Central America

The 12th of second city dish Central America dollar and Yen soar
Because the market risk hobby fall turns worse, USD and Yen soars, the euro exchanges USD to fall to break 1.3500, the euro exchanges Yen to set a little bit low over 10 years, USD exchanged Yen to once fall to break 77.

Comprehensive medium September is 12, Asian currency market on the 12th dish inMini Wireless Keyboard, power tumble along with the Pacific Asia stock market, the market avoids damages clue to sharply heat, USD and Yen soars.The this week Yi starts a market mindset very uneasy, because the market turns worse to the misgiving of Greece obligation default and the euro area banking stability, and the market hearsay French bank rating will soon encounter next adjust.

The euro exchanges USD to fall to break USD 1.3550 and set February 22 lately low, fall to break 1.3500 further later on, lowest see 1.3495;The euro exchanges Yen to fall to break Yen 104.90 and create a little bit low over 10 years;The pound exchanges USD to fall to break USD 1.5824 and create July 12 lowest level;Exchange Yen to fall to break Yen 122.23, create January, 2009 lowest level.USD exchanges Rui Lang to rise to break 0.8900 Rui Langs and create May 16 the tallest level, Ao dollar and Niu dollar exchange USD to also descend to leak, Patch Cord Manufacturerthe Ao dollar exchanges USD lowest see 1.0338, the Niu dollar exchanges USD lowest see 0.8140.USD exchanges Yen to fall to break 77.

The news personage reveals on the 10th that main bank operator in France is maying lower its rating to do preparation for Mu Di.The bank operator just ensures toward the investor he/she is positive Anne degree the margin market nervous condition, but this undertaking of Mu Di will make its effort gradually complicated.Paris one news personage said, the Mu Di would soon announce decision, the French banking rating may encounter next adjust, but currently still indetermination.

Spend the ensign(Citi) foreign exchange strategy teacher Greg Anderson points out, the euro will descend further, unless the global economy growth foreground improves, and the investor believes that Europe is obtaining to keep on progress in the aspects of solving sovereignty obligation crisis.However, see according to the circumstance in nowadays,led lighting automotive above-mentioned two greatest circumstanceses are least likely to take place.Anticipate an euro to exchange USD for year inside is very likely to fall to 1.3000 under.

According to Dow-Jones Si correspondent is 12, the experienced foreign exchange of large bank in some Japan traded a company to say, the euro exchanged Yen to fall to over 10 years a little bit low Yen 104.27, because of a great deal of Sun’s selling dish instruction is triggered in the neighborhood of Yen 105.00.He adds to call,Cable Manufacturer the euro exchanges Yen to lack a clear technique to prop up currently;Further of the Sun sells dish instruction to anticipate to appear in the neighborhood of Yen 104.00, once being triggered, willing probably again causing rate of exchange to significantly slipping.

HiFX trades a representative director Mike Hollows said, Niu dollar the trend that exchanged USD to follow behind an euro to exchange USD, the latter is subjected to the radical measure influence that relevant obligation problem and solution these problems may put forward.Hollows means that this undoubtedly produces the market new worried.He adds to say, although New Zealand the central bank will announce interest rate decision,the market focus isn’t in the domestic currently,electric welding machine manufacturerbut at international on the market.Anticipate a Niu dollar to exchange USD support to be located on USD 0.8150, the resistance is located on USD 0.8200.

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