big best times

The white gets to care ten big best times
The city white gets a work busy, usually have no time to do for do-it-yourself to maintain, don’t carry on for the weekend concentration, the method like this without resort to a table very much.Keep in mind every day in fact this 10 hours engraves to do the matter that should do,禿頭的男人 you of the whole appearance can like.

1, the after meal is the best time that gargle, brushes teeth for 3 minutes.

Because at this time, the germ of mouth cavity starts resolving food remnant, the acidity material of its creation easily decays and fuses tooth enamel quality, make the tooth been subjected to damage.

2, take tea of the best time

The best time that takes tea a health is had a meal after an hour.Not a few people like after meal to drink hot tea right away, this is very not scientific.Because the Rou in tea-leaf is sour to combine with iron in the food don’t dissolve sexual iron salt, interference human body to the absorption of iron, time a long can induct anemic.

3, drink the best time of milk

Because milk implies abundant calcium, the middle age and old people sleeping is ex- to drink, can compensate the blood of nighttime of calcium of low fall appearance but protection skeleton.

In the meantime,營養過剩milk has already hypnotized a function.

4, drink water the best time of fruit

The best time that drinks water a fruit is an hour before rice.Because the fruit belongs to living a food and eat to living food empress again eat deli, the white cell inside the body can’t increase and be advantageous to protecting a human body immune system.

5, take a sunbathe of the best time

8-10:00 A.M. and 4-7:00 p.m. are the best time that takes a sunbathe a health.The sunlight regards beneficial ultraviolet ray A light beam as principle at this time, can make the human body produced vitamin D and strengthen the anti- Lao of human body immune system and prevent°from the ability of bone soft thus,yanchang shengming and reduce the outbreak rate of artery hardening.

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