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Love casual literary note

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

When madly in love toward thinking Mu to think a sort of crazy hot get along with to horarily continue and be tended to gradually along with each other equanimity, ordinary and fragmentary of replaced the romance of the early times poetry painting idea sort everyday, the tedious work study took up too many of your times heel energy, in the past the other party body up send forth to make your Peng however move of the magic power seems to be also to faded the past days in the passage of the sand filter in time of charmingly feminine.

You start using silent replace very intimate.Cover with at you wholely no longer is be in love of strong fragrance fragrance of flower, linger around nearby Be not that the poetry of Chiang-Nan water country sort is full of life any more at you.Load you go forward of the energy source that this row love railroad train circulates isn’t the fuel that each other adds continuously and hard any more, it just depend on depend on oneself of inertial forward skidding, until one day the energy of the savings for depletion to over madly in love then Jia however at the end of oneself’s predestination.

The starting you isn’t understand originally the love is to have protect a quality period, originally the love also needs to be protected continuously, because you believe that lyrics:Love once sproutlacing, calculate none of rain waters next, can not also change its variety.You are stubborn of believe devoutly a true love deathless, so you indulge your loves to become feelings.

You don’t know that feelings is like momentum, while the love then be like blunt quantity, is need to be continuous of diligent management.You with patience the love fortress of the construction year is long disrepair, gradually gradual tilt to one side under the erosion of various complex temptation of confusion, finally bomb however collapse to fall in a winter days of raging snowstorm.You stand vacant frighten into inaction on the full eyes in total disorder ruins, you a time of time turn over to look for your sweet memories in the cripple brick broken tiles of foot.You hate the fickle few righteousness of the other party, the other party but isn’t hard at the will blaming you.

In fact your loves have already departed from this life, and kill its don’t is other people nor is the other party, but you.It is the love that you personally strangled you.Just you have been aring perverse, at your loves gather to spread and flaunt so much along with good one of the other party but under of the snowflake disappear together at cold of winter.

You just abruptly realize mistake at this time, originally you still keep cutting off not to descend this feelings.Lamentable is previously you but have been being settling and continue of again and again sway.You are looking for the on the way misery of continuous reason to drop into maze, you are in the maze looking for of a time of time exit.The other party but cover with Jing to cut Ji in settling of hill path, passing to cut will walk all the way.

morning a twitch height

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Wake up in the morning a twitch height”shrinkage”

Wu Wen points out that the person arrives about 35 years old, the amount of bone beginning is on the decline road, year by year throw to lose.To female but speech, unique through behind the amount of bone throwing to lose for 5 years can attain 1/3, so unique through empress the women are the bone softs”heavy disaster area”.

Although the female points a litigant incidence rate is higher than a male,Production House don’t think that the bone soft is a female patent, the man goes to 80 years old after, the bone quantity will also throw to lose above 1/3 and follows “advanced age society” along with China, the extension of the life span, the male will also be subjected to threat of this disease.

Wu Wen reminds, if the legs for middle age and old people to discover his/her own top and bottom building have no dint, the knee joint is limp and even have ache;Lift heavy thing, or while having grandchild in home, a little bit use a little dint low back department to feel ache, get up a calf twitch in the morning, all belong to in early days early-warning signal.”If you of the height shorten more than 3~5 Li rices, you are affirmative to get a bone soft, ” Wu Wen says that this is the count for much signal.bridgestoneIf appear hunchback, explain then that the spinal column has already appeared compressibility bone fracture.

Want to evaluate if oneself suffers from a bone soft, can arrive hospital to do a questionnaire and checks against dangerous factor form according to the weight and the age.There is also the measurement of bone density, this is also currently to the standard of bone soft the most accurate diagnosis.

Old man’s bone fracture, only depend quiet keep difficult show results

The typical model clinical performance of bone soft bone fracture is ache, abnormal, and function obstacle…etc..”But, the parts of old people are bad to ache sensitivity, the Qian is put the bone neck bone fracture the sufferer even can also walk and easily result in to leak to diagnose and misdiagnosis, ” Zheng Qiu Jian says that confirm whether appear bone fracture, can consider the x line of normal regulations check, 3D CT, MRI and ECT.

