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Duo loves can

Monday, October 31st, 2011

The horizontal knife Duo loves can?

To Wu Capricorn, horizontal knife Duo love be much more than should not as it should be problem, be worth an unworthy problem more.

I want to remind Capricorn of you , while being the threeth one ,condition is extoled more carefully evaluate, exactly your aring worth isn’t worth getting involved the other people’s feelings?Because, the future problem still includes a lot of variables of indeterminations, but at this an in three Cape exerciseses, you the test for facing but is have no can avoid, very certain.

You want to think it over first, your emotions aren’t blessed, even will enjoy pressure.Calculate you have the heavy burden that the self-confidence starts to carry on the shoulder “the threeth one “, you also want to want he can carry on the back to”shift the love to another person” of blame.Will make so you while associating and in the future getting along with, sink into isolated circumstances, he can face pressure together with you and once walked the road of this hardship?

Furthermore, you certanly will sink into a “comparison” of feeling knot in.When he leaves an original another half, the bosom throwing in you embraces, you certainly want in his heart good than the original lover.appliance spreadsNot only good now, and will also be good friends with in the future, otherwise be not let  his down too much with patience and choose?

I once saw some spirits that Capricorn developed to chisel incessantly as well and not only found out own happiness, but also eventually the Wu acquire everyone’s wishes.

But, this process is very arduous test.That kind of is arguing, noise, even the Wu commits suicide of get in the price of the result isn’t what everybody cans make.

“Limits of the earth where have no Fang grass”, unless you have already out and out affirmed you, each other is the unique of this present life, more high levelotherwise the horizontal knife Duo love perhaps rather another strive for a development to get really some.

bottom sprungs

Friday, October 28th, 2011

The gold price bottom sprungs a target after exploring 1700 front lines 1750 and 1800
The gold price bottom sprungs after exploring 1700 front lines, target 1750 and 1800, stock on hand gold the dish is whole small sun line, above the resistance Be located on 1754.80, prop up under at 1712.Stock on hand gold on Thursday(October 27) accepts to take top and bottom the medium sun line of the shadow line, above tallest rise to 1749.70,Pearl Jewelry under lowest Be located on 1705.64.

Sees on the appearance, the stock on hand gold makes stronger 1700 above battlefield, and rise toward 1750 levels.See currently, stock on hand gold continuous 5 trades a day to accept sun, after breaking 1694 key resistances, also accept sun continuously for 3 bargain days.We have already pointed out in the preceding paragraphs, “as long as the gold price can stand firm 1700 above, empress the city target will point to respectively 1750 and 1800.”The stock on hand gold returns to adjust to 1705 levels in the dish on Thursday and guard steady succeed to continuously pull to rise.Day inside pay attention to performance in 1750 neighborhoods, if effectively break have already hoped further attraction to buy manufacturers

Stir-fry how the gold make money the expert free instruction bank gold silver TD account-open guidebook bank gold silver to imitate bargain software to gather the gold number table’s top condition of the market offer tool technique the index sign up see, MACD and random index sign anticipate a rising;In cloth passage wood, the stock on hand gold breaks the last track resistance;The medium short-term average line anticipates a rising.

On Friday(October 28) second city early dish,attraction landscape product stock on hand gold the dish is whole small sun line, above the resistance Be located on 1754.80, prop up under at 1712.

Suggests on the operation that short line’s meeting low buying is a lord.

meant recently

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Premier Wen Jia Bao meant recently that hold very macroscopic strength for economic policy, rhythm and point, Be appropriately carry on preparing to adjust in good time tiny adjust.The Chinese stock certificate report thinks that the preparing of macroscopic economic policy adjusts tiny adjust have already continuously launched, more policy measure or gradually time set.

About a periods, around the small and medium enterprises,Wireless is food Taiwan newly arisen realms, such as industry, place margin terrace and consumption…etc. launch of the currency and public finance policy etc. are tiny to adjust measure continuously set.For example, the revenue from tax that pushes forward the resources tax reform,’s pedestal to the small tiny business enterprise reduce to don’t need the etc.’s support policy, explicit railroad debt as”the government support bond” and allow local government to deliver a debt and allow a margin terrace’s loan by oneself through the approval defer once, three Wei dint urge “25” period extension consumption, develop to deepen the added value tax system reform experimental unit etc..

