoline;The vestiges then applies 10% citric acid aquas, sour grass, water prepare to heat according to one ∶ one ∶ 10 comparisons up, wash with the clear water Piao after few minutes.Can also wipe to wipe with acetone or benzene, weigh Zi to then wipe to wipe with the petroleum Jing.

26, the clothes waste cotton goes to division
Use foam plastics to again and again wipe in gluing the clothes of having the waste cotton, can in addition to clean.
The ink pad dirty vestige goes to division

27, the Yu is very hot to clean grease spot of method
Blotting paper in putting clothes oil stains, use iron Yu to burn, the oil stains meets hot evaporate, then drive blotting paper absorb.
28, the mashed dates cleans a painting method
The painting on the clothes is used water permeance, Tu Shang’s mashed dates again and again rolls and use clear water Piao again clean.
29, the red ink Zi clean

The lately- infected by red ink Zi can have water first to wash, then put to go into to warm up of soak in the soap liquid, after needing color Zi to throw away, again use clear water beautiful clean.Pollute time the longer red ink Zi , after first washing with water, wipe to clean with 10% alcohol aqueous solutions again.

30, the blue ink Zi clean

Lately being stained with dirty blue ink Zi can be used a soap, washing powder etc. the rinse rub to clean.Pollute time longer blue ink Zi, can soak to rub behind with the grass sour aqua, then clean to clean with the rinse.The sharing gives you of friend:

rules in the house

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Did you sign “rules in the house” with husband
Rules in the house this words seems to have a little seriously and think of to relieve ex- and ancient person’s wife of three from four virtuous, make the person not only feel suppress.In fact and otherwise, the modern family is following husband and wife under the equal treaty and also need some families naturally, each other connives of rule

The Lin and husband gets married a front already and cohabits for a year.After getting married, 2 people tallied up cohabitation the life for a year of order intravenous drop drop, wedding ring choosedecide to the house code ties once.After all matrimony and cohabit different, the Lin gets married to be to late return to really have one paper wedding book with husband 2 people whole life one a life time leads long of viewpoint, so Lin and husbands all think a rules certainly be necessarily going.

Just 2 people are all good freedom, is stipulated this doesn’t go that not to go to always return not that comfortable, hence, the husband suggests, respectively give respectively settle regulation system.

The Lin feels that several dayses she with husband go off work at work all is moving brain, how give oneself the lane have a liking for the current binding force can’t move an artery again of rules in the house.The Lin likes to bear the bag and likes shopping and likes to cook, doesn’t like to do laundry and doesn’t like to be all and washes a relevant affair.The husband likes to play games and likes to get to the Internet, don’t like to be stained with the affair of the side with household chores.

The Lin settled for oneself every month shopping number of times and money number, the husband also gives he or she settle get to the Internet to play games every week of number of times and time.Both parties still agree on Lin to bear the bag, the condition makes money had to increase in value 10%ly at least annually.But the household chores think around or prepare to pay to wrap to the hour work.

Rules the other day in the performance house, the Lin brushed card to explode, the husband was also malicious to play an all night game.2 people all say this to is an end of madness, it is the last single day to seem to.Rules performance in the house on that day, 2 people be good in the outside and ate and say being the smooth performance of rules in the celebration house.Return to a house, 2 people looking at a computer to print of rules in the house, pouring didn’t also feel to have what not great-is all oneself to willingly settle of, carry out a difficulty also not big.This rules, from now on became two fundamental laws in the somebody elses-can revise, but don’t harm physique, had been carrying out till now.

Read:The person likes to enlarge infinite ego, infinite beautify, will also have this kind of tendency at family, had better the other party everything follow oneself and follow own rhythm to walk.Those bad house ruleses had better stipulate for the other party 100, restriction dead dead of, but the house rules like this didn’t respect, have no equal,commodity analysis how may can implement?Personal not desire, not is at the person, everybody understands, with it settle rules in the house of time give another half the provisional constitution is several chapters and return not equal to everyone to come to himself/herself control.Thus, as long as rules in the house comes out, can implement, after implementing, the antinomy will be also little.

The add flowers to brocade VS gets to the root of the matter

The quick husband has a company by himself[herself], he is also a person who likes social intercourse, the friend is a lot of and usually see this friend today, tomorrow will that customer.

The quick in the mind isn’t big comfortable, she is old to feel that she just shares a husband with many people.Have a week, the husband all several days and late comes back again, quick with angry determination settled three house ruleses for husband:Go home ability not is at 7:00 late;Goes out for a week an ability not to be more than once;Friend’s telephone can not beat to come home an inside.Quick is what husband at the beginning very diligently make track for come, since love a wife, can endure to then endure.

But rules in the house like this is in front of disposition, implement and then will be out of shape.The husband can not go out for friend, but the customer always can not disappear.Have several days, husband for the sake of a big slip a connected to accompany several days customer, quick not Be getting more happy.When the husband late goes home and see quick to sleep at living room floor up, term husband how advise all berth not up, the husband embraces her and also be grasped by her arm to grow a scar very much.

The husband also got angry and ignored her.Slept for two days like this, the sensitive emitted have a fever, can she still insists sleeping in the living room, husband really cant not bear to, call to the quick parents to make to persuade a work.The quick mother gave the daughter to recruit.