The Chinese old man lies “quiet keep” after inclining toward bone fracture, however, different from common bone fracture, occurrence bone soft bone fracture after, have no aggressive treatment, there is 20% around~30% sufferers will again take place bone fracture in a year.

Zheng Qiu Jian says that can adopt surgical operation treatment or non- surgical operation treatment according to patient’s circumstance.”Conservative treatment ill lead higher, about 10%~20% a year after bone fracture inside die.”The surgical operation treatment is actively effective treatment most .Include inside fix, artificial joint displacement and outside fixed machine etc..

“So-called’harm the Jin move a bone for 100 days’, this means bone fracture of young man, are far far not enough for 100 days to bone soft bone fracture, because the speed of the long bone very slow,MotoGP and after finishing growing a bone, the bone isn’t enough hard, easily again bone fracture.”Zheng Qiu Jian says that the quality of sufferer’s bone badly, the strength isn’t enough, surgical operation, nails into the screw of steel plate to easily drop out.

He emphasizes that while curing bone fracture, should aggressive treatment bone soft disease.Want to insist “three exert” principle:As early as possible confirm a bone fracture, bone soft;As far as possible the function resets, accurate fix;Make an effort to carry on function to toughen, the assistance is used a medicine.

Considerate hint:The list depends “repair calcium” to cure a bone soft

Many people appear a bone soft and think that the light repaired calcium to go.”But in fact it is just one of the most basic treatments of bone soft.”He Bin Shuo, the life style, wants to much take a sunbathe first and much exercises.Food, in order to don’t need calcium quality to run off, don’t eat too saltily, avoid the food of high fat, high egg white, drink the cola less etc. carbonic acid beverage.Chinese say “the daughter is difficult to buy old come thin”, see not definitely correct from the bone soft angle.The low weight is also one of high Wei factors.

If have already got a bone soft, want to defend to fall off everyday.The bathroom is Gao Fa Di of the family nelson and suggest to add an antiskid mat, wall to up pack railing or arm-rest.The road segment that goes out the geography complicated and easy Ke to touch to fall down had better have sons and daughters to accompany.”The old age after expecting the unique menstruation repairs amount of calcium to want the adequacy to enlarge, exactitude of repair calcium to expect to start to do from the child, store, push the Feng value of Gao Gu Liang in advance.”

The female leads thin bone more frailty

Bone fracture initial dangerous factor:The age is older than 70 years old, stop menstruating the age is younger than 45 years old, sex gland function decrease, there is brittleness bone fracture history, the parents have the Kuan joint bone fracture history, sugar skin quality hormone function Kang enters and digests to absorb badly, the spirit is disgusted with a food, BMI(weight index number)<18, lack sport,wireless keyboards the chronic kidney function isn’t whole, the organ transplant career etc..

Bone fracture next in importance factor:The estrogen shortage, calcium absorbs shortage<500 milligrams of|sky, delivered sex at first A-like in shape side gland function Kang enter, type rheumatism arthritis, took the anti- surprised Jue and convulsed a medicine, the thyroid gland function Kang entered, diabetes, smoke cigarette, drink to excess.

woman daughter

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The old woman daughter-in-law’s
Interest in Jiangsu turns a county to have calls Ma Wen An of businessman, know book Xi gift.His wife, Wu Shi, , the appearance is beautiful, the temperament is also very bright and be good at dealing with household chores, only some proud, the heart of grudge is more heavy.Therefore, the old woman daughter-in-law’s usually takes place friction.Ma Wen An goes home each time, what old woman 2 daughter-in-laws all tell each other in front of him be not.The mother-in-law says the daughter-in-law isn’t filial, the daughter-in-law says the mother-in-law is unkind, both parties are each to keep one phrase, and this letting Ma Wen An is really a dilemma.Ma Wen An knows a wife, the heart Ao doesn’t wish to follow a mother, hence thinking a way to let a wife the Wu is own mistake.

