unjust is a turbulent source

In the “capture Wall Street” guard the at low ebb society is unjust is a turbulent source
Recently, in New York, the United States, the police was in the Zu section guard in the Di park.The Xinhua news agency reporter, Deng Jian, shoots

The American police launches to”capture Wall Street” sport of clean up an activity, make the protest activity that keeps on more than two months come to an end for the time being in the focusing of world opinion.pearl jewelryThere is an analysis pointing out, be this protests against that the activity develops real threat American order of time, is the police of national machine and then have to take action.American democracy, and be unequal to an absolute”freedom”.

Metal insulation takes to”seal completely” a headquarter

On November 21, the reporter discovers when Manhattan Wall Street in New York covers, after police in New York of last week compulsorily cleaned up to is located on the headquarter that”captured Wall Street” in Zu section Di park in Manhattan exercised, insisted that two months of long protest movement take place obvious variety.Now, ever very hot condition in the headquarter has been all gone, the park is on all sides is taken by metal insulation strict actually and on the spot round, only stay 23 exports.The insulation took outer circle to stand being on duty of a turn of in full battle array police, the insulation takes inside still have the armed police whom several names call “public security in the park”, park not the distance park several police cars.Have a liking for to go, the police seems the person who compare the protest is and the rise.

The police who is on duty according to the spot introduces,freshwater pearlthe protester still can return to the Zu section Di park to carry on an activity after pure field, they can back and forth take a stroll, can stand, but can not take tent and sleeping bag, in the daytime activity, have to leave in the evening.These protesters can also insist how long, see their bear dint, but the police will keep company with throughout.

For all that, along with protest against a student to be sprayed hot pepper water, retire from the army an old soldier is beaten into the etc. violent affairs of severely wounded of occurrence, support the voice of protest activity to still keep existing, many veterans join the demonstrator’s troops and halloo oneself is also a member in”99%”.The protest activity initiates to also have confidence rather to the future, thinks last week the deportation activity in the Zu section occurrence in the Di park and marked that the protest activity uncovered new literary piece.This week a, “capture Wall Street” exercises of initiate Kai Er ¬∑pull Sen to mean to draft new stand rule in the mail giving out protester, and declare catcall and set up camp of protest form already become past,golden south sea pearl new of the protest activity will be appeared with more vigorous form.

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