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Houses of Parliament

Friday, September 30th, 2011

American F.B.I. especially the work asks for help of “go fishing to enforce the law” means to arrest an university graduate student on the 28th and accuses him of two in the last yearses to continuously provide to support to”base” organization and attempt to ask for help of long range remote control the aircraft assault Pentagon and Houses of Parliament.performance is difficult

Enter FBI acts from inside of set son

Thunder 10000 · fee way Si is 26 years old, the house lives distance Ma Sa Zhu fill the state Boston City not far of Shi orchid, graduate from American northeast university physics to fasten.The F.B.I. is located on the branch of Boston to start “stare at up” fee way Si from 2010 the beginning of the years and send the work incarnation”base” epigone and fee way Si contact is especially.The fee way Si once provided to total toward the mole 8 can be used for set off a simple explosion to equip of refit a cellular phone, thinking can”base” of the in aid of Middle East region member.

The material that the F.B.I. Plank type heat’s exchangingprovides toward the court shows:”In June, 2011, act from inside work to tell the fee way the Si especially, he provides of refit a cellular phone to kill 3 American soldiers in the Iraqi battlefield, to harming 4-5 people.Fee way Si at that time of reaction BE’this was exactly that I wanted of’.”

Face 3 accusations with punish severely

The fee way Si encounters a custody at present, can not apply for bail and settles in October 3 sunrise courts.The fee way Si faces 3 accusations:Be suspected of supporting a foreign terrorist, can get Xing at most 15 yearbooks forbid;The scheme destroys national defense place, can get Xing at most 20 yearbooks forbid;Attempt to break, damage the building that is owned by the American government, can get Xing at most 20 yearbooks forbid.

National territory safe committee chairman of congress Lower House, Republican party councilman Peter ·gold says, fee way Si catches to remind people, though”9 · 11″ is terrible to assault for the past 10 years, The plank designs“base” member and its epigone”Be still concentrate on assaulting American mainland”.

armed to kill a general

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Tribe in Yemen is armed to kill a general
Give or get an electric shock on September 27 according to the medium new agency along resources and other with be loyal to a president Sa benefit the armed strength of the He slowly weaken and be loyal to a tribe in Yemen to leader of bear arms on September 26 the armed escort base of a president of attacking and occupying the north of San`a of capital city, kill inside the base one the famous general soldier class commanding officer, several ten non-commissioned officer soldiers of government of captive.

According to the report way, government battleplane in Yemen attackstoned tribe to fight a personnel in some locations and tried to beat off their aggressions.

《Post in Yemen 》of editor the Er Ma Si’s Mali mean, LED interior lighting the tribe fights personnel’s decision to overthrow Sa benefit He.He says:”This activity is the president’s a heavy stroke to the Sa benefit He, because that base is a location, the tribe is armed to kill a commanding officer and join the army and capture 10 tanks and big gun in the square hand, this delivers a very strong information, that is the tribe that owns these weapon materials very fierce, and prepare to carry on combat with the Sa benefit He political power.”

On September 26, whole country in Yemen opposes Sa benefit the He and celebration overthrows large numbers of people of the last Yemen hereditary ruler Ba Da Er’s 1962 revolution 49 anniversaries to all go into the street.Beijing Acer Clear Thousands anti- protester of the government chants slogans in the Yi cloth provincial capital in the province and requests to judge Sa benefit He.

Several thousand demonstrators hold a meeting in organization in the southern city on that day and criticize Sa benefit He before this a day, whole country talks lieutenant general, the demonstrator is called “terrorist and criminal” and requests the Sa benefit the He to immediately resign;But in capital city San`a, large numbers of demonstrators parade in the city and halloo the slogan of “have to be peaceful, don’t war”.