These measure on the other hand the aim expect before avoiding of macroscopic policy of retrenchment and the outer circle environment that indetermination increase fold to add an effect creation of super adjust risk, also adjust for the future economic structure on the other hand steady push forward to create a beneficial condition.Can say, these adjust measure to present structure to turn adjustment, various policy meanses to combine, the public finance policy hair dint, monetary policy definite direction loosen characteristics, strength and frequency for etc. for in recent years seldom seen.

The Chinese stock certificate report thinks that next move, other”tiny adjust” of macroscopic economic policy raises Cuo probably gradually the time releases.

“Prepare to adjust tiny adjust” sent out monetary policy to appropriately change to move of signal.Under the complicated and domestic and international economic environment, it is large-scale to relax money supply and interest rates cut, overall under don’t greatly adjust the possibility of depositing the reserve rate, but believe a loan loose move may become monetary policy tiny adjust of raise one of the Cuos.Whole up, if the four seasons degree letter loan the policy have to loosen to move, the adding of whole yearseses believe a loan to break 7 dollars.

Concrete but speech,each step vicissitud one is pay attention to medium long term loan increase.Currently bank to business enterprise loan still with short date mobility loan is lord.Add business enterprise call loan September, the scale is 229,900,000,000 dollars and compare 158,800,000,000 dollars in August obvious ascension, express the difficulty that the business enterprise short-term funds flows to face is bigger.In the business enterprise long-term the loan continue to atrophy to 74,700,000,000 dollars, the wreath ratio reduces to be close to 40,000,000,000 dollars, is lowest level inside the year.If medium long term the loan continue to descend, necessarily will increase to soon produce influence to the investment.But letter the loan policy want to combine with industry policy betterly, and push economic structure adjustment, enlarge to newly arisen industry, related consumption profession over a long period of time loan’s supporting should should have in of righteousness.

Two is pay attention to small and medium enterprises loan.Aim at small and medium enterprises margin difficult problem, the set helps the small and medium enterprises to lend money the related policy of margin.If there is necessity, probably the difference turn next adjust a rate in the small bank deposit reserve.

In addition, Financing Bills interest rate is next to show that the central bank is on the open market of tiny adjust have been already launched,hiding insid in the future open market operation is also the monetary policy carry on tiny adjust of main battlefield.

mergency mask DIY

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Dispel the emergency mask DIY1, green lentil powder of pox emergency mask:Take green lentil powder 1 pack.Before spreading a face first Tu Xie disguise water, spread paper towel again face up, dig on first essentials of paper towel some can breathe of small hole hole,brush machine recoat green lentil powder, come down on toring after using.Remarkable of wanting and choosing to grind meticulous green lentil powder grain, weak skin just can’t because grain the son is too thick but result in injury.That emergency mask is pure hot disinfect, cure pimple.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY2, aloe youth of pox emergency mask:Go to a fresh aloe skin, slice a bit of pulp, stick on the pimple with the well ventilated plastic cloth again, every a day can immediately eliminate inflammation go to swollen.Effect:Not only there is very great improvement function to the pimple, even Be spread to whole faceses, also contribute to a skin clean and bright.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY3, honey tomato of pox emergency mask:Press the tomato lousy first to take juice, join just the right amount of honey and few face powder adjusts cream-like in shape, keeps at the face for 20-30 minutes and has to make the skin moistenned, white delicate, soft of function, the usage still has to dispel a spot over a long period of time in addition to wrinkly and treatment skin Cuo Chuang etc. function.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY4, banana emergency mask of pox:Familiar banana half, pound into pulp mire-like in shape, add just the right amount of milk, adjust paste-like in shape, spread on the face,Display belongs keep to wash with the clear water clearly after 15-20 minutes.This method can make skin refreshing to slip smooth, remove the face department Cuo Chuang and freckle.

Dispel emergency mask DIY5, enzyme emergency mask of pox:Take wheat powder, lemon juice is few and spread on the noodles after mixing.After spreading noodles, be stained with cold water clearance emergency mask with the disguise cotton.Using is soft of dry towel, suck dry the humidity of noodles.Clap to up eliminate inflammation disguise water.The words with there is demand, recoat dark noodles used in Chuang frost.Does 1-2 times in a week.

