talk realization peace

Afghanistan holds state burial for the former president president now the Shi talk realization peace
Give or get an electric shock a way according to the dispatches from foreign news agency report on September 23, the Afghanistan president Carl firm Yi pulls the burial rites of expecting the Ni in the former president on the 23th up announce a lecture Shi speech, he will continue for realization and tower benefit the class is armed the realization peaceably make effort.

The Carl firm Yi says:”Pull the blood of expecting the Ni and other paymutually reflectsa martyr of life to request us to continue to make effort for carrying out peace and stability for freedom.”

But Carl firm Yi in the meantime warning call, at carry on peaceful hard in the meantime, “we think to determinedly fight a peaceful enemy to is our responsibilities.”

On the 23th, Afghanistan government commits suicide type bomb for the situation the raid dies of the former president pulled Ba Ni to hold state burial.Pull Ba Ni to meet a sting to die on Tuesday(on the 20th), an at that time assault set off to conceal in the turban of bomb.

Several thousand people come together in the Jing and have the diplomacy area of severe kabul, for pull Ba Ni and send off.The body that pulls to expect Ni will bury in kabul.

Tower benefit class didn’t enounce to be attacked to die affairs to be responsible for towards pulling Ba Ni, but Afghanistan officials said, changes a hot machinethey were exactly the backstage manipulators of affairs.

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