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LED illuminates the business

Monday, September 5th, 2011

How to prove that China LED illuminates the business big power chip rise
Only LED China big power chip the business enterprise is real to do strong, then can arouse the real rise that China LED illuminates.”25″ will be our country semi-conductor illuminate the key period of technique innovation and industry development,LED Spot Lights carry out further particularly in the deeply representative core district in”chip” independence innovation, first step set up several race brands that the furnitures have an international competition ability will become the industry of China LED to do to greatly do strong, reply in the future a vigorous international competition necessarily from of road, also become the most urgent histories missions of chip business enterprise of current China LEDs.Do world-class”Xin” in China,led lighting automotive this to majority of business enterprises probably still a great dream.

Currently, China LED the industry development is quick, but core technique and funds threshold double high upper stream chip realm but is still the whole industry of check and supervision develops of soft rib, “80% local high level chips depend on import” is also the bottleneck that the industry development needs  breakthrough  urgently.The crest that illuminates this pyramid at big power Gao Liang Du layer, the local market stimulates only to have several business enterprises with empty etc. of the Wuhan Di source, Cree the United States and Taiwan crystal dollarLED Flood Lights.

The upper stream chip realm most has in the industry chain the words power is to have a large amount of part of profits most , if in the future China always LED of the imperfection high level chip, even if the government is on the model engineering again throw in the funds and energy of decuple a hundredfold, is also a benefit outside the country tycoon more in China obtain exceed profits, in the meantime, according to the regulation of high-tech industry, the whole standard of industry also all can practice according to the foreign standard, but if organize national strength Di source optoelectronics already beginning have international standard level of the great power technique carries on a point to support and temper further, real creates it capture the industry system a little bit high vanguard strength, so, it sets off of productivity”the pit changes” will have the blockader to hope to thoroughly break through a foreign business enterprise in the upper stream, but the development of the upper stream big power business enterprise strong, will even make the industry”completely all live”, arouse the whole development of industry to even by the root rewrite China LED industry structure and form.

HVLED actually packs the COB of traditional DCLED the structure directly carry out in the chip class and reduced an application to carry to pack solid crystal, the key match etc.LED Ceiling Lights complicated homework procedure and directly bring an application to carry lowering of creation cost.With the traditional DCLED comparison, HVLED can directly apply the lighting market that drives at the direct current high pressure and simplified the design of driving the electric circuit and reduced the usage of dollar spare part and drove electric circuit power to exhaust much lower, the spare part credibility is higher, structure also will smaller scaled turn, applying the cost is more significant to lower;Again because it belongs to the power chip that the small electric current drives and be easy to with red light LED chip’s integrating is applied to warm white light, the conversion efficiency of the this kind structure more traditional DCLED directly stirs up fluorescence powder Gao,Keystone Jack Manufacturer thus narrowed LED Be applied to warm white light with cold white light the margin of the radiation.As a result, HVLED will become an important direction that LED in future illuminates a development and have extensive of applied foreground.

Illuminates today that the ages gradually has already arrived in LED, big power for prop up ultimate end”illuminate world” to have more important strategic meaning, undoubtedly have become Chinese army corps to lend machine military advance”hard truth” of the international lighting market.

Nine greatly thin

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Nine greatly thin waists extremely recruit “Xian” to put out a water pail waist
What about a piece of secret concern that the water pail fatty waist has been being you?Need not fear, as long as there is a heart canning definitely lose down.The underneath small plait introduces some effective slender waists to reduce weight a son method to you, FM radio functionas long as you act accordingly, the ability easily can lose 12 catties and make a show of a fine shape and at once try!

1.Want to drink enough to definitely measure water.

Drink water to not only make us beautiful with the hairdressing, but also measure to lately become a metabolism inside the drinking in aid of body, in brief say, consume calories have to water take part in.I embrace a 1.5 L every day from 21 number beginnings bucket water drink and drink 3 bottles every day most and also need to add just the right amount of lotus leaf tea nourishment protein milk shake, will drink 10 catties of water for a day and at most drink 12 catties.The time just didn’t start a habit, will run a toilet every several minutes, but now habit behind all the half an hour is once.

