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Panel monopoly

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

In 2011 from the United States of New York state attorney general’s office learned that, New York has for more than the global LCD panel production giant filed antitrust lawsuits, accuse the enterprise control market prices. It is reported, the main global LCD manufacturers Hitachi, sharp, LG, Chi Mei and other enterprises are in the list.
Display files, these enterprises suspected in 1996 to 2006 in ten years by operate the computer, TV and mobile phone with LCD panel ( LCD ) prices caused by the state government public procurement project loss, this lawsuit seeking compensation for the loss of these enterprises and pay a fine. The file points out, these enterprises in ten years formed a monopoly of price system, control of the $70000000000 market. In this system, a few enterprises form a detailed, clear secret agreement. Therefore, the state of New York in the procurement and use of the liquid crystal panel products to pay a higher price.
New York prosecutors said, these enterprises control LCD panel market share of 90%, so the price is very high degree of monopoly. The prosecutor published evidence, this a few big enterprises to control prices reached a” naked” degree.
For example, in a 2002 meeting, Samsung to colleagues told sold to major customers notebook LCD screen quotations, LG is said to be in the same Samsung consultations made a similar offer, the general principle is, LG 14 inch screen than Samsung your 1 to $2,toshiba tablet while the 15 inch screen ratio Samsung products cheaper 1 to $2. The United States federal justice department had been to many LCD manufacturers of criminal proceedings, including LG, sharp and Hitachi, many enterprises have recognized price manipulation, and paid more than $860000000 in fines.
The author analysis: in the Chinese market, there are also foreign companies use their size and technical monopoly advantage to control the phenomenon of the market. If the United States to sue monopoly enterprise, our country enterprise also can rely on the anti-monopoly law on foreign investment behavior to fight back, fight for their legitimate interests.
In 2011 the domestic color TV giant Skyworth and Konka has announced its new products, intelligent television are used Android ( Android system ) and Windons platform. So far, including TCL, Changhong, most domestic television brand collective the Android system as this year’s” smart TV standard”. According to the insiders, the domestic intelligence TV is gradually to the” pan ” Computerization ” direction of the transition, the color TV industry has entered a higher level of competition.
2011 is no doubt become smart TV” year”, from the CES to the nearest major manufacturers have released their respective intelligent television products are confirm this point. However, as more IT manufacturers have added to the smart TV competition in the market, such as consumer for having heard it many times, AMD, Microsoft and Intel Lenovo etc.. This makes the intelligent television ‘s IT property is more and more obvious, and the IT technology is not very familiar with home appliance enterprises in front of intelligent technology is a bit confused.
Most of the current intelligent televisionacer tabletis common used Android system, but in fact using Android TV doesn’t mean it has to be smart. A comparison of the official explanation is: real intelligent television should be from the intelligent platform, intelligent application, intelligent control and other measured three aspects: first, to have a plurality of independently operating system, can realize good human-computer interaction; secondly, in the intelligent application, software and hardware can be upgraded at the same time, realize the new function or value added service, users become the” personal television”. Finally, intelligent control, make become” watch TV play video”.
The author analyses: Intelligent Cloud television is the development direction of the intelligent core,samsung galaxy 3D ( net buys the price 7999 yuan ) products began to experience time, domestic smart TV is gradually to the” pan ” Computerization ” direction of the transition, the color TV industry has entered a higher level of competition.

management function

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Western Digital – the virtual host 10 strong! More than 20 virtual host management function, the nation’s leading! Sixth generation double line virtual host, north-south access smooth operator! Virtual host online rar decompression, automatic data recovery setup virtual directory. Virtual host free access statistics, enterprise post office . Cn domain name registration 10 yuan / year, self-help Station 480 yuan, a free 7 day trial,Email Marketing satisfactory payment! P4 host hire 799 yuan / month. The month free press gold!

With the ERP, CRM, such as e-commerce implementation, enterprise informatization is also the voice of waves high block, mixed constant. Some enterprise brave chase had run, for fear that by the late step and loss of opportunity, is extremely, passion unlimited desire; some enterprises lightning completed the “e”, but now because of the effect is not ideal and has a headache, is little, be in a nice hobble; some enterprises held the wait-and-see, neither fast nor slow to simple” semi-automatic” information transformation, can keep cool, more or less; also some enterprises simply stick to the traditional position, to enterprise informatization is rejected, with changeless should 10 thousand change.