One day, Wu Shi starts telling a mother-in-law toward Ma Wen An again of not good, Ma Wen An then comforts a way:”The old mother is bothersome, I also know,freshwater pearlI think already like, I want to take you to the outside to live.Just friends and relatives outsider really don’t know the mother Be difficult to wait on to receive, if we suddenly carry on the back to leave home in person and unavoidably want to be blamed by somebody else, so I advise you temporarily and endure patiently for 12 months.In this period, you must work hard in spite of criticism and devote to wait on to receive, make the friends and relativeses all known you are very filial and say that the mother isn’t good, then we moves away again.So can avoid a person saying 3 beside four.”

Wu Shi after listenning to, is still that the noodles expose difficult of appearance.Ma Wen An says again:”Soon we will arrive another side to live, are several brief ten nature’s work manses at these, you power be she is us of guest, go affability hospitality to hertahitian pearl, and then have what difficult?”

Wu Shi hence promised a husband.From now on treat a mother-in-law for the amiable manners, the agreeable idea accepts a matter.Doing the daughter-in-law’s temper of seeing of mother-in-law has been already changed, the all thingses can obey their themselveses, pleased remaining in heart, also as to it’s doubly considerate.Result past of everyday rub have no, change of Be getting iner peace and harmony.

Led for some days, Ma Wen An saw Wu Shi and don’t seem to be formerly to so tell a mother-in-law to him of be not, intentionally ask her:”golden south sea pearlRecently old mother to you how ah?”Wu Shi says:”Compare before have been already ordered.”Ma Wen An and then to her way:”She since and just a little order, you should are more careful to receive a matter, must make her unkind, you of filial morality, let public all know, so I just can take you to the outside to live.”Wu Shi listenned to and only and only promised.

Thus, and then led some dates, Ma Wen An asks Wu Shi again:”Old mother to you how?”Wu Shi’s time says:”The mother-in-law treats me now very good, I no longer wanted to leave home villa.I wish very much often at her old man’s house nearby and exert the filial morality that person’s son should exert for you.”

The text Anne’s way:”My original meaning, be want you to be willing to exert a filial morality ah, be not really want you to leave home villa.Now I will my original meaning, spoke with you to wear, you then know my real intentions.You formerly tell an old mother to me of bothersome difficult wait on to receive, I early understand, this is the relation that you didn’t look after a good old man.But at that time you are on the spirit head, in heart knew other people of be not, nowise thoughted of own mistake, if what I was clear to say you be not, you weren’t willing to definitely admit.The idea of wanting your song flatters an old mother, this is also what you could not do.So I at ten thousand can not help of situation under, have to with kind Qiao convenient method, make you temporarily endure patiently, song idea sincerely matter, change the arrogant in your heart, I not am happy to by artifice cheat you.”

Still tell her:”The ancients says:’Will be a daughter-in-law to have no a bad old woman’, is really remark based on personal experience ah, from now on, I hope your way to get along with people, must examine oneself oneself, seek reason from oneself’s body, slicing can not always blame and scold others.The ancients cloud, ‘lover person Heng love it, respect person person Heng respect it.’Conducting is so,wireless keyboards besides wait on to receive parents’ close?”Also lend°ed machine her to speak the graveness of parents’ special kindness, and from time immemorial filial son the wise Fu Li is frequently to the utmost hard and fix the record of events of filial morality.

election a new mayor

Monday, November 14th, 2011

The beautiful 22 years old graduate student election defeats a 67-year-old mayor to win an election a new mayor
Because of economic recession, many American young mans face unemployed embarrassing situation, but surprising BE,到會服務 two about 20 years old youths, recently unexpectedly the double double win in the election and become one of the youngest mayor in the United States and town mayor:22-year-old row gram Si ·the Morse fill the state Huo benefit Ao gram City to win an election a mayor at Ma Sa Zhu, while the 18-year-old senior high school give birth to a hero Rui rice ·the rice Ni second is in Iowa generation the Er town win an election for the town mayor.