So say, a lot of JMs just lost a lot while starting reducing weight, but that reduced water more, but I had no this aspect to have scruples about, because I drink 10 catties of water every day, how can subtract water?And everyday I before going to bed late still need to drink much water, just ignoring the second day eyes is swollen not swollen, Hey!

2.Must have a meal to have a meal as usual for a day.

Just started reducing weight, don’t reduce weight coach, so oneselfs all blindly reduced.With edible meal, can lose 1:00.In fact so result, hungry get dizzy after have a super meal, all of all effort achievement to the utmost leave.

Had better eat a normal meal every noon, unlimited make amount of green vegetables, the rice controls 1 bowl in.Eat green vegetables, bean curd, sea tangle and white to cook a chicken, steam fish…etc. by quantity.But don’t eat an egg, potato, stay stomach over a long period of time because of these two kinds in, very difficult digest.

3.Have to have the norm work and rest the regulation.

Every day fix chow time sleeping time.For example say that you originally have a meal at 12:00 at noon, have a meal at 11:30 in advance, go to bed time also all night in advance say so 12:00 ago, work and rest every day chow time regulation after, the help reduces weight successful half above.

4.Do small action more.

Reduce weight more than a months, I don’t have the quantity ground to exercise, have never carried on for 10 minutes with exercise.But my attention adds small amount of action.The unit is nearer every day on foot class, LED to illuminatethe hand necessarily lifts thing to wrap a bottle of 2 L water, don’t despise to lift thing, this consumes calories.Lazy before, connect go to where all drove, basic don’t walk now crowded bus class, walk to stand time to all want to absorb tightly small belly.

Don’t despise this, I reduce weight a first thin place for the belly waist, before belly waist all meat, three turns of belly were really too afraid.The Zhui meat is basic to have no now and just still have a little, waist line also very, this I small action relevant.I everyday late do a few Fus and lie and support, that very not norm, also had to once learn to fight shot and hold before, was free and then opened music dancing to twist in disorder, watch television also stand, particularly at noon finish having a meal must stand for an around hour I just sit and otherwise kill me not to sit.

5.Don’t eating a noodles food, egging yolk, potato, taro and frying in oil is various.

These not only some calorieses, some not easy digest, so don’t eat, I don’t touch at all.The noon human body lately becomes a metabolism at the soonest every day time, so 11:30 ago rice rice eat up.The night does try more gruel to add green vegetables before 6:00, the horse doesn’t eat the grass in night not fatty, so finish eating the last meal, what can not eat again, which fear a small words plum.

6.Also wanted a three point to before have a meal at the latest at noon.

I well enjoy at noon that every day precious one meal.I anxiously wait noon every day, the colleagues all smile me, I seriously say, that super and precious one meal, certainly need to eat satisfied.We the general unit dining room have a meal, I order 4 green vegetableses, lesser half bowl rice, none of meat eats, because the pork calories can not eat not to eat very.Eating every noon is satisfied, all not hungry in the afternoon, the JMs enjoy noon, that meal well, but as far as possible 11:40 ago finish eating.

7.Having a meal should not lead quickly.

To well chew food eat rich food with the magnesium and calcium more, because the magnesium calcium has already helped to resist strain,technique supportand is beneficial to digest, can prevent°from an adiposity storage, reduce the opportunity that the belly swells up.

8.Just the right amount eat to order sour milk.

Can activate to digest Mao, improve a bowel way microorganism system, control belly to swell up thus.Eat some fresh vegetable, bean product and egg white a type of foods more, also be advantageous to reducing weight.

9.The supper has to be little.

There are many female breakfasts coping with, the lunch begs satisfied, arrived to usually take a meal in the evening flourishing.Certanly will make food unbalanced thus, in addition and up the activity is little in the evening, can make the fat stored, the belly gradually presents.In fact, for weight paranormal person come to say, a day of food comparison should carry on adjustment.In the evening, can eat some fruits before having a meal, drink glass water, dilute a stomach liquid first once, occupy parts of capacity in the stomach in the meantime, will ease to bring because of the control food total amount of unwell.