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Concerning beat bean milk

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Choose a bean:

1, beat bean milk how much are bean and water best comparison ?

Answer:According to the request of meal guidebook, everybody should absorb 30-50 grams of beans every day and remove the amount of bean curd that eats everyday and beat the bean of bean milk to use 10-20 grams then, if use 20 grams of beans to generally want to use 400 milliliters of water.

2, can the green lentil, soybean,Xiang ignorant Mr red and small bean and black beans go fetch to beat bean milk?

Answer:Soybean, black bean this kind of bean with the certain fat’s being teed off is bean milk, while the green lentil, red and small bean tees off to is a bean paste.The taste is different.

3, beat vegetable, fruit bean milk can?

Answer:Being not all vegetables, fruits can add to go in the bean milk.The bean milk meets sour precipitate, the tomato waits some vegetable fruits of acidities all unwell proper join to go in the bean milk.

Steep a bean:

4, type whether stem bean influences absorption?

Answer:Bean of so want to steep once, mainly is according to 2:00 consideration.On being taste, the protein absorbs water future reunion more even, the taste is delicate.Two is the tannin in the bean, plant sour etc. anti- nourishment the material will obstruct mineral material of absorption, soaking can make these anti- nourishment the material dissolve.So come to say to the ordinary people, the bean still as far as possible steeps once.

5, steep bean time is much long accommodation?

Answer:Soak for around 8 hourses can.According to season different, summer 6-9 hour, spring autumn 8-2 hour, the winter is 11-16 hours.

6, the bubble come out much bubbles, it is already to be getting worse?

Answer:Appear bubbles or white Mo because have in the bean of the soap Mao is a kind of live composition and meet water future reunion dissolves, if you didn’t smell out strange smell, still can beat bean milk.miss in RussiaIn summer steep a bean had better put into refrigerator.

7, the bean steeped can the bud also beat bean milk?

Answer:Can beat bean milk.The process of bean bud didn’t produce toxin.On the contrary will living a more beneficial materials.

8, the water temperature of the bubble bean how many accommodation?

Answer:Water used with indoor temperature temperature and waited together soaks and even is advantageous to a softening of bean, the water temperature leads Gao and easily breaks the live material of bean epidermis;Directly use the words that cool water soaks, time wants to prolong to be some.

9, the bubble bean will produce the carcinogen yellow song syphilis vegetable?

Answer:Yellow song syphilis vegetable is stir up when the seed food affects by damp and cold, is having certain humidity, the oxygen would produce under the ample circumstance in the meantime.If chase a food bubble in Shui-li, the oxygen isn’t enough, they can hardly breed.So the bubble bean isn’t likely to grow a yellow song syphilis vegetable.The time that buys soybean,construction cultural notice the dry degree of soybean, store medium also want to avoid letting it to affect by damp and cold.

last years renmin

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Five in the last years renminbis revalue to the dollar rate 30%
The data suggests that though USD index number will continuously walk in the near future Gao, renminbi to dollar rate in the center price appreciation range still more big, in a month already the total amount appreciation attain 500 radicles to order.

At the same time, in the center the motion flexibility of price also obviously increase, on the 11th renminbi to dollar rate in the center the price significantly jump to rise 100 radicles to order for ex-er[one] bargain dayhealthy cutthroat, but in past[one] month, in the center the price odd day undulate the range is also many times more than 100 radicles order, thus the multifarious significant motion was more seldom seen formely.

Take a wide view to remit to change five in the last yearses, renminbi is actual rate of exchange appreciation the range is obvious and undulate flexibility just to strengthen day by day.But from last year weighed Qi rate of exchange formation the mechanism reformed, renminbi is also an accumulation appreciation to the dollar rate over 7.5%.

Renminbi actual rate of exchange central bank relevant representative director meant recently that the renminbi rate of exchange vivid shows Zhao to build up at present, already significant appreciation, and tend near balanced level.
Rate of exchange not and Central America two international trades easy unbalance main causes

The 11th is U.S. Congress Upper House will soon 《2011 currency rate of exchange direct reform bill 》carry on the end term that votes to decide, analyze a personage to think, Central America the main reason of the two the international trades easy unbalance don’t lie in renminbi rate of exchange, U.S. Congress Upper House to renminbi rate of exchange start revolt don’t make sense.

“The United States makes the trade blaming on renminbi rate of exchange the receipt and expenditure unbalance and high jobless rates is all really absurd, is the behavior of the injure people without benefit to oneself.”Together help university finance and economics and bureau chief stone in the stock market graduate school to set up Xun commentary to call.

From 2005 renminbi remitted to change, renminbi revalued to the dollar rate 30% is or so, while the jobless rate of same period the United States then rose to°from 7% above 9%, it is thus clear that, the American jobless rate ascension and renminbi rate of exchange doesn’t have the obvious connection.legs exercise big PK

And another relevant data that American trade receipt and expenditure and employment relate to then corroborated the United States to trade receipt and expenditure and jobless rate ascension also have no obvious relation.Data suggests that the 2007-2009 years American economy declines a period, American international trade constringency is 12%, the unfavorable balance of trade descend to°from USD 655,000,000,000 in 2007 2009 of, but same period the United States increased 600 many ten thousand unemployed personnels.