Effect:Enzyme has to resolve a material function, past can get rid of the dirty mark of skin, promote skin new-born, suitable the nursing dark Chuang skin.

The emergency mask DIY6, tomato that dispels a pox spreads noodles:Take tomato and lemon, a fresh tomato slice, spread be growing the place of dark Chuang for 5 minutes, then use to once steep a lemon of water to wash 臉 , have been already disinfected and refrain from rash action a function.Effect:The tomato vegetable containing in the tomato can repress some germs to living 長 , can prevent°from and cure dark Chuang.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY7, radish emergency mask of pox:Connecting skin to broke off to mire after washing fresh radish clearly is juice-like in shape, then in sooner or later Jie noodles after spreading is suffering from an outside and wash by clear water after 15 minutes.Effect:The radish contains to counteract poison composition, effect have already eliminated inflammation to disinfect, can even resolve the fat of hoard, have already helped to cure dark Chuang.

The emergency mask DIY8, beer that dispels a pox spreads a noodles method:Freeze beer first.The beer that will keep behind in deep freeze pours on the disguise cotton, until soaks through.After the Jie noodles, spread disguise cotton in the forehead, nose, noodles and chin.Treat after 20 minutes, clean pure noodles with jelly water.Effect:Can prevent°from dark Chuang with the constringency pore.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY9, rose emergency mask of pox:Stir rose flower petal and half cucumber paste-like in shape, mix 3 pearl powders again, spread on the noodles.Wash after 20 minutes.Suit the oil of having the dark Chuang skin, can eliminate inflammation, go to oil.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY10, apple emergency mask of pox:Go to an apple after the skin the Dao become mire, then is at the face department.Stem, allergic sex skin can add just the right amount fresh cow or plant oil;Oil the skin is proper to add some eggs pure.After 15~20 minutes with the hot towel clean.On alternate days once, one treats the distance as 20 days.Canning make skin thin is slippery, moisten, the white is delicate, can also get rid of the skin symptoms, such as dark Chuang,Display classification freckle and black spot…etc..

Dispel the emergency mask DIY11, fresh vegetable emergency mask of pox:Pound into pulp fresh vegetable leaf, fill with a little amount water, cook for 5 minutes.The leaf gets and wraps into gauze.Take advantage o heat to spread the face leaves of soup juice can be used to wipe face.Can cure skin incitement, the sunlight burn, pimple and hair thin blood vessel to extend etc. symptom.

I cultivate of love

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Who harvest I cultivate of love
Few years of love throws to the winds.The origin good luck puts out, I say with smile to part forever.The predestination of world of mortals customs, entangled love, this a life time, we also canned be so.

Get it I get my life luckily and not.This is Xu Zhi Mo’s sentence, you definitely remember.

Lie on the bed of I suddenly open eyes and in an absent sort of way look at a ceiling, is an one blank in head.

Sends out the You blue light on the cellular phone screen, shown time is 2:00 A.M., two hours ago I spent own of the 19-year-old birthday was really time and tide waits for no man.My light tone wry smile, turns an eye so for several years past.

The friends helps at the time that me celebrated the birthday I expressed very cheerless, have no with boundless joy or exultant jump like sparrows of type the facial expression that should have.They also become accustomed to me this stubborn appearance, still full of beans K song.Small treasure the scream, the Zu jade, come over in the crowd and sing a song earthquake shakes these guys, let them know what call sounds of nature.

I smile to shake head toward her, sorry, small treasure, I have no mood.

I don’t know that I when and where became such an enjoying leisure but silent person.There are many language sentences piling up my in the mind, but don’t know how express, they accumulate over a long period, letting me sinking into will soon suffocate of in fear.I can not find the person that can get off the heart, also believing devoutly no one would like to sincerely accept me the language of those gradually withered embarrasseds.

But, I how appreciate a small treasure, my dear small treasure.

She knows that I all disagree to anyones and only start to talk about the time of that person I am gentle and soft.The soul moment becomes supple, soft.I am really to love him, the owners all know, he is my first, the first person who so likes.The Ci is far.