As the enterprise, whether or not have informatization, there should not be” exclusive information” and” falseinformation” phenomenon, this is not the choice of enterprises; more than implementation party’s choice. Then the different backgrounds of different industries in different scale enterprises how to carry out effective information? This is the question! Narrow down the problem scope but also help enterprises to solve practical difficulties, so I want to talk about is not” how the enterprise informatization?” , but” enterprise informatization in email marketing application?” From” company online project” to now ” ERP”, basically all enterprises know what e-mail is? Most have e-mail look as telephone, fax and other traditional methods as convenient contact tool, many companies also use e-mail as a new marketing method. Then, in the e-mail marketing process, what factors will affect the email marketing effectiveness? What are the mail marketing means feasible?

The target establishment and management
Maybe you often receive some spam, these mandatory in some of your business information is really annoying people, we generally take the shield address or to delete the way to deal with, but let ‘s not fast. Why do we always received so much spam? Obviously, your email address already exists in many mailing list, so you will continue to be” harassment”. We hate to spam may be transferred directly to send a person, then immediately transferred to the mail content, so we have to spam content also with deep hatred and resentment. In the process of marketing messages, mail target accuracy will seriously affect the marketing effect, even destroy the image of the enterprise, the effect is exactly the opposite of the. Many enterprises in the knowledge about the target object instances blindly send bulk mail, eventually leading to loss of credibility of customers, continue to decline.

How to identify mail marketing target? The first to collect reliable mail address, the address of the owner must be your target, and your product, service no email address is of no value. There are now many website provides” industry e-mail address collection ” such things, although I have not bought, but I thought the address is probably of no value,iPhone Application development because on a few big industry division is not clear distinction of many special industries. If the message authenticity is doubtful? Then, we adopt what approach to obtain the target mail address?

8 excellent iPhone

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

8 excellent iPhone” augmented reality” Application
The Apple App Store App Store with a large number of” augmented reality” ( augmented reality ) application, they put the virtual world projection into our daily life, let people feel amazing, it’s no wonder that the categories used in the Apple App store great sales. But augmented reality of innovation is just beginning. Maybe one day, augmented reality will provide you a …

The Apple App Store App Store with a large number of” augmented reality” ( augmented reality ) application, they put the virtual world projection into our daily life,Mobile Application let people feel amazing, it’s no wonder that the categories used in the Apple App store great sales.

But augmented reality of innovation is just beginning. Maybe one day, augmented reality will offer you a smoother experience, so you can put the virtual world to add to your own reality interaction. Devices like the iPhone is an augmented reality platform: some experimental novel, some silly, some are very amazing, they let the people see the future games and entertainment trends. The following are 8 excellent iPhone augmented reality application profile:
Dimensions is a RjDj development of the Sony g adventure game, it is possible that you played the most innovative iPhone game. A game player says” this is I in recent years see the craziest, most experimental game, but also on a mobile device”. Since the establishment of the RjDj has said he” is not used. But in creating Sony g experience.” They are also doing very well.

This game was so popular because it greatly deviate from conventional. Dimensions” part is that the game is part of your life, music, part science experiment”.Digital Marketing The game took place on your own life, and on the environment around you react.

2.Sky Chart and 3.Star Walk
Sky Chart and Star Walk attracted many amateur astronomers, the two stunning application lets you be personally on the scene to watch the stars — for life in the bustling metropolis of people, it is very hard to do. Just start the application, turn off the lights, and then you can rise to watch the various constellation. The two application provides indoor and outdoor mode selection in which Star Walk night vision, particularly information rich.

4.Colorblind Vision
By Simon Stein de special (Simon Strandgaard ) developed by Colorblind Vision is a simple and interesting applications, it can let you through the blind eyes to see the world. You can select all color types, including green blindness ( Deuteranopia, 5% of men suffer from this disease ), and very rare total color blindness ( Achromatopsia ).

5.Sky Siege3D
Sky Siege 3D using augmented reality technology to shooting game to a new level. It lets you” in their own living room experience intense air strikes,” so, you may see the enemy helicopter appears on your TV. In general, it is a kind of novel and interesting use of augmented reality way.
6.Laser Tag
A game player said:” I have always loved Laser Tag, now I can also be in the mobile phone to play the game. Looking for a friend, download this application, then turn off the lights, began playing the game. Your iPhone is a goal is ‘ gun ‘”. ” Game” mode, if your mobile phone is hit, it will vibrate and be””. At the end of the game, your scores and statistics recording will automatically appears on the other side of the device. In the” team ” mode, everyone at the same time open play, then in the end we can compare the number of hits, misses and the number of scoring.