Benefit in the capital city in Saudi Arabia is graceful to cure Yemen president of more than 3 months Sa benefit the He return to capital city San`a, Yemen on the morning of September 23 local time.On September 25, the Sa benefit He on TV appears to erupt watch to talk for the very first time.He immediately resigns without mentioning in the middle of talking, but the commitment will pass to hold an election to carry out a peaceful handover power in advance.But there is an analysis thinking, the Sa benefit He returns to country of the news may cause a new of the protest demonstrate an activity.Situation in Yemen doesn’t expel the possibility of further depravation.Intelligent television carnival This text is related to recommend for 1997 the middle of the years, the latest situation latest news in country armed clash Yemen supports card firm thin tribe 5 Egyptian soldiers drive with…

TV more intelligent

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Don’t make the TV more intelligent than you!
If say 2010 is a year that belongs to a 3 D television, so will belong to in 2011 where grow a new technique?Whether you believe to still don’t believe or not, current circumstance to see, “intelligence television” probably will become the most emollient candidate for election.

The American Las Vegas that this answer just ended lately’s consuming an electronics exhibition will ascend have already got parts of embodiments.No matter is a Suo Ni, three stars, loose descend these transnational corporations, is still a sea Er, LED Tube Light Manufacturersea letter and TCL of these local brand, all exhibitted the respectively latest intelligence television product, more important, these intelligence television that exhibition not what technique prototype or concept, but will will soon sell in 2011 of carry in the new product.Thus quick of the speed may let a lot of haven’t made to understand the intelligence cellular phone is what is the row of person, caughter unprepared.

“The TV (wise television)of SMART”‘s becoming three stars will ascend at CES 2011 exhibitions of topic product

So and exactly what is an intelligence television?Intelligence television and traditional television compare, should have what kind characteristic?Want to want to buy the words of television now, tradition non- intelligence can the television also buy?For these problems,Google TV keyboardobviously need a professional solution.

What kind of does the television just entitle to call “intelligence television”?

The frequency that the new terms  ” intelligence television” appears in 2010 is the lowest, even can say being bordered on to zero.Not only the common consumer is ignorant to it, even if for the professional medium say also is more unfamiliar concept.In fact there has been several intelligence televisions becoming available in the market in 2010, have influence most among them of is Google TV,led lighting manufacturers the NSX-GT1 series(the domestic didn’t become available in the market) of Suo Ni is one of the representative works.

NSX-GT1 adopted a Gu Ge company just for the television creates of Andriod system, not the cellular phone waits to move an equipments 2.1| up familiar Andriod 2.2 wait edition.This television has on TV and the of Internet have never sewn to search a contents, can also Be getting to the Internet and watching television, its Google the platform can get stripe to increase new function;Smart TV keyboardThe customer can also go to Andriod inside the market of download or purchase various interested in application.This product thoroughly overturned the usage mode of traditional television, therefore also become the target that other intelligence televisions imitate later on.

talk realization peace

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Afghanistan holds state burial for the former president president now the Shi talk realization peace
Give or get an electric shock a way according to the dispatches from foreign news agency report on September 23, the Afghanistan president Carl firm Yi pulls the burial rites of expecting the Ni in the former president on the 23th up announce a lecture Shi speech, he will continue for realization and tower benefit the class is armed the realization peaceably make effort.

The Carl firm Yi says:”Pull the blood of expecting the Ni and other paymutually reflectsa martyr of life to request us to continue to make effort for carrying out peace and stability for freedom.”

But Carl firm Yi in the meantime warning call, at carry on peaceful hard in the meantime, “we think to determinedly fight a peaceful enemy to is our responsibilities.”

On the 23th, Afghanistan government commits suicide type bomb for the situation the raid dies of the former president pulled Ba Ni to hold state burial.Pull Ba Ni to meet a sting to die on Tuesday(on the 20th), an at that time assault set off to conceal in the turban of bomb.

Several thousand people come together in the Jing and have the diplomacy area of severe kabul, for pull Ba Ni and send off.The body that pulls to expect Ni will bury in kabul.

Tower benefit class didn’t enounce to be attacked to die affairs to be responsible for towards pulling Ba Ni, but Afghanistan officials said, changes a hot machinethey were exactly the backstage manipulators of affairs.