The small treasure says that Zu jade, whether you much could not let go or not.He exactly is not at you was nearby.You have to learn to accept new feelings, new crowd, new of life.

The small treasure of beauty, campus inside most eye-catcher beautiful girl.She has already kept straight wine red to grow a hair eyelid to up overaly the youth bright color.Her powder vulture jade Zhuo, the smartness is moving.At school begins on the first day, she embraces in the apartment I call, Zu jade, too like, our university again together, we hereafter during a lifetime all can together.

Yes, much good.We are 6 years old to acquaint with and in the center once walked together scallion time.At I at the age of 19  she still accompanied at my nearby.Didn’t than this more Mian far feelings.

Just, on the party for clamoring without a person, the leave me farthest but I concern about most of person.I think of him, the small treasure also knows.Take advantage o as everyone is eating cake she comes over to embrace me, the Zu jade was all dult, don’t be not happy for unworthy person.

My smiling don’t talk, I can say what, I can also draw up how of lend to evasive answers her.Whatever I say, she knows true or false and there is such a bosom friend, I as well feel to have peace of mind.

She gathers together in my ear and talks quietly, did you see the boy who wears red clothes?He is Sun Ge Rui.The friend brings of, my one eye has a liking for.

I comply with the surrounding to hope in the past, he at the right moment also saw toward us, four eyes mutually saw, his smile.I lazily clap the face of small treasure, like up, just don’t be similar to past, hurt the other people’s number of times much to want to encounter retribution.

She is an outstanding magic power girl and lead in ten thousand flower bushes, the slice leaf doesn’t is stained with a body.But she seriously looking at me, glorious Fan, different this time, you believe me.

My along while returns however absolute being, very long.I nod, okay, want ~only you good good, another of no account.


Get up from the bed, see a small treasure to the next door, she is sleeping soundly.

I sit to the front of the computer and delivered a burst of foolish.Then the habitual ground open mailbox.The Ci far mail already in quiet foolish over there a day.He still keeps calling my jade son.

Jade son, I is on the whole well jet lag hair mail give you, happy birthday.Execuse me, so nice day, I have no at you nearby.

Jade son, I live of small city ASKER is very beautiful, you know Yao, the sunlight is bright and beautiful here, also is big slice of big slice of of green lawn, everywhere see riotous fresh flowers.Worry beauty, dancing-lady orchid, hyacinth, three color Jins, fleur-de-lis.The herding herds she likes three color Jins, and you?

Take good care of oneself, help me the very small treasure to say hello.

He still the hair come to 1 he and herd herding of photograph, he embraces her in the sun the Zhan open familiar smiling face.Wears a brilliant bradawl to quit on the finger that she is gripped by him.But it is again small and also enough stimulate I am tears cover the face.

The Ci far says that jade son, this year Christmas, I herds and then betrothes with herding.

I the ground of Zheng Zheng toward that photograph to shed tears and hear oneself being full of old breathing in clear breath.The Ci is far, in fact I originally could fall calm, there is no exultation big sad, don’t fluctuate.Can want ~only you appear and easily disturbed my town to settle.You don’t know that I usually hope I in the mirror to ask, the Ci is far he whether really not here?

Then that emaciated girl in the mirror the meeting Be dropping tears and noding, yes.But the Ci is far, you how to take you of does happiness come to share with me, you are absolutely with intent to.

I stare at their hand and die to generally stare at.The life and death agrees Kuo, and son mutually Yue.Keeping the hand of son is as old as son Jie.These words indeed as expected say them, have nothing to do with me.

My handle knob covers on eyes, tears Gu Gu but.The small treasure doesn’t know to when stand at me after death, the hands round into a circle for agreeing with .Her spirit ground say, hereafter don’t see the thing of these sting eyes, who left to make can not live.Led for a long time, I used thin the tone for settling ask a small treasure, why he wants to tell me these, he knows perfectly wells a way I will be suffered.

She picks eyebrow, because he doesn’t love you.You are sad unmeaningful to him.