7.Cyborg Vision
Harris Ai Ming ( Haris Amin ) and Richard Cameron ( Richard Cameron ) API ( Application Programming Interface ) development of Cyborg Vision. This application allows you to detect your Facebook friends, and in the blood red screen view their information — like the movie” terminator” in that way.

Some brands have begun using augmented reality advantage. Blippar is the first to offer advertisers the popularity of augmented reality platform service. Blippar has been associated with the Dublin Metro newspaper” pioneer” and local TV show FYI cooperation, launched” the world’s first completely enhance the realism of the newspaper”.Plate Heat Exchanger In addition, brand like Marmite and Blippar cooperation in.

cancer signal must-see

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

In order to himself and family health: cancer signal must-see
Research shows that:
Cancer cannot be in weak alkaline body form;
Cancer only in the acidic body form;
If you have cancer, indicating that the body is acidic;
Cancer only in an acidic body extension;
If your body is weak alkaline, cancer cannot be extended;
If you can balance your body pH, let your body into a weak alkaline, no matter what do you get cancer has been cured and change;
Regardless of how bad, even if only 6 months to live, if you can change your body pH to weakly alkaline, your cancer would not expand, will be good;
Don’t worry about your family, your mother, father or any person has cancer, as long as your body is weak alkaline, you won’t have to, if you already have, it will change;
Cancer are acidic fluids exist, nothing else. If your body is acid, you will get cancer. If it is a weak base, you will not get cancer. If you have cancer, but you can adjust your body’s pH to weakly alkaline, cancer will leave you.
Cancer prevention tips is very simple, is to eat alkaline foods to prevent the accumulation of acidic waste, because of acidizing fluid environment, is the normal cell cancerous fertile soil, adjust body fluid acid-base balance, cancer prevention is effective way.
The A ) will develop a good life habit, quit alcohol limit. Smoking, who predicted that, if people stop smoking, 5 years later, the world of cancer would be reduced by 1 / 3; secondly, no alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol is very acid, acidic substances, long-term smoking, drinking, can easily lead to acidic.
B ) not to eat salty and spicy food, do not eat hot, cold, overdue and bad food; frail or some genetic diseases at some anti-cancer food with a high acid content and basic food, maintain good mental state.
C ) have a good mentality to cope with stress, work and rest, do not fatigue. Visible pressure is an important cause of cancer, TCM believes that stress causes overstrain asthenia causing decreased immune function, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, leading to acid deposition; pressure can lead to mental stress caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, poisonous fire invagination etc..
D ) to strengthen the physical exercise, enhanced physique, much sport under the sun, much sweat can be acid with the sweat excreted, avoid the formation of acidic.
E ) to the law of life, life habit of people, such as Cara OK, sing all night playing mahjong, night life without the rule, it will increase the acidification of the body, is linked to cancer. Should form good habits of life, thereby maintaining the weakly alkaline, making various cancer diseases away from their.
F ) do not consume contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry eggs, moldy food and so on, to eat some green organic food, to prevent the disease enters by the mouth.

push prices should

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Video than to push prices should be 2 to 3 into decline
House prices fall? Why the outer estates to fall ” be rash and too much in haste”, and rings of real estate prices but steadfastly stand on one’s ground? Why the flourishing city buy cheap 1% – 2% developers started to shout no profit, but today prices drop 20% or even 30% also said to have profit? Lower the price how much is reasonable? While prices fell by the factors which say?

The central economic work conference in December 12-14 date held in beijing. The conference points out, should adhere to the policy of estate adjusting control not to shake, promote the prices reasonable return, accelerate the ordinary commodity housing construction, increase effective supply, the real estate market to promote the reasonable development.

The National Bureau of Statistics recently published November 70 national large and medium-sized city house price changes situation display, in 70 large and medium-sized city in November, a total of 49 city new commercial housing price decline, increased by 15. The last month of the national housing beginning inflection point after November, the national average prices chain continued to show a downward trend, the national housing prices has entered the downlink interval. The price range acceleration sheets. Beijing Project Construction Committee said, years the market is objective has been completed, the new Beijing ordinary housing prices 6.3% lower than last year.

In such circumstances, the central economic work conference still put forward ” promote the prices reasonable return”. Visible, though prices have declined, but there is no reasonable return. Then, by the market has forgotten the real income than, more than rental cost, whether can be ” reasonable return” quantified?

genetic characteristics

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Inventory of the worst human genetic characteristics
The family have not always been outstanding, recently, the United States of America” life science” magazine of the 10 worst hereditary feature.

