Houses of Parliament

American F.B.I. especially the work asks for help of “go fishing to enforce the law” means to arrest an university graduate student on the 28th and accuses him of two in the last yearses to continuously provide to support to”base” organization and attempt to ask for help of long range remote control the aircraft assault Pentagon and Houses of Parliament.performance is difficult

Enter FBI acts from inside of set son

Thunder 10000 · fee way Si is 26 years old, the house lives distance Ma Sa Zhu fill the state Boston City not far of Shi orchid, graduate from American northeast university physics to fasten.The F.B.I. is located on the branch of Boston to start “stare at up” fee way Si from 2010 the beginning of the years and send the work incarnation”base” epigone and fee way Si contact is especially.The fee way Si once provided to total toward the mole 8 can be used for set off a simple explosion to equip of refit a cellular phone, thinking can”base” of the in aid of Middle East region member.

The material that the F.B.I. Plank type heat’s exchangingprovides toward the court shows:”In June, 2011, act from inside work to tell the fee way the Si especially, he provides of refit a cellular phone to kill 3 American soldiers in the Iraqi battlefield, to harming 4-5 people.Fee way Si at that time of reaction BE’this was exactly that I wanted of’.”

Face 3 accusations with punish severely

The fee way Si encounters a custody at present, can not apply for bail and settles in October 3 sunrise courts.The fee way Si faces 3 accusations:Be suspected of supporting a foreign terrorist, can get Xing at most 15 yearbooks forbid;The scheme destroys national defense place, can get Xing at most 20 yearbooks forbid;Attempt to break, damage the building that is owned by the American government, can get Xing at most 20 yearbooks forbid.

National territory safe committee chairman of congress Lower House, Republican party councilman Peter ·gold says, fee way Si catches to remind people, though”9 · 11″ is terrible to assault for the past 10 years, The plank designs“base” member and its epigone”Be still concentrate on assaulting American mainland”.

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