BE, the small treasure cans say that again, he doesn’t love me and why the need for want to fear me sad, is so simple, have what not the ability is clear to say, I am withered to puckerily smile and shut eyes to pour to return to bed up, is a limitless hyacinth in dream is fluttering.The Ci is far, I like of the flower is a hyacinth, you forgot.

arouse a function and

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The general situation variety sees a group leader first and leads.These two types ofs have to arouse a function and usually have a banker operation, is the market main funds to operate the representative of mindset and have high prospect.Forming the general situation can break through a terrace breakthrough, neck line, the bottom appearance,= K line turn over an appearance etc. method to do judgment, general situation ex- go to need to follow manies of average line systems alignment or ascension passage rule movement.When average line system manies arrange or rises passage rule to circulate in the stock price in occurrence disadvantageous variety, should give enough vigilance, adopting to reduce Cang as should be to the measure.If the K line reversal appearance appears, and form coping appearance, should be regarded as the verification that turns over appearance to the K line, the Ying empty Cang is the only choice.

See K line appearance

The factor of any influence market trend occurrence variety all finally will reflect in the K line and constitute to°from the K line of various appearance up.K line and K line appearance expresses an a certain regulation and indicate stock market after the variety direction of city.Therefore, the exactitude identifies reversal, appearances such as sorting, indentation and trend line etc., to hold general situation to change to a pass in time importance.

The K line usefulness has a comparison

Needing the principle for holding BE, at odd day K line, double day K line, 3 days, the K line is at most a day K line appearance in, the usefulness of directive judgment represented by it is gradually elevated.@This principle is also equally applicable to the K line combination in day and week K line combination and month the K line combine.

The classic appearance deduces classic

K line the appearance is numerous, there are more than one.But classic K line combination appearance, for example head shoulder crest and head shoulder bottom, dual crest and dual bottom, three heavy crest with three heavy bottom, arc crest and arc bottom and ascension with descend triangle and ascension and descend Xie form and ascension and descend an ensign form, not only need investor accurate hold its appearance of characteristic, and still want small and soft catch to touch and tally up it is in the fulfillment the most effective appearance characteristic.Because the classic appearance can not say all certain succeed, but continue to deduce classic of confidence biggest.

See quantity price a relation

The relation of measuring the price is the main technique method that grinds to judge general situation and separate the quantity price together to and the quantity the price deviate from.Measure price together to, namely stock price ascension turnover also ascension, stock price slump turnover also slump, the city continues to anticipate a rising after indicating;Measure price to deviate from, #namely stock price ascension the turnover decline or the stock price decline turnover ascension, after all meaning city may sorrow.

Concrete but speech, need Be paid attention to as follows to measure price to relate to combination and its meaning.Low quantity low price and ground measure land price and express that the bottom may form, whether buying also need to see a basic situation.The quantity increases price to rise, can hold by buying.The quantity increases price even, such as in the high, can sell;Such as in the low, can with the buying.The quantity shrinks price to rise, meaning condition of the market turn over, banker take delivery of goods.The quantity increases price to fall general emergence at decline condition of the market initial stage, sell signal.The sky measures exorbitant price and coping to see a crest towards knocking,@ general situation, the banker takes delivery of goods.

unsteady region

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The Hillary Tu visits “unsteady region” to try hard for to guarantee an American safety
American Secretary of State’s Hillary?Clinton has launched an interview to a few nations in Libya, Oman, Afghanistan, and Pakistan…etc. since the 18th.Analytical the personage think, the situation in Middle East turbulence uneasy of troublous times, the Hillary launches of a few interviews, hope to control a situation development from the biggest limit, get rid of an unsteady factor, keep that region from appearing new of the safety is concealed to suffer from a threat to the United States.

In this route of travel of Hillary, Libya and Afghanistan is the point of interview.Proceed from safety consideration, the interview of Hillary to two countries all didn’t declare in advance, but suddenly visited.When the 18th visits Libya, Hillary and the benefit whole country transition committee chairman Gu benefit the Lei waited important officials to carry on talks and involved in economy, culture and destroy weapon etc. various cooperation item with help item.Another according to medium report way, the Hillary visits another purpose of Libya, is urge Libya to transfer Wei as soon as possible before finding out leader card firm thin,== the Hillary means to worry card firm thinly continue to exist will become a new policy of terror source head, all bring an unsteady factor for Libya, related region and the United States.After the Hillary visits Libya two day, the benefit square spreads news on the 20th, the card is firm thin already when its old Su Er in the house is especially offended to sink get hurt is captured, after because of harm heavy death.