United Nations

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Libya changes flags three color ensigns to substitute green national flag in United Nations
On September 20, the radicle text(medium) of U.N. General Secretary Pan, chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya Gu benefit Lei(left) attendance hold in the United Nations headquarters of New York, the United States of Libyan problem high class don’t meeting.United Nations holds Libyan problem high class on that day don’t meeting, discuss that Libya rebuilds a problem and marks Libya to rebuild a progress start in the meantime.The Xinhua news agency reporter, Zhu Wei, shoots

The Mu Si tower method of chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya · the Bu Du Lei-Gu benefit Lei attend United Nations Libyan problem high class in New York on the 20th don’t meeting, appreciate help of international society to Libya, the commitment treats candor to card firm thin political power member.

Headquarters of United Nations at New York and Be established to the European headquarters of Geneva rises to represent Libyan govern the authorities”transition Wei” of red, black and green three color ensigns, substitute Mu exceed Er ·card firm thin govern the green national flag in period.

United Nations headquarters rises to transfer Wei three color ensigns

The radicle text of U.N. General Secretary Pan manages Libyan problem high class don’t meeting.In addition to Gu benefit Lei, American president’s shell pulls a gram ·Ba Ma of the Ao, French president Ni thou pull ·Sa section together, graceful each cloth of South African president ·Zu Ma Deng leader attendance meeting.

The Pan radicle text says that United Nations will exert Libya that it can help should to”huge challenge”.Ao Ba Ma says:”As long as the Libyan people are still subjected to threat, the protection activity of NATO predominance will continue.”

Gu benefit Lei at will ascend is armed toward”transition Wei” of United Nations and help with card firm the thin troops battle of the nation send thanks.He thinks these to help to pass importance, because card firm thin use a great deal of force to the people.

On the 16th of this month, the 66th United Nations General Assembly is decided by vote, agree the legal representative whom”transition Wei” in Libya becomes Libya in United Nations and decide to make Libya handing over to”transition Wei” in the allied big seat.On the 20th, red, black and green three United Nations headquarters of color ensigns at New Yorkses of the “transition Wei” of representative Libya rise.

United Nations’ European headquarters in Switzerland Geneva also holds a rites and rises three color ensigns of representing”transition Wei” in Libya and substitute old-world of green flag.LED typical model

On September 20, the United Nations headquarters of the radicle text(right) of U.N. General Secretary Pan at New York, the United States meets chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya Gu benefit Lei.The 66th United Nations General Assembly grants”whole country transition committee” in Libya as Libya’s legal representative in United Nations on September 16.The Xinhua news agency hair(United Nations provides|Ai text ·Shi Nai3 De shoot)

The among the missing card ties thin phonation”gameness”

This year meets again allied greatly convene, card firm thin among the missing, but through Syria”public opinion” television station announces recording to talk, blames NATO to the Libyan air attack and denies that the political power that he leads is overthrown.

The card is firm thin say, the business of Libyan occurrence is the appearance that results in to°from the air attack, while the air attack can’t keep on forever.

The American national security committee strategy says after programing gram in high executive Delhi · Joe’s row expect a horse to summit Gu benefit on the 20th in the Ao especially the Lei that the latter thinks card firm thin still in Libya.

Card firm thin spokesman Mu Sa ·the easy Bu pulls Xin to declare on that day, the card is firm thin”in high spirit”, armed”fight for several decades” of decision and support”transition Wei”.

On September 21, chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya Gu benefit the Lei(right a) attend 66 allied great general to argue opening ceremony.On that day, the 66th United Nations General Assembly general argues in United Nations headquarters opening in New York, the topic is “mediate in the middle of settling dispute of function”, and the in the interval will have about 120 national head of states or the speech of the mastermind of the government.The The Xinhua news agency reporter states great shoot

The Libyan new government draws up to establish in 10 days

Chairman Ma Ha Mao of”whole country transition committee” executive committee in Libya is virtuous ·Lei in the Gu cloth say on the 20th, Libya may establish a new government in 10 days.

