arouse a function and

The general situation variety sees a group leader first and leads.These two types ofs have to arouse a function and usually have a banker operation, is the market main funds to operate the representative of mindset and have high prospect.Forming the general situation can break through a terrace breakthrough, neck line, the bottom appearance,= K line turn over an appearance etc. method to do judgment, general situation ex- go to need to follow manies of average line systems alignment or ascension passage rule movement.When average line system manies arrange or rises passage rule to circulate in the stock price in occurrence disadvantageous variety, should give enough vigilance, adopting to reduce Cang as should be to the measure.If the K line reversal appearance appears, and form coping appearance, should be regarded as the verification that turns over appearance to the K line, the Ying empty Cang is the only choice.

See K line appearance

The factor of any influence market trend occurrence variety all finally will reflect in the K line and constitute to┬░from the K line of various appearance up.K line and K line appearance expresses an a certain regulation and indicate stock market after the variety direction of city.Therefore, the exactitude identifies reversal, appearances such as sorting, indentation and trend line etc., to hold general situation to change to a pass in time importance.

The K line usefulness has a comparison

Needing the principle for holding BE, at odd day K line, double day K line, 3 days, the K line is at most a day K line appearance in, the usefulness of directive judgment represented by it is gradually elevated.@This principle is also equally applicable to the K line combination in day and week K line combination and month the K line combine.

The classic appearance deduces classic

K line the appearance is numerous, there are more than one.But classic K line combination appearance, for example head shoulder crest and head shoulder bottom, dual crest and dual bottom, three heavy crest with three heavy bottom, arc crest and arc bottom and ascension with descend triangle and ascension and descend Xie form and ascension and descend an ensign form, not only need investor accurate hold its appearance of characteristic, and still want small and soft catch to touch and tally up it is in the fulfillment the most effective appearance characteristic.Because the classic appearance can not say all certain succeed, but continue to deduce classic of confidence biggest.

See quantity price a relation

The relation of measuring the price is the main technique method that grinds to judge general situation and separate the quantity price together to and the quantity the price deviate from.Measure price together to, namely stock price ascension turnover also ascension, stock price slump turnover also slump, the city continues to anticipate a rising after indicating;Measure price to deviate from, #namely stock price ascension the turnover decline or the stock price decline turnover ascension, after all meaning city may sorrow.

Concrete but speech, need Be paid attention to as follows to measure price to relate to combination and its meaning.Low quantity low price and ground measure land price and express that the bottom may form, whether buying also need to see a basic situation.The quantity increases price to rise, can hold by buying.The quantity increases price even, such as in the high, can sell;Such as in the low, can with the buying.The quantity shrinks price to rise, meaning condition of the market turn over, banker take delivery of goods.The quantity increases price to fall general emergence at decline condition of the market initial stage, sell signal.The sky measures exorbitant price and coping to see a crest towards knocking,@ general situation, the banker takes delivery of goods.

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