Print a version material

Pressing to print the version material that the version is used is different and have the gold version, magnesium version of the wood version, slab of stone and zinc plate(second aluminum version), aluminum version and copperplate, Nie version and stencil plate, glass version and stone and electroplate several versions, paper version, nylon version, plastic version, and rubber version…etc..

Wood version, slab of stone, and glass version…etc., because of canning not change song, can be used for even bed machine printing.The copperplate, stencil plate useds for intaglio printing more.The rest then useds for flat plate or rotation printing machine.

The metal alloy version has aluminum, Ti and tin the metal alloy aqua sprinkles Zhu of paper pattern lead plate or Zhu for lives a word formatting.Having the magnesium, aluminum metal alloy the rice to pull can version,printing company and receiving of copper, Nie and metal alloy Ni metal version etc..

Several metal version has chrome noodles the copper bottom of the 3 Fs metal versions of doubles layer metal version and the chrome noodles copper layer steel bottom(even useful stainless steel).

Because the version material is different, the printing machine used, print Mo and print technique and printing effect to as well have a dissimilarity.

BE printed material
Press is printed the dissimilarity of material, there are the printing, textile product printing, wooden board printing, and glass printing…etc. of the paper printing, galvanized iron printing and plastics.

The paper printing is the main current of handout and have 95% around, regardless relief printing plate, flat plate, cave version and bore version all and applicably, solid call a common printing.

Use paper outside is printed material, belong to special printing more.

Print format in printing
Press a printing format in printing, the printing can divide letterpress, offset printing, intaglio printing and bore version to print 4 types.

The history of letterpress is the longest to make widely available most , layout of printed sheet picture and writing bulge part to accept printing ink, cave the part going in don’t accept printing ink, the printing ink will print on the paper while being version and paper to compress tightly.Print a version material to mainly have:Live word version, lead plate, zinc plate and coin, exposed to light a resin version etc..Some books and periodicals, note, the envelope, and name card…etc. are still using letterpress;Need special processed of for example:The very hot gold, silver presses cave convex etc. and generally also uses letterpress.

The offset printing is the most familiar currently, most extensively applied printing method.Picture with non- picture on the same flat surface, make use of water and printing ink to reject principle mutually now, the diagram text part accepts printing ink not to accept water, non- diagram text the part is contrary.Print the process adoption indirect method, print a picture first on the rubber roller, diagram text from become anti-, turn the diagram text on the rubber roller again to print paper.The album of paintings, illustrated advertises sample, the calendar etc. all can adopt this printing method.

The intaglio printing is as contrary as letterpress principle.The writing is as cave as picture and layout of printed sheet under, cave next the part going to take printing ink.Printing of thick thin have something to do with cave going in of depth, deeply thick then, shallow thin then.Because the printing ink of intaglio printing is different, as a result the lines of printing has already bulged feeling.The coin, stamp, and negotiable security…etc. all adopt intaglio printing.The intaglio printing is also suitable for the printing of plastics film, silk.Because intaglio printing system version time is long, craft complications etc. reason so the cost is very high.

The bore version printing calls that the silk screen prints again, if once saw during the days in the primary school the teacher engrave a wax version to print a son, the this kind printing method of the so better comprehension.Make use of Juan cloth, metal and synthesize the silk screen, and wax paper…etc. of material in order to print a version, are empty the diagram text parts of Lous thin bore, the non- diagram text part with printing material protection, print a version to tightly stick to accept to print a thing, use to pare off plank or Mo Gun to make the printing ink seeped through to accept to print a thing up.The silk screen printing can not only be printed to flat surface to accept to print a thing but also can be printed to Hu noodles to accept to print a thing, the color is fresh gorgeous, through long constant.Be applicable to label, lift a pack, T-shirt Shan, the plastics product, glass, the printing of the metalware etc. object.

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