woman daughter

The old woman daughter-in-law’s
Interest in Jiangsu turns a county to have calls Ma Wen An of businessman, know book Xi gift.His wife, Wu Shi, , the appearance is beautiful, the temperament is also very bright and be good at dealing with household chores, only some proud, the heart of grudge is more heavy.Therefore, the old woman daughter-in-law’s usually takes place friction.Ma Wen An goes home each time, what old woman 2 daughter-in-laws all tell each other in front of him be not.The mother-in-law says the daughter-in-law isn’t filial, the daughter-in-law says the mother-in-law is unkind, both parties are each to keep one phrase, and this letting Ma Wen An is really a dilemma.Ma Wen An knows a wife, the heart Ao doesn’t wish to follow a mother, hence thinking a way to let a wife the Wu is own mistake.

One day, Wu Shi starts telling a mother-in-law toward Ma Wen An again of not good, Ma Wen An then comforts a way:”The old mother is bothersome, I also know,freshwater pearlI think already like, I want to take you to the outside to live.Just friends and relatives outsider really don’t know the mother Be difficult to wait on to receive, if we suddenly carry on the back to leave home in person and unavoidably want to be blamed by somebody else, so I advise you temporarily and endure patiently for 12 months.In this period, you must work hard in spite of criticism and devote to wait on to receive, make the friends and relativeses all known you are very filial and say that the mother isn’t good, then we moves away again.So can avoid a person saying 3 beside four.”

Wu Shi after listenning to, is still that the noodles expose difficult of appearance.Ma Wen An says again:”Soon we will arrive another side to live, are several brief ten nature’s work manses at these, you power be she is us of guest, go affability hospitality to hertahitian pearl, and then have what difficult?”

Wu Shi hence promised a husband.From now on treat a mother-in-law for the amiable manners, the agreeable idea accepts a matter.Doing the daughter-in-law’s temper of seeing of mother-in-law has been already changed, the all thingses can obey their themselveses, pleased remaining in heart, also as to it’s doubly considerate.Result past of everyday rub have no, change of Be getting iner peace and harmony.

Led for some days, Ma Wen An saw Wu Shi and don’t seem to be formerly to so tell a mother-in-law to him of be not, intentionally ask her:”golden south sea pearlRecently old mother to you how ah?”Wu Shi says:”Compare before have been already ordered.”Ma Wen An and then to her way:”She since and just a little order, you should are more careful to receive a matter, must make her unkind, you of filial morality, let public all know, so I just can take you to the outside to live.”Wu Shi listenned to and only and only promised.

Thus, and then led some dates, Ma Wen An asks Wu Shi again:”Old mother to you how?”Wu Shi’s time says:”The mother-in-law treats me now very good, I no longer wanted to leave home villa.I wish very much often at her old man’s house nearby and exert the filial morality that person’s son should exert for you.”

The text Anne’s way:”My original meaning, be want you to be willing to exert a filial morality ah, be not really want you to leave home villa.Now I will my original meaning, spoke with you to wear, you then know my real intentions.You formerly tell an old mother to me of bothersome difficult wait on to receive, I early understand, this is the relation that you didn’t look after a good old man.But at that time you are on the spirit head, in heart knew other people of be not, nowise thoughted of own mistake, if what I was clear to say you be not, you weren’t willing to definitely admit.The idea of wanting your song flatters an old mother, this is also what you could not do.So I at ten thousand can not help of situation under, have to with kind Qiao convenient method, make you temporarily endure patiently, song idea sincerely matter, change the arrogant in your heart, I not am happy to by artifice cheat you.”

Still tell her:”The ancients says:’Will be a daughter-in-law to have no a bad old woman’, is really remark based on personal experience ah, from now on, I hope your way to get along with people, must examine oneself oneself, seek reason from oneself’s body, slicing can not always blame and scold others.The ancients cloud, ‘lover person Heng love it, respect person person Heng respect it.’Conducting is so,wireless keyboards besides wait on to receive parents’ close?”Also lend°ed machine her to speak the graveness of parents’ special kindness, and from time immemorial filial son the wise Fu Li is frequently to the utmost hard and fix the record of events of filial morality.

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