Defeat a 67 years old incumbent mayor

According to November 13 《everyday post 》, American Columbia Broadcasting Service (CBS) report way, 22-year-old row gram Si ·the Morse is American Ma Sa Zhu to fill the state Huo benefit Ao person in gram City, this summer just ascended Brown University graduation in the Si City from general Wei in capital in Rhode Island.

According to know, Morse since the childhood interested in politics, lately, 4 of Huo benefit Ao beginning in gram City ran for a new term mayor, after knowing this news, the Morse immediately registered to run for a mayoral〃 election.

Unexpectedly three after choosing, the Morse passes to cut unexpectedly and all the way will, pass a primary election smoothly, end 67 years old incumbent mayoress Yi Lai boon ·Pu Lu Ta became an unique Morse rival.

Recently, the number’s mayoral〃 election ballot outcome was finally revealed, made the election opponent,美食到會mayoress’ Yi Lai boon dreamed also have never thought of BE, the end Morse unexpectedly got more than 5000 ballots and successfully defeated her by many 600 absolute advantages and with one action won an election for the new appointee mayor of Huo benefit the Ao gram City, Morse also become there is history in the United States one of the youngest mayors!

In the school try to find solution to be mayor

The 22 years old university graduate student won an election the mayor’s news to cause a sensation the United States, but Morse mean, he can win an election a mayor not and only and at hazard, but his process deep consideration and with meticulous care preparation of result.In fact, as early as before one and half years, haven’t finished university at that time of he has already decided to take part in a mayor to run for.The Morse says:”I have already decided three to choose one and half years ago, and carry on a thorough research to it, until I after feeling I have already welled work well to prepare to mayoral〃 one job, just decide to formally run for an election.”

The year salary has already hoped up to USD 70,000

By dint of one mouthful fluently Spanish, the Morse gets certain support in the biggest Latin-American small area of whole citieses.Presume own publicly homosexual tendency and have no mental burden moreover is also the reason that the Morse wins an election.Certainly more more fundamental, many citizen all think, the Morse has much of his/her own definite view in the policy platform-though he is very young.According to know, the mayoral〃 Learning Chinese tenure of Morse wills be 4 years, but has already hoped to be up to USD 70,000 as the mayor’s some time salary or so according to the usual standard.

cancel restriction order

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Ma Mei calls that China comprehends Malaysia swallows’ nest is natural to contain poison to import cancel restriction order
In order to once having Chinese medium Pu Malaysia’s swallows’ nest to the Chinese exit implies the deadly poison material second nitrate, Malaysia and China on November 8 now the matter carried on a consultation.Both parties reach a consensus, namely Malaysia swallows’ nest is natural to imply certain quantity of second nitrate, but in the process of processing in forbid artificial to add this kind of material.In the meantime, 淮山腰片湯China also the repeal is to the importing restriction order of Malaysia swallows’ nest.

《Malaysia star report 》November 8 said, the Lai(Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai) held talks with Chinese health department officials on November 8 in Malaysia healthy minister Liao.He say to reporter after the meeting, the Chinese authorities comprehends that the second nitrate is an esculent swift in a “natural formation thing” in the growth processgai de xishou

“After we explained to have natural second nitrate in our swallows’ nests, both parties reached an of vital importance consensus.”The Lai in Liao says, ” we agree to export Malaysia swallows’ nest for China in the process of processing in should not add second nitrate, but the Chinese authorities then allows to exist natural second nitrate composition in the product.”

Lai also calls in Liao, both parties have already established a work committee that constitutes to°from the expert of food and make sure to allow the quantity of implying the second nitrate in the swallows’ 孕媽注意飲食nest product.Malaysia health department an officials and China related section two representative directors lead that committee together.

Malaysia swallows’ nest alliance will chairman Datuk Paduka Beh Heng Seong says, as long as the amount of permission of the second nitrate is reasonable, Malaysia swallows’ nest exporter will obey these requests.

“We have already promised to the Chinese authorities, we will improve the quality of our product further and rebuild Chinese consumer’s confidence to Malaysia swallows’ nest.”

