Almond flower

This position originally not is a Luo much clear of, he is so tall, besides also not nearsighted.Most difficult bear with of is release from school each time, he pulls throat to shout:”Doing not be small is far ……the notes lend me to use once.”That’far’the word shout stiller than the Great Wall to grow.Certainly I not and easily lend° notes a boy of,most nourishing in addition to he.Because he knows my secret and be like him to talk to me similar always be full of threat.

I walk on the way home behind schoolbag’s back, the whole things are so quiet in my world, and I concomitantly probably only the setting sun setting sun.Often there is a lovers riding a bike from nearby process, their figures are so of happiness.The leaf of treetop imitates Buddhas all at let him the dance move.

“Cha-Cha” I haven’t returned to absolute being, a bicycle is blocked my front, the car sits in seat of honor of the person is that the Luo is much clear.”Doing not be small is far, I take you home!Province your a person only enjoy solitude on the road!”Was obviously full of derision and impoliteness in his words, certainly all these only I know.”Thanks,method will makeI need not, I fear you of the love car will spread.”This sentence imitated a Buddha to ask for the Nu to him, “do not be small far, I afraid you don’t dare, I know you afraid ……” he has never said words next go to, certainly this is use a my eyes in of the tears change come of, he turned round and rode and got on the car and walked.

My a person exceeded the footstep of some odd pieceses to trample a house, can my heart still can not be calm, probably because of him.Luo already station on the veranda of next door, he hopes me downward, I lift up head to looking at him, sudden the distance of that feel us is thus faraway, I have already had no time to have regard for these, I run to veranda up, give that flower pot in of can’t sproutlace of the seed water.”Feed, don’t small Chi, today’s sunset is very beautiful!”He is just across the street to jubilantly shout to me, my title sees him that specially challenge vision, and imitating the Buddha will melt me into air.I no longer realize him and turned round into a house, the solitude of setting sun spread all over my bedroom through the window.閑遊溫都水城 If really of says such as Einstein of so, I how hope the grain son that I thought along with the light beam return to in the past, returned to seven year agos, the afternoon that still was full of sunlight.

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