TV more intelligent

Don’t make the TV more intelligent than you!
If say 2010 is a year that belongs to a 3 D television, so will belong to in 2011 where grow a new technique?Whether you believe to still don’t believe or not, current circumstance to see, “intelligence television” probably will become the most emollient candidate for election.

The American Las Vegas that this answer just ended lately’s consuming an electronics exhibition will ascend have already got parts of embodiments.No matter is a Suo Ni, three stars, loose descend these transnational corporations, is still a sea Er, LED Tube Light Manufacturersea letter and TCL of these local brand, all exhibitted the respectively latest intelligence television product, more important, these intelligence television that exhibition not what technique prototype or concept, but will will soon sell in 2011 of carry in the new product.Thus quick of the speed may let a lot of haven’t made to understand the intelligence cellular phone is what is the row of person, caughter unprepared.

“The TV (wise television)of SMART”‘s becoming three stars will ascend at CES 2011 exhibitions of topic product

So and exactly what is an intelligence television?Intelligence television and traditional television compare, should have what kind characteristic?Want to want to buy the words of television now, tradition non- intelligence can the television also buy?For these problems,Google TV keyboardobviously need a professional solution.

What kind of does the television just entitle to call “intelligence television”?

The frequency that the new termsĀ  ” intelligence television” appears in 2010 is the lowest, even can say being bordered on to zero.Not only the common consumer is ignorant to it, even if for the professional medium say also is more unfamiliar concept.In fact there has been several intelligence televisions becoming available in the market in 2010, have influence most among them of is Google TV,led lighting manufacturers the NSX-GT1 series(the domestic didn’t become available in the market) of Suo Ni is one of the representative works.

NSX-GT1 adopted a Gu Ge company just for the television creates of Andriod system, not the cellular phone waits to move an equipments 2.1| up familiar Andriod 2.2 wait edition.This television has on TV and the of Internet have never sewn to search a contents, can also Be getting to the Internet and watching television, its Google the platform can get stripe to increase new function;Smart TV keyboardThe customer can also go to Andriod inside the market of download or purchase various interested in application.This product thoroughly overturned the usage mode of traditional television, therefore also become the target that other intelligence televisions imitate later on.

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