On the night of the 19th, the Hillary take American solider’s airplane to arrive capital city kabul, Afghanistan from Libya and carries on Tu to visit to Afghanistan, the aim is looking for instauration because former president, is also be responsible for and tower benefit class the chief delegate that carry on a negotiation’s pulling Ba Ni is killed but Be sunk to stagnation of Afghanistan peaceably negotiate.There was a news to say, because the American domestic increases day by day to the feeling sick of of Afghanistan war emotion, the United States hopes the political negotiation that Afghanistan government weighs Qi and tower benefit class, the peaceful progress in acceleration Afghanistan, lend this situation in the stability region, create a condition for as soon as possible withdrawing of the American solider.

But on the 20th to Pakistan of the interview then is thought is further push Ba anti-terrorism cooperation and the stroke tower benefit class the one-step chess of the influence.The Hillary means while visiting that her interview to the Pakistan purpose BE”very diligently push” Pakistan and actively participates in maintenance Ba frontier stability, the stroke tower benefit class and base terror group influence of activity in.The Hillary says that Pakistan must be one part of cancellation policy of terror, she sent out a very serious warning to the Pakistan, if occupy in Ba the terrible influence of frontier carry out raid towards halting Afghanistan American solider and Afghanistan once again, Pakistan will pay “high price”.

Analytical personage said, Hillary this time interview was this a few nations, all of its purposes are dint to urge a related nation to make great effort to support situation stability, prevent°from producing new of safe concealed benefits for suffering from challenging an American national security.See currently, Libya and Afghanistan situation all are placed in an intersections and probably become “explosive bucket” at any time.Seeing from Libyan situation, the United States at first worries the card firm thin long-term existence will make the Libyan civil war postponed Mian continuously, but now along with the card firm thin death,== analysis personage again worry tribe numerous, opposition faction inner part’s constituting complicated Libya will become new Somalia, therefore the interview of Hillary can be treated as”defend Be suffered from to not yet”, emphasize the cooperation of of the United States and Libya, hope that the whole Libya transfers committee to carry out a political power transition smoothly and keeps the situation of Libya stable and goes on wheel a reconstruction to keep policy of terror and extreme member from looking for in the middle of disordering to lately stir up soil to the United States and the safe creation threat of its ally.But to the interview of countries, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan…etc., then the dint diagram lend the influence Mi of the United States to match the fracture of anti-terrorism alliance creation and speed up Ba two countries continue to carry out anti-terrorism and peaceably negotiation of double track progress, tower benefit the class bring into peaceful progress, the cancellation terrorist lives on of source head, carry out thus the United States safety keep smoothly handing over of the duty from connecting to expect a horse to withdraw troops an on schedule carrying on of the plan with Ao, in the meantime for the United States both parties will sign strategic colleague’s agreement to pave road surface from now on.

But the public opinion worries, the interview of Hillary can obtain much effect and look still an unknown now.First, the United States gets involved to the Libyan situation limited, in “after card firm thin ages”, the Libyan ruling authorities controls the ability of situation to still need an observation, Libya didn’t completely escape from to sink into confusion danger.Have the analysis the personage to say, not a few Libyan tribes all have own armed and site, if to the benefits allotment of aftertime disaffection, they probably respectively even are endlessly overthrowing the warfare be over that the card ties thin political power subsequence continuous infighting for the government, Libya even probably becomes another Iraq, while this is what the United States would not like to see.And in Afghanistan,== the United States strongly initiates peaceful progress for withdrawing troops on time and also probably acts precipitately and make thus Afghanistan disaffection, also make president Carl tie Yi to lower to the trust degree of the United States.This is more obviously more disadvantageous than the stability of local situation.

blood type asks for

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Man’s favour’s derailing is all disaster that the blood type asks for
To AB type man of irregular, aim at its qualities characteristic, particularly is an AB type to compare for the abhorrence towards divorce, making an appeal to the type behavior of law court,therefore, woman such as take into statement by this kind of gains and losses, can usually make as well of overhanging cliff Lei horse.