Sit to see cloud rising

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Those or quite or the writing floating isn’t details that I weave intentionally, but just the life lend me of hand, the table is in the memory on the staff, or pleased, or sad, or emotionally wrought up, or deep and low, being not all our imagination dint can be or so.

The life says namely expensive, say lowly can also lowly arrive inside, busily grasp the tail in time every day, but again can daze have no the Cuo ground see setting sun whereabouts, Rirretrievable.Spread a palm, allow sunlight in hand up row together hidden mark, so, we lost for a day again.

This day inside, someone leaves, someone drops into, someone is born, someone dies, someone is brokenhearted, someone mutually loves, world be such, there is innumerable appearance in same times.The cosmos prints our shapes to engrave in this in this world, but haven’t told us that it exactly intends for what?

I have been believing to courageously enter and the confidence is a wise and farsighted equal choice, even some time I feel more, it is a kind of happy carriage to sink into, it makes us have to briefly stop, well timed turn.

How many yearses inside, we missed to get a starry opportunity because of chasing moon, people always thought to own desire to put on wing, but projected light upon in the sunlight next of the split second, how does oneself fly while forgetting to have no wing?

Enchant the time in faraway mountain Ao, if can, I rather release life new breath and wait for the first first light of day of day-break quietly quietly floating to me by impercipient form nearby.At that time, I will run out the strength of whole body and be it as the last warmth in the embrace, Jean it, cherish it.

Too many people admire the other people’s achievement, position and wealth and honor, brave, effect, imitate it;Timid, envy it, hate it.The too little person can accept this disappointed and disappointed, isn’t their not enough cleverness, but too many crazy ideas disrupted their original quite mood.

Stand on the borrowing of busyness, eye the facial expression of pedestrian, have how many persons is smiling?How many persons have a liking for to go to is contented?Society and life are a real tutor, his church we”are too long for 10,000 years, contends for morning and night”, his church we”the world originally have no matter, much ado about nothing of.Disorderly my heart I also, the one who calm down my heart, as well I am also”.

Ascend kind if water, the creation permit, if heart creation, permit it like water, be like water similar dilution pain and sufferings, be like water similar extension happiness, like water wake calmness up Be covered up to the water lily in the mud, make all dreams,such as bodhi, bloomed.

“Go water poor place,K sit to see cloud rising.”Existing to still keep dying is a key that game of predestination type overcome to lie in such as water of mindset, thin of, even of;Goes to a soft thing by world, square can gram just, overcame a key to lie in such as water of conviction, soft if have no bone, hard if huge rock.

Stand at disturbingly noisy and urgent medium, it is very difficult for us to positively do a choice, so and why not does the open mind accept the advice that years brings?Giving up should give up of and insist that insistent, facing should face of, take a beautiful dream, in the intricate life, keep a mind of quite.

No matter the height of life is many Gao, it rise in flat of the earth, ignore own how much, it rise in own nothing at all, so when a person lost some things, he also acquired some precepts, the life wasn’t a simple journal of accounts, life of the taste need us to calmly taste, small and soft mastication.

Leisurely, is a real life, everything of the life comes from his/her own mind.Must care,Q can not care too much, pursue to come from heart, not and outwardly beg, together, we sit to see cloud rising ……

big best times

Monday, November 7th, 2011

The white gets to care ten big best times
The city white gets a work busy, usually have no time to do for do-it-yourself to maintain, don’t carry on for the weekend concentration, the method like this without resort to a table very much.Keep in mind every day in fact this 10 hours engraves to do the matter that should do,禿頭的男人 you of the whole appearance can like.

1, the after meal is the best time that gargle, brushes teeth for 3 minutes.

Because at this time, the germ of mouth cavity starts resolving food remnant, the acidity material of its creation easily decays and fuses tooth enamel quality, make the tooth been subjected to damage.

2, take tea of the best time

The best time that takes tea a health is had a meal after an hour.Not a few people like after meal to drink hot tea right away, this is very not scientific.Because the Rou in tea-leaf is sour to combine with iron in the food don’t dissolve sexual iron salt, interference human body to the absorption of iron, time a long can induct anemic.

