cancel restriction order

Ma Mei calls that China comprehends Malaysia swallows’ nest is natural to contain poison to import cancel restriction order
In order to once having Chinese medium Pu Malaysia’s swallows’ nest to the Chinese exit implies the deadly poison material second nitrate, Malaysia and China on November 8 now the matter carried on a consultation.Both parties reach a consensus, namely Malaysia swallows’ nest is natural to imply certain quantity of second nitrate, but in the process of processing in forbid artificial to add this kind of material.In the meantime, 淮山腰片湯China also the repeal is to the importing restriction order of Malaysia swallows’ nest.

《Malaysia star report 》November 8 said, the Lai(Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai) held talks with Chinese health department officials on November 8 in Malaysia healthy minister Liao.He say to reporter after the meeting, the Chinese authorities comprehends that the second nitrate is an esculent swift in a “natural formation thing” in the growth processgai de xishou

“After we explained to have natural second nitrate in our swallows’ nests, both parties reached an of vital importance consensus.”The Lai in Liao says, ” we agree to export Malaysia swallows’ nest for China in the process of processing in should not add second nitrate, but the Chinese authorities then allows to exist natural second nitrate composition in the product.”

Lai also calls in Liao, both parties have already established a work committee that constitutes to°from the expert of food and make sure to allow the quantity of implying the second nitrate in the swallows’ 孕媽注意飲食nest product.Malaysia health department an officials and China related section two representative directors lead that committee together.

Malaysia swallows’ nest alliance will chairman Datuk Paduka Beh Heng Seong says, as long as the amount of permission of the second nitrate is reasonable, Malaysia swallows’ nest exporter will obey these requests.

“We have already promised to the Chinese authorities, we will improve the quality of our product further and rebuild Chinese consumer’s confidence to Malaysia swallows’ nest.”

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