Confidante blue dream

Through the quiet alley under oil paper umbrellas, fantasy girl, Qingshi Road, listen to the raindrops slip under the umbrella canopy sadness, confidante blue dream never imagined, known only to ordinary unusual.

The young heart is always in the silly season, conceal to pursue that does not belong to the own position, in the memories of the past,Love, I take how you donot intertwined but is wrong, like sentimental words weave a the hearts of the romantic world, they used to reason with it one by one will break. Appreciate each other and mutual loss, a simple you text like, make thoughts wandering again, perhaps this is a kind of its dimensional resonance, only the edge of wind, rain grass love chapter, now we feel once funny, but funny once slowly will let you from the lost time grew up in a house, wrote the fragrance is anxious, where more so more thorough?

In the night, simply walking in the familiar city, looking at the river was flowing, shore was full of people, you are my words in the air of the night is calm, the prosecution said, and communicate with each other. You always say that I live in the poetic world, and reality too far apart, but when you become a reality, more than ever. We just life traveler in a hurry,I give you of love for each other to stay time is short, don’t pavilion from the station in life often staged, learn to cherish no pity, no recall because never forget, and why bother to complain to who who is wrong?

The youth fled, ending at the end of lonely, confidante a dream wake up. Meteor across the night sky I know is the tears of the moon, and you across the corner of my eye I know it must be the umbrella canopy sadness, all met just as fate interpretation, capturing the doomed not to those who do not belong to my happiness. Not to think, because of a dream of the red flower is sleeping, not because the wind accompanied by fall, grass longer because of rain fade,Laser nuclear fusion ability nothing should persist?

]In fact, confidante blue dream a tragic night song Red gone years freedom can be worthy for who.

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