A type

If the A type man is irregular, its behavior compares Gui Mi more, as far as possible don’t make the person discover.Such as A type man of irregular is proceed from wanting to set free once living pressure or scheme to get haven’t got inside the family of thing, A type the man’s heart mostly still still exists the worry of fearing the family destruction.But, such as A type of proceeding from is irregular mightiness of get away from present condition wishes, when the irregular behavior belongs to a kind of more cogitative activity so, A type man at irregularly in the meantime may have already done not hesitate the thought preparation that the family breaks already.

For prevent°from a men of irregular, is a woman to come to say, might as well usually persuade by as to it’s the man’s responsibility take into, under the not a few condition, this kind of persuade can have already encouraged man’s family sense of responsibility of function.In the meantime, the woman should also notice in the daily life much to the man and make the home life been full of husband and wife deep feeling with warmth, even if should also disregard to certain mode in the husband and wife’s life to promote living fun between husband and wife.

B type

B type man of much more irregular because of splitting into pieces sexual love and love and opening to treat.When B type the man’s sensual desire to the body has bigger interest, then will a little bit peacefully do one irregular raise.Because B type of irregular have forer the “calm” tendency, past B type the man’s irregular behavior is a little bit easily realized by the others.

Once discovering that a men has is irregular of raise, if woman not consequently intend to break up of words, according to B type the tendency with did one’s owned way, in order to don’t make the family been demolished, the woman not necessarily adopts to this scathing blame means, because B type still have feelings is more more delicate and richer than inclining to of human interest, sometimes woman to man of irregular pretend not to know, still just as since mutually treat to man’s sincerity toward the ground, will also make a men self-conscious ashamed, produce a to sow the cause to cheat a woman but from feeling crime of felling, aware of self ground to repent thus.

O type

The O type man has stronger parent style to incline to and be O type man’s parent’s position can not establish, probably produce irregular behavior, and can cause a homely crisis from here.When O type man of irregular belong to other reason, the will sets out and usually still unlikely wants to make family broken from it.Live such as the husband and wife in addition not enough moderate, or O type man to this dissatisfied foot, the O type man may also appear irregular.According to Japanese survey, O type man of not a few irregular come from this.

Such as O type man of irregular belong to to live to the husband and wife can not satisfy, see from the woman, should as well adopt in the daily life aggressive moderate, match of attitude, with make husband and wife’s life more is harmonious, coordination.

AB type

AB type of irregular, the part includes special fascination to the sexual appetite but is sunk to “play joy parties”, besides which, not a few men of irregular mainly express in carrying on with third party interest playing, but uncertain knish body relation is lord.Even if is regard sexual appetite as principle of”play joy parties”, also usually exist afraid therefore make family collapse of fear tendency.

To AB type man of irregular, aim at its qualities characteristic, particularly is an AB type to compare for the abhorrence towards divorce, making an appeal to the type behavior of law court, therefore, woman such as take into statement by this kind of gains and losses, can usually make as well of overhanging cliff Lei horse

inset a turn of diamond

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Be much more than inset a turn of diamond

For jewelry wrist form, machine Xin craft and jewelry’s inseting is an important equal dual standard, as a result choose jewelry wrist form, commence from some brands that originally have a jewelry origin in no case will be wrong but Piaget, Chopard and VanCleef&;All of Arpels,pearl jewellery Graff and Chaumets is and fix the brand of jewelry and wrist form.

Piagets will release numerous mans annually the jewelry wrist form style, this year of new style of in, male meaning is stronger.”Long Feng’s series” of whole serieseses more than 20 pieces to form, the man that regards totem dragon as the topic jewelry wrist the watch occupied section of country.In spite of take off a foetus the super thin series is from Altiplano, or is a reformation from the Tuo flywheel machine Xin of Emperador series, constantly of is the diamond that Piaget leads to think Hao to inset a craft.In the intensive diamond array, can embody this level most :The surface or form turn that lightly rows to spread full diamond, the touch follows very much slippery, completely can’t produce to make person upset of sharp feeling.Form style detail, appear on the case of watch of activity towards engraving technical skill with the Lou of precious metal to show more entirely totem dragon of ectype, shut to match or open the two-sided elegant appearance that can appreciate “dragon”;Long Wen on the dial surrounds Tuo flywheel in the interval, small Long Xu is also lifelike.

