honey actually

The honey actually can bring skin what
What can Wen Run Fang Ze’s honey actually bring for the skin?Yes, we will fall in love with it!

Learn the hairdressing”honey square” learns the hairdressing”honey square”

The honey implies abundant Oligo trace element, vitamin and amino acids, internal use or outside use honey, can promote skin metabolism, reduce dye calm and steady, preventĀ°from a skin aridity, and reduce crease, can be treated as the most natural hairdressing”honey square”.

Foundation article

A.Internal use:On the first three meal row poison honey dew

Lately, the Ni could call to insist in the tiny Bo the morning gets up to drink honey water for 20 years, although this method was simple,accumulate over a long period, is a Wen Run who is the most effective toward the body and the skin, row poison of square.If want to strengthen hairdressing effect, plus 1~2 Shaos white vinegars in honey water, 3 empty stomaches take everyday, the 1~1.5 hours or after meal 2~3 hours’ edible effect is the best before rice.Insist over a long period of time, can make the skin delicate and lustrous if cook of egg white.

Two.External application:Most in response to DIY of the quarter honey emergency mask

The emergency mask that the honey tempers is the most suitable to match a dry autumn of winter stanza, the ability is effective to hydrate, go to wrinkly, remind you of BE, honey not ability prosperous put in the metalware, otherwise increase a heavy metals content.

1.The most suitable match slow autumn winter dry:Honey+egg+olive oil

The honey just the right amount livings an egg with one to mix even, join few olive oil or half avocado again, spread at the face to use Wen Shui to wash to go after 10 minutes, a Monday, time, or alleviate while feeling unusually dry in the skin piercing, stem Yang.If you of the skin easy aridity rise skin, you can spread the honey of heating every day, pack the emergency mask bowl of honey to separate water slightly more heat then, spread for 15 minutes every day, effectively clean dead skin, and alleviate to shed skin condition, make skin water been be.

2.The most suitable the crease matching decrease face is flabby:Honey+red wine+pearl powder

Fuses 3~5 grams of pearl powders to the red wine with 15 mls in(must choose the pure grape brews of), join just the right amount of honey again to make thick dense appearance, must match with homologous of go to wrinkly massage:The eye Cape fish tail line, point a belly to make wreath-like in shape massage with the hands;The sum department title line makes perpendicular massage;Nose wing two sides Be wreath-like in shape to massage;The department is on all sides to make horoscope or pour horoscope of massage.The massage completes and uses Wen Shui Qing to clean, a week 2~3 times then.

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