Empress city motion the flexibility have already hoped to continue to strengthen
Remarkable BE, in the past a period of time, be USD conduct and actions avoid insurance the tool continuously walked highly in the meantime, the outer circle market appeared the unrest of seeing empty renminbi, especially in the end of September, overseas have no the principal handed over to mow a forward(NDF ) market to appear renminbi depreciation expectation in a row, this with in the center the continuously walking of the price was high to form obviously anti- bad.

To this outward economic trade university financial college director D ambition the hero think, the NDF price appears fluctuation, this mainly is be subjected to in the near future USD index number fast- rising influence to, but this doesn’t  represent renminbi to will appear a depreciation in the future.In addition have the bank the trader and thinks, this kind of is anti- bad embody a signal that central bank just delivers toward the market and adjusts and controls on one’s own initiative, be advantageous to Yu of the even international capital fluxion is to the impact of our country capital market.

For after renminbi rate of exchange the alignment of city, the transportation bank finance research deluxe macroscopic analyst Tang in the center sets up Wei to think, in consideration of USD middle minority is difficult to change in the future, again in consideration of the small and medium enterprises face management at present difficulty, renminbi will continue to present a small appreciation situation to USD in the future, trend obviousand the flexibility will strengthen further.

strategy guideses in Hong Kong

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Purchase red wine whole strategy guideses in Hong Kong
More and more people start liking red wine, it not only was a kind of hard drinks, but also represented a kind of living tasty.To female, the red wine is also best skin care products in having a little drink several lipstick wine before sleeping, will let you of the skin color look more healthily!But in Hong Kong, more have several big well-known bodegas, in not only contain top-class red wine in the worldhong kong guide, but also is the heaven of red wine fancier.The price of red wine in Hong Kong compares inside the ground is also opposite cheapness of, more often have a special activity, a lot of people have already started choosing to buy red wine in Hong Kong.

Buy red wine to want in Hong Kong advertent BE:Local inbound everybody’s restriction takes two bottles of 750 milliliters of value ¥s 2000 as follows red wine, but is going to not pass the tax-free store(regardless an airport or a train station) purchase red wine.The red wine in Hong Kong is tax-free now, basically nonexistent revenue from tax problem.The price that is free of tax a store is very high, because their rental is usually strange high.

Red wine in Hong Kong purchases a ground of recommendation:

1.Berry Bros & Rudd

British hundred years old-brand and red wine company, seeming now military advance China already, can find out much strange wine, but the price explodes expensive, the advantage is the stock on hand is more, can buy and then take away, the salesclerk is also very professional, I go to England and also usually stroll their total stores.This and bend a minister surname, the bodega is a more well-known Hong Kong red cabaret, the famous price is a costliness, but is also I use to more store red wine price in each house of whole harborses of standard store.

Address:Causeway Bay, Hong Kong is carefully rare way the 3rd floors in the benefit park

Telephone:853 2907 2112

2.Qianlong’s culture-Club Cigarism

More unusual and a red cabaret of “concealed body”, because this is mainly a cigar seller, because the restriction of Hong Kong law,Hong Kong social media optimization that store has never put to put red wine stock on hand, but is provided so-called”the red wine generation buys and the whole country send to pass service”.Superb is the domestic that they provide pays customs duties service, can”Hong Kong pays domestic and accepts wine” and save oneself and take airplane of wine and be in transit and pay customs duties of trouble, certainly this service want and take certain expenses of, suggest 6 above valuable and red wine are just worthwhile.

Address:The Luo gram way in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong No.5212nd floors(SOGO behind)

Telephone:852 28915600

3.Bend a minister surname bodega:

Li Jia truly underneath red wine store, there are 14 family Cities in whole Hong Kong, the price is expensive but the species is well-found and buy 1 box has 88 fold, the member can be with the integral calculus.(but the integral calculus has no use)There are the following two addresseses in Causeway Bay, but if wanting the concentrated words can finish seeing in benefit park LV and Chanel see again the red wine doesn’t lose to a beautiful matter as well, besides benefit park here have 2 to open fight the most well-found red cabaret.

Address:The cypress of Hong Kong Causeway Bay rather cabaret underground(telephone:85228956975)

Address:The boon of Hong Kong Causeway Bay even way benefit park 2 expect the underground G3 spreads(telephone:85231517628)

4.Other:The Hui Kang supermarket of fortress opposite in the imperial house in 24 hours is also have red wine to sell, in the evening can not sleep can see.led lighting manufacturersThe supermarket of SOGO underground and ages square underground also has a red wine department, but have no special place.

turnip to eat for summer

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Person says “the winter eats turnip to eat for summer”, the turnip is really that the autumn winter is the most economic, the popularize food of real benefit treats a thing, the Northerner calls it as “the public’s fruit”.