“Transfer Wei””No.2 person” Gu cloth inside Lei says in New York, the United States:”I anticipate a week and the most 10 dayses, the government will declare to establish.”

Lei in the Gu cloth says:”Big part work already complete, the item remained is the government section amount and each one to transact a location.”All sections may establish in the Li wave of Libyan capital city as well as be divided into two parts, some people at of Li wave in, a little bit another add west in class in the eastern city.

“Government’s establishing will produce some other structures in the meantime, include a nations bids organization with increase the clarity and public’s trust that the government works, ” Gu cloth inside Lei says.

“Transfer Wei” are armed have already controled Libya of big parts of regions, positive with be loyal to card firm thin of armed battle out to do obeisance the Ni fertile benefit virtuous, fill Bu admire, Su Er especially etc. ground.

“Desert shield” trip spokesman’s Mohammed ·tile Du declare on the early time of the 20th ancient, already attack and occupy to fill Bu admire airport and a card firm thin armed barracks, will “immediately” control the whole region.people LED actuatorThe card firm little bit thin”the importance will get” still the rate department control a Libyan and southwest region and include Ao Ba Li and add two cities especially

structure of LED

Monday, September 19th, 2011

LED structure according to the application condition and material doped with. Used for visible light indicator and display aspects of LED, demand structure optimization to obtain high efficiency; used in optical communication with respect to LED, require a high degree of radiation to the maximum power is coupled into the fiber, also hope to have larger modulation capability.LED Tube Light Manufacturer Used as an indicating lamp and a display of the basic structure of LED.

Semiconductor light emitting diode light credit LED emission wavelength in an optical fiber with low loss must present the window area. From 0.8 to 0.9 micron GaAlAs-GaAs luminous tube and 1.3 ~ 1.6 micron InGaAsP-InP led, wavelength falls on the quartz fiber of the first and second transparent windows. In order to fiber coupling,LED Strip Light Manufacturer light from the LED side or side extraction.

The requirements of LED
On improving internal quantum efficiency, requirements to reduce the crystal defect and harmful impurities; improve the external quantum efficiency, structure to facilitate light collection, extraction and emission; and can be used to carry information output current directly to the light output of a high speed modulation; the structure is favorable to the heat dissipation, reduced due to junction temperature rise caused by light power down; and have a high radiation, therefore must apply direct bandgap semiconductor and able to drive the structure under high current density.

The characteristics of LED
In the low pressure ( less than 2 V ), small current ( tens of Ma to 200 MA ) work, small power consumption, small volume, can be directly and solid circuit connected using; stable, reliable, long life ( 105 ~ 106 hours ); LED Spot Light Manufacturereasy modulation, through modulation of LED currents to modulated light output; output response speed of light faster ( 1 ~ 100 MHz ); cheap. Application of LED can be used as the indicator, text – digital display, optical coupling device, optical communication system such as light source.

Indicator lamp
Used as indicator lights LED has two kinds of structures: radial lead structure and an axial lead structure. The former small size, low price, suitable for mounting on a printed circuit board; the latter can be installed in the instrument panel, and can be directly mounted on printed circuit board. Designed for printed circuit board design for minimum LED indicating lamp, and the transistor and integrated circuit compatible, used to indicate the state of a circuit and fault. LED can be used as a television channel tuning indicator, also can be used for high fidelity radio and tape machine and automotive, aircraft and mechanical and electrical industry. led lighting designThe majority of indicator lights are single core, new development and two color light and multi-color lights.

Confidante blue dream

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Through the quiet alley under oil paper umbrellas, fantasy girl, Qingshi Road, listen to the raindrops slip under the umbrella canopy sadness, confidante blue dream never imagined, known only to ordinary unusual.