3, drink the best time of milk

Because milk implies abundant calcium, the middle age and old people sleeping is ex- to drink, can compensate the blood of nighttime of calcium of low fall appearance but protection skeleton.

In the meantime,營養過剩milk has already hypnotized a function.

4, drink water the best time of fruit

The best time that drinks water a fruit is an hour before rice.Because the fruit belongs to living a food and eat to living food empress again eat deli, the white cell inside the body can’t increase and be advantageous to protecting a human body immune system.

5, take a sunbathe of the best time

8-10:00 A.M. and 4-7:00 p.m. are the best time that takes a sunbathe a health.The sunlight regards beneficial ultraviolet ray A light beam as principle at this time, can make the human body produced vitamin D and strengthen the anti- Lao of human body immune system and prevent°from the ability of bone soft thus,yanchang shengming and reduce the outbreak rate of artery hardening.

airport in Bangkok

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The flood drowns airport in Bangkok
This photograph is the Earth of American astronautics bureau to prognosticate the advanced land on the 1st(EO-1) of satellite to become to be like an instrument(ALI) to clap on October 29, 2011 next.The first sees up and thinks that the central photograph rectangle district is a harbor very easily, that narrow district that stretches into the blue water is a wharf, but embellishes in the water of a little bit white is seeming of steamer, conjunction wharf and steamer are big warehouses.

But cautiously observe,cloth Si releaseswill discover that white of a little bit small is an airplane, the central rectangle area is the runway of Thai gallery Man, airport.The gallery Man airport locates at in the north of Bangkok, is Thailand is flooded one of the regions in this 31 in the Hong disaster.Big parts of regions in the photograph are all immersed by the flood to have no, and tree of the building the bottom is all water, but gallery Man the flood of the airport is the most obvious.Report according to the local authorities, whole territorieses in Bangkok are still placed in flood threat appearance.

The flood of Thailand begins from the end of June, this year, at that time,Georgia reaches dissimilarity usually violent monsoon rain assaulted Thailand with a tropical cyclone.The rain water makes river and reservoir flood deluge of whole territorieses in Thailand.Go to the end of October, the flood passes river bank Nan-ho and can not canal and brook way counting arrive Bangkok.Thai government said, up to October 30, the flood has already resulted in 373 people’s dying, and bring more than 2,000,000 residents lifes influence.The gallery Man airport stops movement on October 25, but the any Na cloth international airport of Thai Su still keeps revolving as usual, also hope maintenance present condition.

The gallery Man international airport is flooded when the October 25 flood arrives a high tide.Although the flood is lined up into the Thai gulf of Bangkok the south coast,the flood goes toward back to back from the Thai gulf again while attaining high peak and make to follow a line region of flood more overflow.surrender to justiceRiver bank Nan-ho several times attains the tallest water level in history on October 25, the flood sweeps the whole Bangkok.After flood attains a Feng value, the water level of river bank Nan-ho has a time to back.Thai flood succour center(Thailand’s Flood Relief Operating Center) said, in future several days(November 3-November 15), the flood low tide will make Bangkok sometimes evacuate flood, and will work well preparation next time for the flood high tide

changes strength

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The tax changes strength to need to enlarge
Accept the economic Chinese Times covers of some experts and industry insider said, the special policy aim of a series of revenue from tax that release intensively recently at carry through State Department concerning support in small scaled develop with miniature business enterprise of request, but the tax changes of the strength need enlargement.

“The adjustment that advertises for a point has to aim at sex, will be obvious to the supporting of miniature business enterprise function,to but to medium the small scaled business enterprise support more limited.”Central finance and economics university director Zhang Guang Tong in the college of tax administration say to the reporter of this report.

