Fish Jing egg white

“Fish Jing egg white” in Shanghai hospital still has stock
Recently a kind of heart surgical operation in common use medicine suddenly tight Qiao that is called the sulfuric acid fish Jing egg white to inject a liquid, the ground fish Jing egg whites, such as Nanking, Wuhan and south…etc. raises an alarm in succession, a lot of surgical operations of heart attacks are forced lockout.The company reported a reporter to learn of yesterday, each big hospital in Shanghai still had the fish Jing the egg white stock, and the surgical operation temporary didn’t be subjected to influence everyday.Shanghai eats medicine Jian, section reveals and checks after row, Inside Ba Ba’sShanghai turns a medicine industry from cradle to the grave the limited company is existing”the sulfuric acid fish Jing egg white injects a liquid” the stock is about 30,000, lately the production log out of can throw in a national market on criticizing 90,000 to after injecting a liquid after examination anticipate the end of this month, can guarantee the clinical need of medical treatment organization.But the fish Jing egg white raise an alarm to have nothing to do with cheap medicine, is raw material supply strain to result in to break goods.

State the city hospital mostly temporary didn’t be influenced

Recently, fish Jing egg white this unfamiliar medicine name Be suddenly multifarious to appear a major media.Guangzhou, and Wuhan…etc. much inside the hospital, because the fish Jing egg white breaks goods and over 90% heart surgical operation to suffer pause risk.But yesterday, the company reports a reporter to understand to┬░from the hospital of Rui gold, child’s hospital, eastern hospital etc., currently inside this city hospital, the fish Jing egg white still has stock, the surgical operation temporarily can’t be subjected to obvious influence everyday.

“This front has been supplying as usual, but will suddenly and tightly lack in the near future.”The child hospital medicine representative director with related section of Shanghai City reveals only having a little amount stock currently, canning maintain recent normal surgical operation.According to understanding, the fish Jing egg white is a kind of vitriol of alkalescence protein that withdraws in the fresh and mature sperm from fish and used for because of injecting the issue of blood that the heparin surfeit causes, and have no the other drugs can act for.

However, state city majority of hospitals temporarily haven’t been subjected to influence.The new China hospital that is a point academics in the mind surgery, deposit much sulfuric acid fish Jing in the refrigerator of emergency call medicine database the egg white inject a liquid.The medicine database supervisor tells the company reports a reporter, Buys moon cakeone is many to hear before the months that that medicine tightly lacks, the hospital entered not a few goods to do a storage, the stock in nowadays’ hasing great capacity all can use from half year to around a year.

90,000 products can throw in a market by the end of the month

The fish Jing egg white is only more than ten unit prices, clinical up use for several decades, belong to A to cure to protect medicine.The company reports a reporter to check in database from the national food drugs direct administration, there are three pharmaceutical factories in domestic own fish Jing egg white production permit, but many year agos in two among those s have already stopped production that medicine, only Shanghai turn Yao Ye companies to still produce from cradle to the grave.Shanghai turned a medicine industry to cut yield from cradle to the grave, therefore be provided for goods to seem to be very nervous.

This time strain that provide goods is queried by not a few medium is price problem to do mischief.”Because the price leads low but stop production a certain old medicine, this is the familiar phenomenon.”There is an industry insider pointing out, fish Jing the price of the egg white’s maintaining don’t change for 20 years, may cause pharmaceutical factory production’s lacking aggressive.According to understanding, currently a box of fish Jing that Shanghai produces the unit price of the egg white only is 11.2 dollars.

To this, Shanghai City eats medicine Jian section and at that time get involved a survey.Discover, supply strain to be as cheap and irrelevant as medicine after investigating, or break goods because of the raw material supply.The raw material of this kind of medicine is admires and refines in the sperm of fish from Malaysia, therefore factory house in Shanghai wants to increase the yield original material and exist a certain problem.month Mid-AutumnAccording to understanding, Malaysia admires fish generally annually and produces son for 45 months, after leading this season, the supply of raw material seems to be not that ample.

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