The clothing brand that has long-last history equally can do the best jewelry in wrist form work, for example Chanel.As long as you is beautiful, have it the style, wrist watch too this Chanel again clear however, have been using porcelain and ceramics quality as the wrist form series of sign came out Chanel to only just have in the recent years of step.Stop-watch capacity when the new style of J12 deluxe jewelry accounted the serial number published 12, the 18 K platinum matched black and high-tech fine ceramics and matched Switzerland official observatory attestation to automatically chain to account opportune moment Xin.Turn when black and high-tech fine ceramics dial inset mark for 10 long stairs forms to incise diamond and 2 to inset a long stairs form to incise diamond to account.561 always weigh the long stairs form of reaching to 34 carats to incise women shoesThe Xuan goes into type button and form hat and inset to always weigh the bright type of reaching to 0.25 carats to incise diamond.The form turn of the 41 mms the diameter and the black and white classic color match to glorify a tough man’s boldness of vision.

Chaumet has had been fully being subjected to since 19th century grace, wise and farsighted and with sex of the gentleman support.In the Chaumet new style of male form, Dandy wrist form series is it main dozen style.That series usually releases some capacities styles that have complicated function, such as in fixed time machine and GMT second time zone, jump, deviate the axis second hand designation, rhythm small second hand etc., bring innovation for the wrist form design.New style of Dandy design of the Arty wrist form is a little bit bright case of watch and colorful grain lying in a mat form extend to the magic power of gentleman full dress the dial is from the watch band, deviating a central machine Xin design to make the person can from left to right read, cent, second.Although the whole piece of wrist watch surface doesn’t inset a grain of diamond,the special design intactly reserved the jewelry gene of brand,Patch cord manufacturer and at that time make the person return he/she into the row or column of jewelry wrist form to go.

irreplaceable mushroom

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

4 greatly healthy advantages with irreplaceable mushroom
The many people likes to eat a mushroom, however which advantages do you know to eat a mushroom to have?The mushroom flavor is fresh beautiful, the nourishment is abundant, high egg white, low fat, enrich to contain various nourishment composition that the human body needs, and usually eat a mushroom, can promote a human body as to it’s the absorption of his food nourishment.On top of that,turn phlegm the mushroom contains 5 greatest advantages with irreplaceable other foods.

The mushroom implies nourishment compositions such as the abundant human body essential amino acids, mineral quality, vitamin and much sugar etc..The mushroom is rich to contain 18 kinds of amino acidses, protein the amino acids in some mushrooms constitute a comparison better than beef.The research discovers that the nourishment of mushroom is worth of only next to milk.People generally think that just imply higher animal egg white and plant egg white respectively in meat and bean food, in fact the protein content in the mushroom is also very high.Underneath we see the advantages of mushroom to all have together which!

1, the calories is low

A small pair of mushroom in, contained the essence of great universe, is an in good health food.The nourishment in the mushroom has already helped heart health, and can raise immunity dint.The calories of every meal mushroom probably only 20 greatest cards, the calories comparing to eat the type of the New Year pudding is much less.

2, can act for staple food

If people’s every meal is used 100 grams of staple foods of type that mushrooms replaces fried rice,beneficial still harmful and insisted for a year, calculate the food structure doesn’t do any calories that fluctuation can absorb the 18,000 greatest cards less, equal to two kilogram fats.To know subtract two kilogram weights not difficult, but want to reduce two kilogram fats, probably need you to do in bitterness in the fitness center for a few months.

3, the anti- oxidize

The anti- of mushroom oxidizes ability to match in excellence with some color and lusters fresh gorgeous vegetable, for example west bottle gourd, carrot, cauliflower and red pepper.

4, delicious

The mushroom has in addition to all the sweet and bitter experiences salty outside of the sixth flavor-fresh flavor.familiar can to shockWhen they mix to cook together with another food, the taste is the best, is good”delicious replenishment”.