unsteady region

The Hillary Tu visits “unsteady region” to try hard for to guarantee an American safety
American Secretary of State’s Hillary?Clinton has launched an interview to a few nations in Libya, Oman, Afghanistan, and Pakistan…etc. since the 18th.Analytical the personage think, the situation in Middle East turbulence uneasy of troublous times, the Hillary launches of a few interviews, hope to control a situation development from the biggest limit, get rid of an unsteady factor, keep that region from appearing new of the safety is concealed to suffer from a threat to the United States.

In this route of travel of Hillary, Libya and Afghanistan is the point of interview.Proceed from safety consideration, the interview of Hillary to two countries all didn’t declare in advance, but suddenly visited.When the 18th visits Libya, Hillary and the benefit whole country transition committee chairman Gu benefit the Lei waited important officials to carry on talks and involved in economy, culture and destroy weapon etc. various cooperation item with help item.Another according to medium report way, the Hillary visits another purpose of Libya, is urge Libya to transfer Wei as soon as possible before finding out leader card firm thin,== the Hillary means to worry card firm thinly continue to exist will become a new policy of terror source head, all bring an unsteady factor for Libya, related region and the United States.After the Hillary visits Libya two day, the benefit square spreads news on the 20th, the card is firm thin already when its old Su Er in the house is especially offended to sink get hurt is captured, after because of harm heavy death.

On the night of the 19th, the Hillary take American solider’s airplane to arrive capital city kabul, Afghanistan from Libya and carries on Tu to visit to Afghanistan, the aim is looking for instauration because former president, is also be responsible for and tower benefit class the chief delegate that carry on a negotiation’s pulling Ba Ni is killed but Be sunk to stagnation of Afghanistan peaceably negotiate.There was a news to say, because the American domestic increases day by day to the feeling sick of of Afghanistan war emotion, the United States hopes the political negotiation that Afghanistan government weighs Qi and tower benefit class, the peaceful progress in acceleration Afghanistan, lend this situation in the stability region, create a condition for as soon as possible withdrawing of the American solider.

But on the 20th to Pakistan of the interview then is thought is further push Ba anti-terrorism cooperation and the stroke tower benefit class the one-step chess of the influence.The Hillary means while visiting that her interview to the Pakistan purpose BE”very diligently push” Pakistan and actively participates in maintenance Ba frontier stability, the stroke tower benefit class and base terror group influence of activity in.The Hillary says that Pakistan must be one part of cancellation policy of terror, she sent out a very serious warning to the Pakistan, if occupy in Ba the terrible influence of frontier carry out raid towards halting Afghanistan American solider and Afghanistan once again, Pakistan will pay “high price”.

Analytical personage said, Hillary this time interview was this a few nations, all of its purposes are dint to urge a related nation to make great effort to support situation stability, preventĀ°from producing new of safe concealed benefits for suffering from challenging an American national security.See currently, Libya and Afghanistan situation all are placed in an intersections and probably become “explosive bucket” at any time.Seeing from Libyan situation, the United States at first worries the card firm thin long-term existence will make the Libyan civil war postponed Mian continuously, but now along with the card firm thin death,== analysis personage again worry tribe numerous, opposition faction inner part’s constituting complicated Libya will become new Somalia, therefore the interview of Hillary can be treated as”defend Be suffered from to not yet”, emphasize the cooperation of of the United States and Libya, hope that the whole Libya transfers committee to carry out a political power transition smoothly and keeps the situation of Libya stable and goes on wheel a reconstruction to keep policy of terror and extreme member from looking for in the middle of disordering to lately stir up soil to the United States and the safe creation threat of its ally.But to the interview of countries, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan…etc., then the dint diagram lend the influence Mi of the United States to match the fracture of anti-terrorism alliance creation and speed up Ba two countries continue to carry out anti-terrorism and peaceably negotiation of double track progress, tower benefit the class bring into peaceful progress, the cancellation terrorist lives on of source head, carry out thus the United States safety keep smoothly handing over of the duty from connecting to expect a horse to withdraw troops an on schedule carrying on of the plan with Ao, in the meantime for the United States both parties will sign strategic colleague’s agreement to pave road surface from now on.

But the public opinion worries, the interview of Hillary can obtain much effect and look still an unknown now.First, the United States gets involved to the Libyan situation limited, in “after card firm thin ages”, the Libyan ruling authorities controls the ability of situation to still need an observation, Libya didn’t completely escape from to sink into confusion danger.Have the analysis the personage to say, not a few Libyan tribes all have own armed and site, if to the benefits allotment of aftertime disaffection, they probably respectively even are endlessly overthrowing the warfare be over that the card ties thin political power subsequence continuous infighting for the government, Libya even probably becomes another Iraq, while this is what the United States would not like to see.And in Afghanistan,== the United States strongly initiates peaceful progress for withdrawing troops on time and also probably acts precipitately and make thus Afghanistan disaffection, also make president Carl tie Yi to lower to the trust degree of the United States.This is more obviously more disadvantageous than the stability of local situation.

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