armed to kill a general

Tribe in Yemen is armed to kill a general
Give or get an electric shock on September 27 according to the medium new agency along resources and other with be loyal to a president Sa benefit the armed strength of the He slowly weaken and be loyal to a tribe in Yemen to leader of bear arms on September 26 the armed escort base of a president of attacking and occupying the north of San`a of capital city, kill inside the base one the famous general soldier class commanding officer, several ten non-commissioned officer soldiers of government of captive.

According to the report way, government battleplane in Yemen attackstoned tribe to fight a personnel in some locations and tried to beat off their aggressions.

《Post in Yemen 》of editor the Er Ma Si’s Mali mean, LED interior lighting the tribe fights personnel’s decision to overthrow Sa benefit He.He says:”This activity is the president’s a heavy stroke to the Sa benefit He, because that base is a location, the tribe is armed to kill a commanding officer and join the army and capture 10 tanks and big gun in the square hand, this delivers a very strong information, that is the tribe that owns these weapon materials very fierce, and prepare to carry on combat with the Sa benefit He political power.”

On September 26, whole country in Yemen opposes Sa benefit the He and celebration overthrows large numbers of people of the last Yemen hereditary ruler Ba Da Er’s 1962 revolution 49 anniversaries to all go into the street.Beijing Acer Clear Thousands anti- protester of the government chants slogans in the Yi cloth provincial capital in the province and requests to judge Sa benefit He.

Several thousand demonstrators hold a meeting in organization in the southern city on that day and criticize Sa benefit He before this a day, whole country talks lieutenant general, the demonstrator is called “terrorist and criminal” and requests the Sa benefit the He to immediately resign;But in capital city San`a, large numbers of demonstrators parade in the city and halloo the slogan of “have to be peaceful, don’t war”.

Benefit in the capital city in Saudi Arabia is graceful to cure Yemen president of more than 3 months Sa benefit the He return to capital city San`a, Yemen on the morning of September 23 local time.On September 25, the Sa benefit He on TV appears to erupt watch to talk for the very first time.He immediately resigns without mentioning in the middle of talking, but the commitment will pass to hold an election to carry out a peaceful handover power in advance.But there is an analysis thinking, the Sa benefit He returns to country of the news may cause a new of the protest demonstrate an activity.Situation in Yemen doesn’t expel the possibility of further depravation.Intelligent television carnival This text is related to recommend for 1997 the middle of the years, the latest situation latest news in country armed clash Yemen supports card firm thin tribe 5 Egyptian soldiers drive with…

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