The young heart is always in the silly season, conceal to pursue that does not belong to the own position, in the memories of the past,Love, I take how you donot intertwined but is wrong, like sentimental words weave a the hearts of the romantic world, they used to reason with it one by one will break. Appreciate each other and mutual loss, a simple you text like, make thoughts wandering again, perhaps this is a kind of its dimensional resonance, only the edge of wind, rain grass love chapter, now we feel once funny, but funny once slowly will let you from the lost time grew up in a house, wrote the fragrance is anxious, where more so more thorough?

In the night, simply walking in the familiar city, looking at the river was flowing, shore was full of people, you are my words in the air of the night is calm, the prosecution said, and communicate with each other. You always say that I live in the poetic world, and reality too far apart, but when you become a reality, more than ever. We just life traveler in a hurry,I give you of love for each other to stay time is short, don’t pavilion from the station in life often staged, learn to cherish no pity, no recall because never forget, and why bother to complain to who who is wrong?

The youth fled, ending at the end of lonely, confidante a dream wake up. Meteor across the night sky I know is the tears of the moon, and you across the corner of my eye I know it must be the umbrella canopy sadness, all met just as fate interpretation, capturing the doomed not to those who do not belong to my happiness. Not to think, because of a dream of the red flower is sleeping, not because the wind accompanied by fall, grass longer because of rain fade,Laser nuclear fusion ability nothing should persist?

]In fact, confidante blue dream a tragic night song Red gone years freedom can be worthy for who.

Fish Jing egg white

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

“Fish Jing egg white” in Shanghai hospital still has stock
Recently a kind of heart surgical operation in common use medicine suddenly tight Qiao that is called the sulfuric acid fish Jing egg white to inject a liquid, the ground fish Jing egg whites, such as Nanking, Wuhan and south…etc. raises an alarm in succession, a lot of surgical operations of heart attacks are forced lockout.The company reported a reporter to learn of yesterday, each big hospital in Shanghai still had the fish Jing the egg white stock, and the surgical operation temporary didn’t be subjected to influence everyday.Shanghai eats medicine Jian, section reveals and checks after row, Inside Ba Ba’sShanghai turns a medicine industry from cradle to the grave the limited company is existing”the sulfuric acid fish Jing egg white injects a liquid” the stock is about 30,000, lately the production log out of can throw in a national market on criticizing 90,000 to after injecting a liquid after examination anticipate the end of this month, can guarantee the clinical need of medical treatment organization.But the fish Jing egg white raise an alarm to have nothing to do with cheap medicine, is raw material supply strain to result in to break goods.

State the city hospital mostly temporary didn’t be influenced

Recently, fish Jing egg white this unfamiliar medicine name Be suddenly multifarious to appear a major media.Guangzhou, and Wuhan…etc. much inside the hospital, because the fish Jing egg white breaks goods and over 90% heart surgical operation to suffer pause risk.But yesterday, the company reports a reporter to understand to°from the hospital of Rui gold, child’s hospital, eastern hospital etc., currently inside this city hospital, the fish Jing egg white still has stock, the surgical operation temporarily can’t be subjected to obvious influence everyday.

“This front has been supplying as usual, but will suddenly and tightly lack in the near future.”The child hospital medicine representative director with related section of Shanghai City reveals only having a little amount stock currently, canning maintain recent normal surgical operation.According to understanding, the fish Jing egg white is a kind of vitriol of alkalescence protein that withdraws in the fresh and mature sperm from fish and used for because of injecting the issue of blood that the heparin surfeit causes, and have no the other drugs can act for.

However, state city majority of hospitals temporarily haven’t been subjected to influence.The new China hospital that is a point academics in the mind surgery, deposit much sulfuric acid fish Jing in the refrigerator of emergency call medicine database the egg white inject a liquid.The medicine database supervisor tells the company reports a reporter, Buys moon cakeone is many to hear before the months that that medicine tightly lacks, the hospital entered not a few goods to do a storage, the stock in nowadays’ hasing great capacity all can use from half year to around a year.

