inset a turn of diamond

Be much more than inset a turn of diamond

For jewelry wrist form, machine Xin craft and jewelry’s inseting is an important equal dual standard, as a result choose jewelry wrist form, commence from some brands that originally have a jewelry origin in no case will be wrong but Piaget, Chopard and VanCleef&;All of Arpels,pearl jewellery Graff and Chaumets is and fix the brand of jewelry and wrist form.

Piagets will release numerous mans annually the jewelry wrist form style, this year of new style of in, male meaning is stronger.”Long Feng’s series” of whole serieseses more than 20 pieces to form, the man that regards totem dragon as the topic jewelry wrist the watch occupied section of country.In spite of take off a foetus the super thin series is from Altiplano, or is a reformation from the Tuo flywheel machine Xin of Emperador series, constantly of is the diamond that Piaget leads to think Hao to inset a craft.In the intensive diamond array, can embody this level most :The surface or form turn that lightly rows to spread full diamond, the touch follows very much slippery, completely can’t produce to make person upset of sharp feeling.Form style detail, appear on the case of watch of activity towards engraving technical skill with the Lou of precious metal to show more entirely totem dragon of ectype, shut to match or open the two-sided elegant appearance that can appreciate “dragon”;Long Wen on the dial surrounds Tuo flywheel in the interval, small Long Xu is also lifelike.

The clothing brand that has long-last history equally can do the best jewelry in wrist form work, for example Chanel.As long as you is beautiful, have it the style, wrist watch too this Chanel again clear however, have been using porcelain and ceramics quality as the wrist form series of sign came out Chanel to only just have in the recent years of step.Stop-watch capacity when the new style of J12 deluxe jewelry accounted the serial number published 12, the 18 K platinum matched black and high-tech fine ceramics and matched Switzerland official observatory attestation to automatically chain to account opportune moment Xin.Turn when black and high-tech fine ceramics dial inset mark for 10 long stairs forms to incise diamond and 2 to inset a long stairs form to incise diamond to account.561 always weigh the long stairs form of reaching to 34 carats to incise women shoesThe Xuan goes into type button and form hat and inset to always weigh the bright type of reaching to 0.25 carats to incise diamond.The form turn of the 41 mms the diameter and the black and white classic color match to glorify a tough man’s boldness of vision.

Chaumet has had been fully being subjected to since 19th century grace, wise and farsighted and with sex of the gentleman support.In the Chaumet new style of male form, Dandy wrist form series is it main dozen style.That series usually releases some capacities styles that have complicated function, such as in fixed time machine and GMT second time zone, jump, deviate the axis second hand designation, rhythm small second hand etc., bring innovation for the wrist form design.New style of Dandy design of the Arty wrist form is a little bit bright case of watch and colorful grain lying in a mat form extend to the magic power of gentleman full dress the dial is from the watch band, deviating a central machine Xin design to make the person can from left to right read, cent, second.Although the whole piece of wrist watch surface doesn’t inset a grain of diamond,the special design intactly reserved the jewelry gene of brand,Patch cord manufacturer and at that time make the person return he/she into the row or column of jewelry wrist form to go.

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