structure of LED

LED structure according to the application condition and material doped with. Used for visible light indicator and display aspects of LED, demand structure optimization to obtain high efficiency; used in optical communication with respect to LED, require a high degree of radiation to the maximum power is coupled into the fiber, also hope to have larger modulation capability.LED Tube Light Manufacturer Used as an indicating lamp and a display of the basic structure of LED.

Semiconductor light emitting diode light credit LED emission wavelength in an optical fiber with low loss must present the window area. From 0.8 to 0.9 micron GaAlAs-GaAs luminous tube and 1.3 ~ 1.6 micron InGaAsP-InP led, wavelength falls on the quartz fiber of the first and second transparent windows. In order to fiber coupling,LED Strip Light Manufacturer light from the LED side or side extraction.

The requirements of LED
On improving internal quantum efficiency, requirements to reduce the crystal defect and harmful impurities; improve the external quantum efficiency, structure to facilitate light collection, extraction and emission; and can be used to carry information output current directly to the light output of a high speed modulation; the structure is favorable to the heat dissipation, reduced due to junction temperature rise caused by light power down; and have a high radiation, therefore must apply direct bandgap semiconductor and able to drive the structure under high current density.

The characteristics of LED
In the low pressure ( less than 2 V ), small current ( tens of Ma to 200 MA ) work, small power consumption, small volume, can be directly and solid circuit connected using; stable, reliable, long life ( 105 ~ 106 hours ); LED Spot Light Manufacturereasy modulation, through modulation of LED currents to modulated light output; output response speed of light faster ( 1 ~ 100 MHz ); cheap. Application of LED can be used as the indicator, text – digital display, optical coupling device, optical communication system such as light source.

Indicator lamp
Used as indicator lights LED has two kinds of structures: radial lead structure and an axial lead structure. The former small size, low price, suitable for mounting on a printed circuit board; the latter can be installed in the instrument panel, and can be directly mounted on printed circuit board. Designed for printed circuit board design for minimum LED indicating lamp, and the transistor and integrated circuit compatible, used to indicate the state of a circuit and fault. LED can be used as a television channel tuning indicator, also can be used for high fidelity radio and tape machine and automotive, aircraft and mechanical and electrical industry. led lighting designThe majority of indicator lights are single core, new development and two color light and multi-color lights.

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