90,000 products can throw in a market by the end of the month

The fish Jing egg white is only more than ten unit prices, clinical up use for several decades, belong to A to cure to protect medicine.The company reports a reporter to check in database from the national food drugs direct administration, there are three pharmaceutical factories in domestic own fish Jing egg white production permit, but many year agos in two among those s have already stopped production that medicine, only Shanghai turn Yao Ye companies to still produce from cradle to the grave.Shanghai turned a medicine industry to cut yield from cradle to the grave, therefore be provided for goods to seem to be very nervous.

This time strain that provide goods is queried by not a few medium is price problem to do mischief.”Because the price leads low but stop production a certain old medicine, this is the familiar phenomenon.”There is an industry insider pointing out, fish Jing the price of the egg white’s maintaining don’t change for 20 years, may cause pharmaceutical factory production’s lacking aggressive.According to understanding, currently a box of fish Jing that Shanghai produces the unit price of the egg white only is 11.2 dollars.

To this, Shanghai City eats medicine Jian section and at that time get involved a survey.Discover, supply strain to be as cheap and irrelevant as medicine after investigating, or break goods because of the raw material supply.The raw material of this kind of medicine is admires and refines in the sperm of fish from Malaysia, therefore factory house in Shanghai wants to increase the yield original material and exist a certain problem.month Mid-AutumnAccording to understanding, Malaysia admires fish generally annually and produces son for 45 months, after leading this season, the supply of raw material seems to be not that ample.

Central America

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The 12th of second city dish Central America dollar and Yen soar
Because the market risk hobby fall turns worse, USD and Yen soars, the euro exchanges USD to fall to break 1.3500, the euro exchanges Yen to set a little bit low over 10 years, USD exchanged Yen to once fall to break 77.

Comprehensive medium September is 12, Asian currency market on the 12th dish inMini Wireless Keyboard, power tumble along with the Pacific Asia stock market, the market avoids damages clue to sharply heat, USD and Yen soars.The this week Yi starts a market mindset very uneasy, because the market turns worse to the misgiving of Greece obligation default and the euro area banking stability, and the market hearsay French bank rating will soon encounter next adjust.

The euro exchanges USD to fall to break USD 1.3550 and set February 22 lately low, fall to break 1.3500 further later on, lowest see 1.3495;The euro exchanges Yen to fall to break Yen 104.90 and create a little bit low over 10 years;The pound exchanges USD to fall to break USD 1.5824 and create July 12 lowest level;Exchange Yen to fall to break Yen 122.23, create January, 2009 lowest level.USD exchanges Rui Lang to rise to break 0.8900 Rui Langs and create May 16 the tallest level, Ao dollar and Niu dollar exchange USD to also descend to leak, Patch Cord Manufacturerthe Ao dollar exchanges USD lowest see 1.0338, the Niu dollar exchanges USD lowest see 0.8140.USD exchanges Yen to fall to break 77.

The news personage reveals on the 10th that main bank operator in France is maying lower its rating to do preparation for Mu Di.The bank operator just ensures toward the investor he/she is positive Anne degree the margin market nervous condition, but this undertaking of Mu Di will make its effort gradually complicated.Paris one news personage said, the Mu Di would soon announce decision, the French banking rating may encounter next adjust, but currently still indetermination.

Spend the ensign(Citi) foreign exchange strategy teacher Greg Anderson points out, the euro will descend further, unless the global economy growth foreground improves, and the investor believes that Europe is obtaining to keep on progress in the aspects of solving sovereignty obligation crisis.However, see according to the circumstance in nowadays,led lighting automotive above-mentioned two greatest circumstanceses are least likely to take place.Anticipate an euro to exchange USD for year inside is very likely to fall to 1.3000 under.

According to Dow-Jones Si correspondent is 12, the experienced foreign exchange of large bank in some Japan traded a company to say, the euro exchanged Yen to fall to over 10 years a little bit low Yen 104.27, because of a great deal of Sun’s selling dish instruction is triggered in the neighborhood of Yen 105.00.He adds to call,Cable Manufacturer the euro exchanges Yen to lack a clear technique to prop up currently;Further of the Sun sells dish instruction to anticipate to appear in the neighborhood of Yen 104.00, once being triggered, willing probably again causing rate of exchange to significantly slipping.

