mergency mask DIY

Dispel the emergency mask DIY1, green lentil powder of pox emergency mask:Take green lentil powder 1 pack.Before spreading a face first Tu Xie disguise water, spread paper towel again face up, dig on first essentials of paper towel some can breathe of small hole hole,brush machine recoat green lentil powder, come down on toring after using.Remarkable of wanting and choosing to grind meticulous green lentil powder grain, weak skin just can’t because grain the son is too thick but result in injury.That emergency mask is pure hot disinfect, cure pimple.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY2, aloe youth of pox emergency mask:Go to a fresh aloe skin, slice a bit of pulp, stick on the pimple with the well ventilated plastic cloth again, every a day can immediately eliminate inflammation go to swollen.Effect:Not only there is very great improvement function to the pimple, even Be spread to whole faceses, also contribute to a skin clean and bright.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY3, honey tomato of pox emergency mask:Press the tomato lousy first to take juice, join just the right amount of honey and few face powder adjusts cream-like in shape, keeps at the face for 20-30 minutes and has to make the skin moistenned, white delicate, soft of function, the usage still has to dispel a spot over a long period of time in addition to wrinkly and treatment skin Cuo Chuang etc. function.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY4, banana emergency mask of pox:Familiar banana half, pound into pulp mire-like in shape, add just the right amount of milk, adjust paste-like in shape, spread on the face,Display belongs keep to wash with the clear water clearly after 15-20 minutes.This method can make skin refreshing to slip smooth, remove the face department Cuo Chuang and freckle.

Dispel emergency mask DIY5, enzyme emergency mask of pox:Take wheat powder, lemon juice is few and spread on the noodles after mixing.After spreading noodles, be stained with cold water clearance emergency mask with the disguise cotton.Using is soft of dry towel, suck dry the humidity of noodles.Clap to up eliminate inflammation disguise water.The words with there is demand, recoat dark noodles used in Chuang frost.Does 1-2 times in a week.

Effect:Enzyme has to resolve a material function, past can get rid of the dirty mark of skin, promote skin new-born, suitable the nursing dark Chuang skin.

The emergency mask DIY6, tomato that dispels a pox spreads noodles:Take tomato and lemon, a fresh tomato slice, spread be growing the place of dark Chuang for 5 minutes, then use to once steep a lemon of water to wash 臉 , have been already disinfected and refrain from rash action a function.Effect:The tomato vegetable containing in the tomato can repress some germs to living 長 , can prevent°from and cure dark Chuang.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY7, radish emergency mask of pox:Connecting skin to broke off to mire after washing fresh radish clearly is juice-like in shape, then in sooner or later Jie noodles after spreading is suffering from an outside and wash by clear water after 15 minutes.Effect:The radish contains to counteract poison composition, effect have already eliminated inflammation to disinfect, can even resolve the fat of hoard, have already helped to cure dark Chuang.

The emergency mask DIY8, beer that dispels a pox spreads a noodles method:Freeze beer first.The beer that will keep behind in deep freeze pours on the disguise cotton, until soaks through.After the Jie noodles, spread disguise cotton in the forehead, nose, noodles and chin.Treat after 20 minutes, clean pure noodles with jelly water.Effect:Can prevent°from dark Chuang with the constringency pore.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY9, rose emergency mask of pox:Stir rose flower petal and half cucumber paste-like in shape, mix 3 pearl powders again, spread on the noodles.Wash after 20 minutes.Suit the oil of having the dark Chuang skin, can eliminate inflammation, go to oil.

Dispel the emergency mask DIY10, apple emergency mask of pox:Go to an apple after the skin the Dao become mire, then is at the face department.Stem, allergic sex skin can add just the right amount fresh cow or plant oil;Oil the skin is proper to add some eggs pure.After 15~20 minutes with the hot towel clean.On alternate days once, one treats the distance as 20 days.Canning make skin thin is slippery, moisten, the white is delicate, can also get rid of the skin symptoms, such as dark Chuang,Display classification freckle and black spot…etc..

Dispel the emergency mask DIY11, fresh vegetable emergency mask of pox:Pound into pulp fresh vegetable leaf, fill with a little amount water, cook for 5 minutes.The leaf gets and wraps into gauze.Take advantage o heat to spread the face leaves of soup juice can be used to wipe face.Can cure skin incitement, the sunlight burn, pimple and hair thin blood vessel to extend etc. symptom.

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