Jean for the Ming Dynasty big medicine to learns Lee at 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》in say:”(Turnip ability)big next spirit,vegetable nourishment eliminates a valley with medium, go to disease Pi, fatty Jian person, benefit joint, reason color, do five internal organs bad spirit, make two poison, go custom, remove evil’s effects spirit heat.”.

Speak from the delicacies angle, going into the autumn turnip had better eat, the meat quality is fatty thick plentiful smooth and delicate turn a residue, the frailty delicate subtle fragrance, pure sweet good to eat;Talk from the nourishment angle, the turnip implies the abundant living creature live material, like protein, carbohydrate, glucose, fructose, oxidize Mao and starch Mao, mustard seed oil and hydrogen to turn to glue a liquid vegetable and organize amino acids etc., and check a yellow vegetable, calcium and Lin, potassium and iron to wait for someone the body essential chemical element and vitamin A, and vitamin C…etc..In addition, the medicine of turnip’s using value is very high, “the turnip becomes available in the market, the doctor has no matter”, and” go into an autumn turnip mean person three”…etc. all well explained that its medicine is used worthy amount of.

The modern medical science thinks that the turnip can turn phlegm to stop bleeding, cure a rhinitis, treat a larynx disease,autumn matcheskeep appetite, help digest and be constipated, decline blood pressure and smooth lung benefit the liver and benefit Dan decline a fat, especially middle age and old people, often eating turnip can be cholesterol-lowering and soften whole body blood vessel, then rise stability blood pressure, prevent artery gruel from kind the function of harden and coronary.

The abroad had researcher to once make tight survey analysis to the food structure of old people over 70 years of age, get the conclusion of BE:It is one of healthy their longevity valuable secrets to often eat turnip.”In the crowd that often eats turnip, cancer outbreak the rate is widespreadly lower.”The turnip stir-fries a food to eliminate a food to decline a fat, livinging the food can open the stomach smooth bowel, burning the food can eliminate bulge Xie ……all ages, the Chinese medicine learned a house to carry on a great deal of research in the medicine pharmacology of turnip, the turnip was medicine food and excellent good medicine delicacies,different matters not the good reputation of the Kui”mean person three”.

say son words

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Mama, we say son words
The day before yesterday, had the mother a bowl of oil salt rice for doing on the table.

Yesterday, there is no oil salt rice that the mother is on the table.

Today, I did a bowl of oil salt rice and put is before the grave at the mother.


The kid is a senior high school to living and go to a senior high school of that day of, the mother has been instructing her,inspect an administration get along with well with classmate and accept own bad temper.Mother bitter in taste old woman heart of speak with kid, the kid impatiently and roughly copes with an answer:”Knew, had been already known.”

Military training in the senior high school period, the kid stands under the hot sun, she thinks:I am really very disgusting here and dislike the life of senior high school, if isn’t that she forces I, I how can encounter this kind of offense ……

The parents who looking at other people take the nutritional product of a bag of bag to see his/her own kid, her in the mind starts to be suffused with a burst of and mournful.The setting sun of the evening next, a person trails shadow and falls the alignment dormitory of Mo.Kid hardly realizing, in her military training, a rim of eye is suffused with a red mother and silently looking at his/her owns kid in a certain corner of school ……

The military training holiday goes home, the mother is happy accolade kid, the mother seems to know the kid will come back for these several days, prepared a chicken, fish and shrimp in as early as refrigerator.The kid is roughly empty of said severals with mother, then returned to own room, have been staying by the side a computer, discuss with friends.”Kid says son words with mama.”The mother stands before the kid’s door.The kid takes headphones and continues to listen to music.

The kid comes back once just in Januaryfood method, the mother missed a kid each time, lie the kid’s bed up, she feels to have her breathing up the side.Seem kid at listen to nearby similar.The kid body flavor doesn’t arrive a mother to go a long distance there the mother worries of mood.Go home each time the mothers all say to the kid:”Kid says son words with mama.”The kid always declines by he or she’s favour, her body flavor doesn’t arrive the mother’s bitter and astringent felling.

The person always has living chronic illness dead of that day of, can the kid is surprisingly, the shocking news will come so quickly.When she returns to a house, while coulding not see a mother to come out to greet her any further that pleased facial expression, the home is empty, the preparing of a kind of not knownPrepare nourishment food feeling surges forward at heart.

The mother has acute heart attack, on the brink of death.Lie on the sickbed to lose oxygen.The kid cries to hold a mother that pale of hand, sob of say:”Mama, you at once wake up, say son words with me, mama, mama ……”

The spring goes to spring will, flower, flower but can’t open again.The passing years easily dies, waiting for of mother, old the early times is that beautiful facial appearance.Don’t make the mother wait for again, don’t use oneself to personally realize son desire to keep but don’t treat in person of harm a bosom.Struggle hard with”children” who lose a mother now, let the mother in the heaven, can delightedly smile to you.Mother still living”children” cherish.Lightly of say 1 to the mother:”Mama, we say son words.”