On October 26, State Department often works meeting decision, since January 1, 2012, develop to deepen added value tax system to reform an experimental unit in the parts of regions and the professions, gradually will collect the profession of business tax to change to collecting added value tax currently.On October 29, State Department often works a meeting to again put forward a perfect finance and tax policy and push forward structure tax reduction.Later on, the Ministry of Finance, country tax bureau raises business tax and added value tax to advertise for some policy set.Zhang Guang Tong to this analytical, the adjustments of “two taxes”s all just rise the adjustment of advertising for the point, the basic tax rate didn’t change, the file time of demarcation was less and just walked in changing tax 1.He thinks that”two taxes” adjust of meaning mainly embodiment at to support of the individual industry and business business enterprise up,hesay towards alleviating local commodity price level and increasing an employment to have certain helping, but to a little bit up the business enterprise of scale coming, the benefit of special policy like the embodiment not too come out.

Public finance in the Chinese agency section, hospital and researcher, Yang Zhi, in the revenue from tax laboratory also think that the revenue from tax policy adjustment aims at sex currently it’s too strong, the adjustment that advertise for a point of added value tax and business tax, just aim at an individual type business enterprise, eased some burdens of miniature business enterprises, but had never involved a tax to change substantially.The adjustment of resources tax is mainly the alignment problem that influences stateowned economy, to medium the small scaled business enterprise didn’t greatly help.

“Nation’s lowering tax rate is the development trend that the tax changes, the behind probably also continues a set more policies that decline a tax and change a tax.”State silver’s an international macroscopic economic analyst says to the reporter of this report.

“The our country promotes the difficulty that the large-scale tax changes still very big, the tax changes to all want to synthesize the balance of considering the central public finance and place public finance each time, equilibrium etc. of the national revenue from tax and balance gained by business enterprise and business enterprise and personal income benefits multiple problems.”Zhang Guang Tong thinks that the structure that suits to do revenue from tax of economic state of the nation in present stage of our country adjustment, attaining the revenue from tax has been already increased to reduce.In the future, the relation economies, such as resources tax,Q environment tax and house property tax…etc. can keep on the tax of stabilizing the development to grow tax rate affirmation and raise, but to the business enterprise and personal income tax, flow to turn a tax etc. the tax kind want moderation next adjust.

Almond flower

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

This position originally not is a Luo much clear of, he is so tall, besides also not nearsighted.Most difficult bear with of is release from school each time, he pulls throat to shout:”Doing not be small is far ……the notes lend me to use once.”That’far’the word shout stiller than the Great Wall to grow.Certainly I not and easily lend° notes a boy of,most nourishing in addition to he.Because he knows my secret and be like him to talk to me similar always be full of threat.

I walk on the way home behind schoolbag’s back, the whole things are so quiet in my world, and I concomitantly probably only the setting sun setting sun.Often there is a lovers riding a bike from nearby process, their figures are so of happiness.The leaf of treetop imitates Buddhas all at let him the dance move.

“Cha-Cha” I haven’t returned to absolute being, a bicycle is blocked my front, the car sits in seat of honor of the person is that the Luo is much clear.”Doing not be small is far, I take you home!Province your a person only enjoy solitude on the road!”Was obviously full of derision and impoliteness in his words, certainly all these only I know.”Thanks,method will makeI need not, I fear you of the love car will spread.”This sentence imitated a Buddha to ask for the Nu to him, “do not be small far, I afraid you don’t dare, I know you afraid ……” he has never said words next go to, certainly this is use a my eyes in of the tears change come of, he turned round and rode and got on the car and walked.

My a person exceeded the footstep of some odd pieceses to trample a house, can my heart still can not be calm, probably because of him.Luo already station on the veranda of next door, he hopes me downward, I lift up head to looking at him, sudden the distance of that feel us is thus faraway, I have already had no time to have regard for these, I run to veranda up, give that flower pot in of can’t sproutlace of the seed water.”Feed, don’t small Chi, today’s sunset is very beautiful!”He is just across the street to jubilantly shout to me, my title sees him that specially challenge vision, and imitating the Buddha will melt me into air.I no longer realize him and turned round into a house, the solitude of setting sun spread all over my bedroom through the window.閑遊溫都水城 If really of says such as Einstein of so, I how hope the grain son that I thought along with the light beam return to in the past, returned to seven year agos, the afternoon that still was full of sunlight.