airport in Bangkok

The flood drowns airport in Bangkok
This photograph is the Earth of American astronautics bureau to prognosticate the advanced land on the 1st(EO-1) of satellite to become to be like an instrument(ALI) to clap on October 29, 2011 next.The first sees up and thinks that the central photograph rectangle district is a harbor very easily, that narrow district that stretches into the blue water is a wharf, but embellishes in the water of a little bit white is seeming of steamer, conjunction wharf and steamer are big warehouses.

But cautiously observe,cloth Si releaseswill discover that white of a little bit small is an airplane, the central rectangle area is the runway of Thai gallery Man, airport.The gallery Man airport locates at in the north of Bangkok, is Thailand is flooded one of the regions in this 31 in the Hong disaster.Big parts of regions in the photograph are all immersed by the flood to have no, and tree of the building the bottom is all water, but gallery Man the flood of the airport is the most obvious.Report according to the local authorities, whole territorieses in Bangkok are still placed in flood threat appearance.

The flood of Thailand begins from the end of June, this year, at that time,Georgia reaches dissimilarity usually violent monsoon rain assaulted Thailand with a tropical cyclone.The rain water makes river and reservoir flood deluge of whole territorieses in Thailand.Go to the end of October, the flood passes river bank Nan-ho and can not canal and brook way counting arrive Bangkok.Thai government said, up to October 30, the flood has already resulted in 373 people’s dying, and bring more than 2,000,000 residents lifes influence.The gallery Man airport stops movement on October 25, but the any Na cloth international airport of Thai Su still keeps revolving as usual, also hope maintenance present condition.

The gallery Man international airport is flooded when the October 25 flood arrives a high tide.Although the flood is lined up into the Thai gulf of Bangkok the south coast,the flood goes toward back to back from the Thai gulf again while attaining high peak and make to follow a line region of flood more overflow.surrender to justiceRiver bank Nan-ho several times attains the tallest water level in history on October 25, the flood sweeps the whole Bangkok.After flood attains a Feng value, the water level of river bank Nan-ho has a time to back.Thai flood succour center(Thailand’s Flood Relief Operating Center) said, in future several days(November 3-November 15), the flood low tide will make Bangkok sometimes evacuate flood, and will work well preparation next time for the flood high tide

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