According to the website, although the human body gene 99.9% and parents in exactly the same, but there are 0.1% different, and it is the 0.1%, only created including blood and eye color, 3000000 different genetic features, but these differences also achieved a personal uniqueness. Unfortunately, the family and very often are excellent, the structure of the 10 genetic traits is described as ” the worst”.

Alcohol abuse
A child may be born like alcohol. Recent research shows, alcohol has about 50% reasons and genetic and environmental factors, only to a half of the effect of applying.

Breast cancer
Most of the breast cancer pathogenesis is still a mystery, however, researchers have found that some genetic variation, can lead to cancer. Some women may early in life with breast cancer, and breast cancer occur are two.

Color blindness
The United States has 10000000 people to identify clear red and green, but only 600000 women appear similar symptom. This is because man can only inherit my mother the last X chromosome genes. While women have 2 X chromosomes, even if a color gene defects, there is another gene can replace its position.

Shi Qiang bullying
When the children are at the playground fight was “come in” the principal’s office, don’t forget to complain to their parents. This is because, the scientists found in the body of a can promote aggressive gene. Among them, the boys of aggressive behavior are more likely to be from the family inherited.

French fries and obese gene can cause obesity double” background”. Scientific theory reveals, obese gene can help our ancestors to survive famine, but in this age of plentiful supply of food, it is to bring us a lot of trouble.

Heart disease
Born with heart disease, diabetes, stroke, or family history of hypertension in children is likely to follow its ” traditional”. In addition, if someone suffers from a congenital heart defect disease, his offspring congenital defects of the heart appeared the possibility will be a little on the high side.

Twin birth
Although the twin birth was an accident, but in the same family often appears again and again the twins. The female body will carry a gene, making her ovulation period in the resulting egg cell doubling. Although the man to carry this gene may not let him give birth to twins, but he can put it genetic to daughter, so in the future when the twins grandpa is still possible.

Research shows, many boys long pimples, their families tend to have acne” growth history”. Similarly, if parents when young had severe acne, so their children may well have escaped serious acne problem.

Lactose intolerance
In the past 10000 years, gene mutation causes the body to milk the digestive ability of continuous improvement, but it is only in the milk has to be accustomed to the crowd has been improved. If you can’t stand the milk, then your relatives are likely to also cannot bear this kind of thing.

Pattern baldness in men is common, it may be derived from one or both parents of several genetic variants relevant. While the permanent alopecia totalis is a rare condition, people with the disease systemic hair will fall off, they will carry the ” hair” gene in vivo.

excellent design

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Web content management system has a template based on a number of excellent design, can accelerate the pace of development of the site and reduce the cost of development. But its function is not limited to text processing, it can also deal with Flash pictures, animation, audio and video streaming, image files and even e-mailWeb Content Management System.
Web content management system also each platform script types.
Content management system is the enterprise information construction and electronic government affairs is new bestow favor on, is also a relatively new to the market, the content management, the industry has not a uniform definition, different agencies have different understanding:
Gartner Group thought content management from the connotation should include the enterprise content management, content management, Web electronic commerce transaction content management and enterprise external network ( Extranet ) information sharing content management ( such as CRM and SCM ), Web content management is the current focus, e-business and XML is to promote the development of the power source content management.
Merrill Lynch analyst think content management focus on the enterprise employee, enterprise customers, partners and suppliers and convenient access unstructured information processing. Content management is intended to unstructured information publication to intranets,Website Developmentextranets and ITE ( Internet Trading Exchanges ), so that the user can search, use, analysis and sharing. Business intelligence system ( BI ) focuses on the value of structured data extraction, content management, focus on internal and external unstructured resource strategic value extraction.
Giga Group believes that as e-commerce engine, content management solutions and e-commerce server must be tightly integrated, thereby forming the content production ( Production ), transmission ( Delivery ) and e-commerce end-to-end system.
Generally contains the following features
Create, modify, delete information
Automatic release information
Automatic typesetting
Cross section, Cross website
Custom section, channel
Remote information management
The manuscript examinationPlate Heat Exchanger
Template design
Workflow definition
Extended function
User roles and authorization management
User behavior monitoring and detailed record of operation
Key connection
Site management and statistics
The system automatically backup and delete

