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Libya changes flags three color ensigns to substitute green national flag in United Nations
On September 20, the radicle text(medium) of U.N. General Secretary Pan, chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya Gu benefit Lei(left) attendance hold in the United Nations headquarters of New York, the United States of Libyan problem high class don’t meeting.United Nations holds Libyan problem high class on that day don’t meeting, discuss that Libya rebuilds a problem and marks Libya to rebuild a progress start in the meantime.The Xinhua news agency reporter, Zhu Wei, shoots

The Mu Si tower method of chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya · the Bu Du Lei-Gu benefit Lei attend United Nations Libyan problem high class in New York on the 20th don’t meeting, appreciate help of international society to Libya, the commitment treats candor to card firm thin political power member.

Headquarters of United Nations at New York and Be established to the European headquarters of Geneva rises to represent Libyan govern the authorities”transition Wei” of red, black and green three color ensigns, substitute Mu exceed Er ·card firm thin govern the green national flag in period.

United Nations headquarters rises to transfer Wei three color ensigns

The radicle text of U.N. General Secretary Pan manages Libyan problem high class don’t meeting.In addition to Gu benefit Lei, American president’s shell pulls a gram ·Ba Ma of the Ao, French president Ni thou pull ·Sa section together, graceful each cloth of South African president ·Zu Ma Deng leader attendance meeting.

The Pan radicle text says that United Nations will exert Libya that it can help should to”huge challenge”.Ao Ba Ma says:”As long as the Libyan people are still subjected to threat, the protection activity of NATO predominance will continue.”

Gu benefit Lei at will ascend is armed toward”transition Wei” of United Nations and help with card firm the thin troops battle of the nation send thanks.He thinks these to help to pass importance, because card firm thin use a great deal of force to the people.

On the 16th of this month, the 66th United Nations General Assembly is decided by vote, agree the legal representative whom”transition Wei” in Libya becomes Libya in United Nations and decide to make Libya handing over to”transition Wei” in the allied big seat.On the 20th, red, black and green three United Nations headquarters of color ensigns at New Yorkses of the “transition Wei” of representative Libya rise.

United Nations’ European headquarters in Switzerland Geneva also holds a rites and rises three color ensigns of representing”transition Wei” in Libya and substitute old-world of green flag.LED typical model

On September 20, the United Nations headquarters of the radicle text(right) of U.N. General Secretary Pan at New York, the United States meets chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya Gu benefit Lei.The 66th United Nations General Assembly grants”whole country transition committee” in Libya as Libya’s legal representative in United Nations on September 16.The Xinhua news agency hair(United Nations provides|Ai text ·Shi Nai3 De shoot)

The among the missing card ties thin phonation”gameness”

This year meets again allied greatly convene, card firm thin among the missing, but through Syria”public opinion” television station announces recording to talk, blames NATO to the Libyan air attack and denies that the political power that he leads is overthrown.

The card is firm thin say, the business of Libyan occurrence is the appearance that results in to°from the air attack, while the air attack can’t keep on forever.

The American national security committee strategy says after programing gram in high executive Delhi · Joe’s row expect a horse to summit Gu benefit on the 20th in the Ao especially the Lei that the latter thinks card firm thin still in Libya.

Card firm thin spokesman Mu Sa ·the easy Bu pulls Xin to declare on that day, the card is firm thin”in high spirit”, armed”fight for several decades” of decision and support”transition Wei”.

On September 21, chairman from”whole country transition committee” in Libya Gu benefit the Lei(right a) attend 66 allied great general to argue opening ceremony.On that day, the 66th United Nations General Assembly general argues in United Nations headquarters opening in New York, the topic is “mediate in the middle of settling dispute of function”, and the in the interval will have about 120 national head of states or the speech of the mastermind of the government.The The Xinhua news agency reporter states great shoot

The Libyan new government draws up to establish in 10 days

Chairman Ma Ha Mao of”whole country transition committee” executive committee in Libya is virtuous ·Lei in the Gu cloth say on the 20th, Libya may establish a new government in 10 days.

“Transfer Wei””No.2 person” Gu cloth inside Lei says in New York, the United States:”I anticipate a week and the most 10 dayses, the government will declare to establish.”

Lei in the Gu cloth says:”Big part work already complete, the item remained is the government section amount and each one to transact a location.”All sections may establish in the Li wave of Libyan capital city as well as be divided into two parts, some people at of Li wave in, a little bit another add west in class in the eastern city.

“Government’s establishing will produce some other structures in the meantime, include a nations bids organization with increase the clarity and public’s trust that the government works, ” Gu cloth inside Lei says.

“Transfer Wei” are armed have already controled Libya of big parts of regions, positive with be loyal to card firm thin of armed battle out to do obeisance the Ni fertile benefit virtuous, fill Bu admire, Su Er especially etc. ground.

“Desert shield” trip spokesman’s Mohammed ·tile Du declare on the early time of the 20th ancient, already attack and occupy to fill Bu admire airport and a card firm thin armed barracks, will “immediately” control the whole region.people LED actuatorThe card firm little bit thin”the importance will get” still the rate department control a Libyan and southwest region and include Ao Ba Li and add two cities especially

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