meant recently

Premier Wen Jia Bao meant recently that hold very macroscopic strength for economic policy, rhythm and point, Be appropriately carry on preparing to adjust in good time tiny adjust.The Chinese stock certificate report thinks that the preparing of macroscopic economic policy adjusts tiny adjust have already continuously launched, more policy measure or gradually time set.

About a periods, around the small and medium enterprises,Wireless is food Taiwan newly arisen realms, such as industry, place margin terrace and consumption…etc. launch of the currency and public finance policy etc. are tiny to adjust measure continuously set.For example, the revenue from tax that pushes forward the resources tax reform,’s pedestal to the small tiny business enterprise reduce to don’t need the etc.’s support policy, explicit railroad debt as”the government support bond” and allow local government to deliver a debt and allow a margin terrace’s loan by oneself through the approval defer once, three Wei dint urge “25” period extension consumption, develop to deepen the added value tax system reform experimental unit etc..

These measure on the other hand the aim expect before avoiding of macroscopic policy of retrenchment and the outer circle environment that indetermination increase fold to add an effect creation of super adjust risk, also adjust for the future economic structure on the other hand steady push forward to create a beneficial condition.Can say, these adjust measure to present structure to turn adjustment, various policy meanses to combine, the public finance policy hair dint, monetary policy definite direction loosen characteristics, strength and frequency for etc. for in recent years seldom seen.

The Chinese stock certificate report thinks that next move, other”tiny adjust” of macroscopic economic policy raises Cuo probably gradually the time releases.

“Prepare to adjust tiny adjust” sent out monetary policy to appropriately change to move of signal.Under the complicated and domestic and international economic environment, it is large-scale to relax money supply and interest rates cut, overall under don’t greatly adjust the possibility of depositing the reserve rate, but believe a loan loose move may become monetary policy tiny adjust of raise one of the Cuos.Whole up, if the four seasons degree letter loan the policy have to loosen to move, the adding of whole yearseses believe a loan to break 7 dollars.

Concrete but speech,each step vicissitud one is pay attention to medium long term loan increase.Currently bank to business enterprise loan still with short date mobility loan is lord.Add business enterprise call loan September, the scale is 229,900,000,000 dollars and compare 158,800,000,000 dollars in August obvious ascension, express the difficulty that the business enterprise short-term funds flows to face is bigger.In the business enterprise long-term the loan continue to atrophy to 74,700,000,000 dollars, the wreath ratio reduces to be close to 40,000,000,000 dollars, is lowest level inside the year.If medium long term the loan continue to descend, necessarily will increase to soon produce influence to the investment.But letter the loan policy want to combine with industry policy betterly, and push economic structure adjustment, enlarge to newly arisen industry, related consumption profession over a long period of time loan’s supporting should should have in of righteousness.

Two is pay attention to small and medium enterprises loan.Aim at small and medium enterprises margin difficult problem, the set helps the small and medium enterprises to lend money the related policy of margin.If there is necessity, probably the difference turn next adjust a rate in the small bank deposit reserve.

In addition, Financing Bills interest rate is next to show that the central bank is on the open market of tiny adjust have been already launched,hiding insid in the future open market operation is also the monetary policy carry on tiny adjust of main battlefield.

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