HiFX trades a representative director Mike Hollows said, Niu dollar the trend that exchanged USD to follow behind an euro to exchange USD, the latter is subjected to the radical measure influence that relevant obligation problem and solution these problems may put forward.Hollows means that this undoubtedly produces the market new worried.He adds to say, although New Zealand the central bank will announce interest rate decision,the market focus isn’t in the domestic currently,electric welding machine manufacturerbut at international on the market.Anticipate a Niu dollar to exchange USD support to be located on USD 0.8150, the resistance is located on USD 0.8200.

LED loses efficacy

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Depth analysis LED loses efficacy a problem crest
Expiration of LED product, the cause may come from the whichever part of that product, past have to go down to details then can find out real of expired reason.Aim at expiration to come from LED light grain but speech, because of integrity of in the LED light grain, LED the chip is very strong, but wrap to reply sealing of chip to pack the material then easily suffers harm, therefore, the expiration of the LED light grain much can attribute to pack material of break or inferior turn cause.

LED gives out light a source the compound is from so-called III-V constitute, then the Lei clear and bright grain(chip) that everyone is familiar with, the solid’s compound contains stable property, at product under the condition of norm the usage also don’t easily damage, and be placed in general of applied environment in also not rise chemical reaction, lamp designs reformtherefore own longer product life span.However, in order to make the LED’s chip given out light, have to be opened into electric current by the external world, therefore generally will stick the size pimping chip in particularly carrying Taiwan(or call to lead a line) combine with plus or minus two poleses of the metal material conjunction chips, such as line and 銲 tin…etc., then use the high mark sub- material the pack reply whole carry Taiwan, this is to so-calledly seal to pack a manufacturing process and become a familiar LED light grain of on the market after this manufacturing process.At physically applied, also see need to assemble several LED light grain into module, finally become a terminal product with the module combination of other functions again.

Can know from the top,LED lamp export expiration of LED product, the cause may come from the whichever part of that product, past have to go down to details then can find out real of expired reason.Aim at expiration to come from LED light grain but speech, because of integrity of in the LED light grain, LED the chip is very strong, but wrap to reply sealing of chip to pack the material then easily suffers harm, therefore, the expiration of the LED light grain much can attribute to pack material of break or inferior turn cause.If want to well analyze this expiration, concern optics, chemistry and material to learn, the professional knowledge of electronics physics etc. realm, and match precise instrument with abundant of actual situation experience, then can confirm expiration to order and deduce true because of, then put forward an improvement counterplan.

1.Not bright:This kind of expiration means that LED completely doesn’t give out light after switching on electricity.Generally speaking, conduct electricity path up of”breaking road(open)” is this type of one of the main cause of expiration, the confirmation breaks the method of road also very simple, with familiar of three use electricity and then can verify.However, find out to break road to order and then have to do further resolution,LED televisionfor example:Can confirm to beat with the X-ray whether the line breaks line or escapes from, uses SEM(sweep a take aim type electronic microscope) observation section the structure can check the blemish of sticking to the crystal part etc..This type of expiration the second main cause is “short circuit(short)”, this because the electric current didn’t really pass LED chip, but is flow through “the side heresy in the door”, the past LED light grain nature can’t give out light, such as:Because electronics migration happen to cause electrode metal atom not to spread as usual, like oxidize Yin tin(ITO), silver or GaN|InGaN countercheck layer within diode metal etc. all may because of machine in response to dint, high electric current density or at causticity of environment occurrence this kind strange appearance.Other reason may be beat line to be partial to move, the sticky crystal gum climb gum etc..This kind of expiration has to make use of I-V, the curve(electric current-electric voltage diagram) then can judge, as for the expiration orders because can not check the above-mentioned blemish from the external appearance, so needed first to confirm with the X-ray;居家不可不知的20條風水禁忌Or chemistry aqua after cleaning a LED and packing material, again usage optics(OM) or electronic microscope(SEM) are careful to check.