Leaves in winter

Junior ah,

What makes you so decadent?

Crushed out his cigarette,

You realize that there are always people who deeply miss you

What makes you so full of affection

Turned the just exchange solemn vows and pledges

, not the good life?

Only for a while?

What made you so mad

Just want to give youth leave a mark?

You know that people enjoy the fruit fragrance

Never forget that it was once a beautiful flower!

What makes you so sad

Are old enough,

Why is always hiding in the quilt to cry?

Open the windows,

You will see the sun on your smile.

What makes you so vain

Another gorgeous clothes also cannot hide your heart ‘.

Only the full spirit to manifest your beautiful face

What makes you so paranoid

Those passed years baptism people

His experience with experience.

I want to take this teach you

You’re a contemptuous disregard.

It’s just juvenile nature? –

What makes you so frivolous?

The silence of hundred years Confucian culture can not make you reserved

Because youth boiling blood makes you restless?

Don’t the allure of confidante

Alone set foot on return journey

Get can also be

Lost forever lost

Pick up the eventually just memories

Back to back back to yesterday

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