Quick re- settled rules for husband:semiconductor illuminationThe husband will go out to take hereafter quick.Thus the life of the quick original boredom poured to also add fun, with husband a help in the middle of the friend’s association she still answered two slips for companies.

Read:General settle Ke to engrave a rules of that is usually a home to compare weaker party and lack a sense of security, so need to be tied through a code another half to obtain a sense of security.But rules in the house for letting to live add flowers to brocade, increase the fun of home life.If is to deprive each other of fun, rules in the house get the Duo Duo is pressing, not only implement a difficulty big, more probably of is feelings that will hurt each other, make the marriage alignment disintegrated thus.Pair of house rules get the humor order, or from easy arrive difficult, the house rules first and calmly and easily accepting rises, slowly again strictly request.Or open own discomfort to completely tell the other party, in the meantime tell the other party how do then can make oneself have peace of mind, then be settled by the other party to him|she controls by herself of rules in the house, rules in the house would be more effective.

wishing to admit

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Those matters that I hasn’t been wishing to admit

1 student ages ended.

2 I want to be married.

3 be regarded as don’t contact to also still think of for many years of the person is existent.

4 unable to do lovers aring a stranger is originally in Hong Kong

5 I start becoming old, but still very immature.

6 weigh the person of feelings to usually die too much very miserably.

7 be less and less willing to help the other people’s person.The person’s enthusiasm will slowly fade away, the person’s sloth will slowly increase.

8 be willing to help the other people’s person on one’s own initiative the nonentity was almost.The others doesn’t destroy mind’s eye to you is already boon to grant.

9 I am indeed as expected an imagine oneself as the favorite person.I originally be connected a spring onions to all calculate not last.

10 words are also less and less, be less and less getting more always ready to smile.

11 parents are more and more getting older.

Be getting longer for 12 times, what feelings will change.The pure simple elegance thin comity is on the contrary more long-last.registers a foreword

13 trust is a kind of very funny good will, I beg it, but not get it.

14 I can see calculating of an other people, but no longer be willingly fool.

15 magnificent and victorious loves are what nobody would like to accompanies.

The balance point of 16 in the minds reduces gradually.

17 can make me happily do a person of simpleton to have no.

18 do an earnest life, work hard living, true life of the person is very tired, painful.

19 think too manily to consider too many is wrong.

20 don’t listen to the old man talk, it is in the moment true to suffer a los.

21 less and less think a person starts to carry on the shoulder all pressures and started liking to evade a problem.

22 some fractures is along with time also put on don’t drop.

23 lifes can make the person benumbed.

24 think of a person to cry bitterly is originally possible.

25 more grow up, the dark side of the in the mind is more big.

26 throw oneself’s lane.When throw of and cast away where, how find back, entirely don’t know.

27 less and less will pack strong.

28 repay evil with kindness will be made use of.Hypocrisy all like that.

29 diseases go into from, disaster is a constant truth from.

30 I sometimes really lack mind’s eye.

31 while needing you other people from will seek you, time don’t need you, have already written your Liang.

32 I am a person who works feeling to have no perseverance.

33 I long for home very much.

34 although what to once be subjected to is a wound, think of is love.Opens an account

35 some matters thought to opened and then have no a matter, in fact as a result still similar sad.

business enterprise

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The business enterprise changes the system the procedure of establishing the incorporated company
1, the business enterprise should make sure to change the system to become available in the market first of each medium lie organization(recommend person, lawyer, and accountant…etc.), and with each in lie organization to sign to entrust contract.Company Formation

2, lawyer’s lying organization in etc. should lay particular emphasis on respectively professional realm, completely to the business enterprise carry on a job survey to the utmost.

3, according to exerting the result of job survey, winning to lie organization should help a business enterprise together establishment change the system to become available in the market of total project, and order to change the system to become available in the market according to the project of working time form.

4, medium beginning for lying organization around change the system total project and working time watch coordination to develop a work.(Involve a stateowned property of should start carrying out the valuation, examination and approval procedure of stateowned property)

5, according to audit, valuation of first step result, make sure more than five sponsors and to support a comparison, sign 《sponsor agreement 》

6, convene a sponsor meeting and sign 《sponsor agreement 》, carry out industry and business name to in advance approve a procedure.

7, according to 《sponsor agreement 》carry out the affair concerning property, can engrave joint-stock company to raise a Wei meeting Company’s seal, draw a bank account that property establishes joint-stock company.

8, the lawyer helps a business enterprise to draw up a complete set report sends to establish a declaring of joint-stock company document concerning the government section approval, and draft various documents(like the stand rule drafted plan, shareholders’ meeting rules of procedure and board meeting matter rule etc.) according to the establishing of joint-stock company method, submit joint-stock company to establish a law opinion book.

9, the provincial government(or State Department authorization section,company establishes to need what such as outside company’s investing joint-stock company should report national commerce department) approval establish joint-stock company to combine next reach approval document.

10, each sponsor support good enough, the accountant checks to support and submit 《check a property report 》, carry out the transfering ownership of related property register procedure in the meantime.

11, convene the foundation general assembly of joint-stock company in a month after the government section grants, the lawyer helps the series material of establishment foundation general assembly.

12, arrive the industry and business administration manages a section to carry out the industry and business that the joint-stock company establishes to register a procedure and receives the business enterprise legal person business license, the joint-stock company formally establishes.