I’ll be there.

The prose is not a piece of pure land, a time of strife, the atmosphere was foul., comrade who tear away. In the prose art can be the pursuit of pure and innovation, but for every prose writer will get promoted? Whether in personality perfect? ” Cultural Revolution”, the heart of fission is shocking, everyone exposed the true colours, tore off the veil, it is we who are willing to see. Is not no evil in human nature, but a great evil, but lurking only, if age people can be upright, remove the lusts, repression and the fight against evil, let the evil that has been brought to the grave, looking, harmony, for yourself and others, would it not be better.

So, write to the article, should be used to thinking in the right way, quietly involved in art studies, but not in here lifts billows, mix was not, lest the world into chaos. People can not be vigilant. The prose is pure good, but the writing is not a pure, since ancient times, scholars personality and moral problems, exposed the greed and lust, there are plenty of people who, now also see somewhat. But it should not be a selfish desire to expand the world, everyone has to maintain world pure liability, do not do the things that fall, contrary to the nature of the text, but also as a person. A man on a problem, that he write and beautiful language and what use? How to make oneself an example, education and others?

I thought, prose ages size, can be text, but if a man is too large, it doesn’t fit in the world to play, I really want to do anything, can go to the dance hall nightclub scene of debauchery, lean red or green to a, don’t have a lot of older also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, to the world. Preferably, a pot of tea, a chair to love, to enjoy the happiness of a family union. I seldom see the old man ‘s prose, even the famous, I think that is an old man, heart is depressed, after reading his spirits up. Or the like young people’s characters, self-motivated, have ideals and vision. And for the old, and the show is not rotten smell. To be honest, I really don’t like the old man said text. Especially when old write, after look at feel like them. By age 60, can the composition, but are not suitable to play in the world. Why should capitalize on being advanced in age, white hair, teeth fall out, exit is the sour gas, which the girls love? Dislike. Of course, there are a lot of money for a poor scholar, but, for many, their own petty, which make their own money to spend?

When the train slowly out of the platform, without any hindrance in a metal collision sound, about this city all loaded into memory, I instinctively want to catch your hand, want to hug you that be close by. But continuous fuzzy body, but still want to leave, leave room for warm embrace it sad soul, the rails out dazzling spark sparkle hurts you my eyes, tears several times a few degrees of pain, hate the time in a hurry, relentless years, how broken love. The future, it is a commitment to pursue the direction, I’ll be there.

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