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The female bodyguard is gradually subjected to Chinese everyday of rich man favor ability Zheng USD 100
British broadcasting company November is 14, original:The female bodyguard profession of China booming development Chen Hai Rong(sound) wear a black occupation to pack and high-heeled shoes, see with common employee have no two kinds.But after getting off, her Lin however carriage and black headphones express it is different.She sweeps parking lot to see with the sharp-edged vision some kind of.A rich customer climbs a building that the car, Chen and other female colleagues quickly rounds Long to come up and escort this female powerful person into neighborhood.

In China, more and more females are like 21-year-old Chen so, decide to get into pole bodyguard profession of having the male color.According to estimate, China currently around 3000 housepersons manage lax bodyguard companies to competitively provide private Anne to protect service.

In the fast- increasing Chinese powerful person, the female has to 1|3.Deliver disaffection more to the gap between rich and poor extension along with people, many female powerful persons are looking for a Human body safety now protection.In order to cater to this need, the female entrepreneur Cui Wen(sound) established private Anne to protect a company.This originates its personal situation.On the way to be on business, she once twice encountered a set of.

“There is a female bodyguard like there is a sister”, the Cui means that the fair visitor door likes to choose female bodyguard rather than the shape tall and big in stature male bodyguard, because they aren’t that arrestive and can’t cause gossip Fei language, either, “you can live a room with female bodyguard.The other people will think that she is you of secretary.If male bodyguard, people probably will float to want to unite Pian.”

The company of Cui is carrying on for the training that expects half year currently, female student almost and uniformly university graduate student, include study to arrest, surveillance and first aid at inside of the whole set of technical ability.They even still want up the rite course for the purpose of bearing in proper form.19-year-old Xie Xing Jiang(sound) learns of is profession of accountancy, but she has been hoping to become female bodyguard, positive crest the pressure that wear parents is carrying out a dream.

The female student meeting passed to investigate smoothly the income is rather plentiful.The bodyguard company presses everybody every day USD 300 charge, female everyday of bodyguard ability the Zheng is USD 100.The female powerful person sweet winter Xia(sound) usually uses this kind of service and say this that making her feel is more safe.”My friend once was kidnap, so when my business increased, felt that oneself needed bodyguard.BE escorted of feel fit, can also earn more respects.”

China is probably one delivering more is wealthy of country.But those persons who are thrown in the behind will also the backlog more hatreds.Watch out for day by day along with the powerful persons, the female bodyguard profession of China will continue the business is prosperous.

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