I cultivate of love

Who harvest I cultivate of love
Few years of love throws to the winds.The origin good luck puts out, I say with smile to part forever.The predestination of world of mortals customs, entangled love, this a life time, we also canned be so.

Get it I get my life luckily and not.This is Xu Zhi Mo’s sentence, you definitely remember.

Lie on the bed of I suddenly open eyes and in an absent sort of way look at a ceiling, is an one blank in head.

Sends out the You blue light on the cellular phone screen, shown time is 2:00 A.M., two hours ago I spent own of the 19-year-old birthday was really time and tide waits for no man.My light tone wry smile, turns an eye so for several years past.

The friends helps at the time that me celebrated the birthday I expressed very cheerless, have no with boundless joy or exultant jump like sparrows of type the facial expression that should have.They also become accustomed to me this stubborn appearance, still full of beans K song.Small treasure the scream, the Zu jade, come over in the crowd and sing a song earthquake shakes these guys, let them know what call sounds of nature.

I smile to shake head toward her, sorry, small treasure, I have no mood.

I don’t know that I when and where became such an enjoying leisure but silent person.There are many language sentences piling up my in the mind, but don’t know how express, they accumulate over a long period, letting me sinking into will soon suffocate of in fear.I can not find the person that can get off the heart, also believing devoutly no one would like to sincerely accept me the language of those gradually withered embarrasseds.

But, I how appreciate a small treasure, my dear small treasure.

She knows that I all disagree to anyones and only start to talk about the time of that person I am gentle and soft.The soul moment becomes supple, soft.I am really to love him, the owners all know, he is my first, the first person who so likes.The Ci is far.

The small treasure says that Zu jade, whether you much could not let go or not.He exactly is not at you was nearby.You have to learn to accept new feelings, new crowd, new of life.

The small treasure of beauty, campus inside most eye-catcher beautiful girl.She has already kept straight wine red to grow a hair eyelid to up overaly the youth bright color.Her powder vulture jade Zhuo, the smartness is moving.At school begins on the first day, she embraces in the apartment I call, Zu jade, too like, our university again together, we hereafter during a lifetime all can together.

Yes, much good.We are 6 years old to acquaint with and in the center once walked together scallion time.At I at the age of 19  she still accompanied at my nearby.Didn’t than this more Mian far feelings.

Just, on the party for clamoring without a person, the leave me farthest but I concern about most of person.I think of him, the small treasure also knows.Take advantage o as everyone is eating cake she comes over to embrace me, the Zu jade was all dult, don’t be not happy for unworthy person.

My smiling don’t talk, I can say what, I can also draw up how of lend to evasive answers her.Whatever I say, she knows true or false and there is such a bosom friend, I as well feel to have peace of mind.

She gathers together in my ear and talks quietly, did you see the boy who wears red clothes?He is Sun Ge Rui.The friend brings of, my one eye has a liking for.

I comply with the surrounding to hope in the past, he at the right moment also saw toward us, four eyes mutually saw, his smile.I lazily clap the face of small treasure, like up, just don’t be similar to past, hurt the other people’s number of times much to want to encounter retribution.

She is an outstanding magic power girl and lead in ten thousand flower bushes, the slice leaf doesn’t is stained with a body.But she seriously looking at me, glorious Fan, different this time, you believe me.

My along while returns however absolute being, very long.I nod, okay, want ~only you good good, another of no account.


Get up from the bed, see a small treasure to the next door, she is sleeping soundly.

I sit to the front of the computer and delivered a burst of foolish.Then the habitual ground open mailbox.The Ci far mail already in quiet foolish over there a day.He still keeps calling my jade son.

Jade son, I is on the whole well jet lag hair mail give you, happy birthday.Execuse me, so nice day, I have no at you nearby.

Jade son, I live of small city ASKER is very beautiful, you know Yao, the sunlight is bright and beautiful here, also is big slice of big slice of of green lawn, everywhere see riotous fresh flowers.Worry beauty, dancing-lady orchid, hyacinth, three color Jins, fleur-de-lis.The herding herds she likes three color Jins, and you?

Take good care of oneself, help me the very small treasure to say hello.

He still the hair come to 1 he and herd herding of photograph, he embraces her in the sun the Zhan open familiar smiling face.Wears a brilliant bradawl to quit on the finger that she is gripped by him.But it is again small and also enough stimulate I am tears cover the face.

The Ci far says that jade son, this year Christmas, I herds and then betrothes with herding.

I the ground of Zheng Zheng toward that photograph to shed tears and hear oneself being full of old breathing in clear breath.The Ci is far, in fact I originally could fall calm, there is no exultation big sad, don’t fluctuate.Can want ~only you appear and easily disturbed my town to settle.You don’t know that I usually hope I in the mirror to ask, the Ci is far he whether really not here?

Then that emaciated girl in the mirror the meeting Be dropping tears and noding, yes.But the Ci is far, you how to take you of does happiness come to share with me, you are absolutely with intent to.

I stare at their hand and die to generally stare at.The life and death agrees Kuo, and son mutually Yue.Keeping the hand of son is as old as son Jie.These words indeed as expected say them, have nothing to do with me.

My handle knob covers on eyes, tears Gu Gu but.The small treasure doesn’t know to when stand at me after death, the hands round into a circle for agreeing with .Her spirit ground say, hereafter don’t see the thing of these sting eyes, who left to make can not live.Led for a long time, I used thin the tone for settling ask a small treasure, why he wants to tell me these, he knows perfectly wells a way I will be suffered.

She picks eyebrow, because he doesn’t love you.You are sad unmeaningful to him.

BE, the small treasure cans say that again, he doesn’t love me and why the need for want to fear me sad, is so simple, have what not the ability is clear to say, I am withered to puckerily smile and shut eyes to pour to return to bed up, is a limitless hyacinth in dream is fluttering.The Ci is far, I like of the flower is a hyacinth, you forgot.

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