To love

Monday, December 19th, 2011

She began to work a single woman.
He is a senior at the school.
In a city, it was never to be. But the Zhuonong God let two people to meet, know and love!
They are the summer by the drifting bottle recognition, she forgot who threw the bottle who make bottles together do know, just started her due to busy work do not line and he is in the bottle for one or two months for a sentence, but also with Q but haven’t talked. She later that Q lost, in him before the opening day, two people actually very tacit are on the line, so each other with Q chat up, just start no emotion inside, just talk a
He said:” I have time to see you!”
She said:” good ah!”
Two people are so random chat with. For a long period of time, they often send a message, call, naturally, is like a pair of lovers. Tell the truth every day! If the day does not call does not send information like less of something!
That September 22nd they meet in the Harbin train station met, she went to the station to meet him, because he is the first came to this city. He told her, waiting in the hall outside left her, wearing a gray sportswear, carrying a backpack wearing ear machine. She had seen him, very white, short hair, very sunny and very clean a boy, saw him in the round,johnson baby shampoo she quietly from around behind him, took him, he turned around, she did not dare look at him. This is the unforgettable first met.
Two people ride together came to her in the city, go out to eat, sometimes she’s not busy would personally cook for him to eat, to see him eat, she was very happy. He spent ten days in her.
They know not the way, will never be together, this should not meet, but they meet, she knew that someday he’ll get hurt, but she loves him, she doesn’t care about her idea was, and he has been linked with her satisfied, he will have his house she may also have a home of their own, they had an agreement that until the other has the other half do not break contact, when a good friend, also meet in 1314 in the beautiful city of Dalian.
He went the day before gave him a small gift, dove, Dove chocolate. She found wrote a lot of a small piece of paper, she cannot help but want to see, he would not let her watch, she gave him a coquetry say
” Let me have a look!”
” No.! Allow only after I go, you go”.
Take the day she bought him a sweater because it turned cold, she wants him to warm!
After he came back she was particularly bad, he received the telephone also couldn’t help crying, she had never felt before, he told her, will meet again, not so broken. Don ‘t cry.
He went back, they have made a lot of information, no matter how busy he will send a message to her, as he had promised, especially every morning is Betfair, every evening will play telephone. Just one month later, he bought a ticket but didn’t tell her, because he wanted her, to give her a surprise.
A film” Romance 33 days” 8 screens, he wants to see with her, she saw him again, this time for 10 days, he still got out of the car to buy her a dry beans, because she loves to eat, although saw her she was cold, but her heart is very warm, because he on the train is not used to eating, she is afraid he is hungry, got their work done to find his place, he bought dumplings, he gave her the moment she saw the full room candles, bed is placed on a birthday cake, there are two roses, he didn’t catch the her birthday,JOHNSON Shampooso I want to give her a surprise for her to mend this birthday, very touched by her, and together with him she is like a little child, so he always take care of her, she’s all miss this and that, he always said that she is a child, always said she” two”, but she is very like to know why, he says to send you two roses? He said that she always” two” on that day, she was very happy, because the first time he said to her, I love you!
In fact these 10 days they spend less time, because she wants to work in the daytime, night to him, she finished he will come for her, no matter how late, he will come to her, waiting downstairs, very cold winter in Heilongjiang, he was standing outside her dearly, and they night together, so she is very jealous of the hours of the night, she was very afraid of sleep, because sleep one goggle to leave him and go to work, she likes to face him to lie down, looked at each other, not saying a word, he said like her unique taste, like her face natural hall taste, so he relied on!
He wanted to have a look of snow, but stay in the ten days there was no snow, the weather is very good, he got 17 votes, walk that day even under sleet is the afternoon train, the weather here in winter, because of their dark very early, so he has to go the day black, coupled with the snow, so the car was too slow, normal is two hour to Harbin that has walked for five hours, so he didn’t catch the train, she would make him
” Do not want to see the snow? Now you see!”
He found the station changed train ticket but not the night, till morning time but no seat so he changed to the very next day night. He immediately sent her a message saying the naive very love us, we must separate but no separate be rash and too much in haste, walking and stepping back way back like embarrassed.”” people in the Li Chenggong.
This fear of path delay, ahead of time two hours to buy a ticket, checked in, she looked at him on the train, was very upset, she stood inside the station, the car was not start he telephoned her, they pass a word she looked at him, looking at the car slowly start, you want to see not to see him, she from inside the station frantically run out, run to stop, stand there, watching the cars to go farther and farther … …
She received his information
” Look at the cloud, a residual red, that is not a tragedy from, is today’s sunny warm love, try to make the final temperature of winter temperature and love, our love has been warm, like love and warm, such as boiling water, moist and warm, I love you, boys are very tender, look at you last time, heart missed the pain, your shadow how this suddenly no, better than last time short, I love you, take good care of my own protection, waiting for our next meeting, the road slippery, certainly must pay attention, walking, after all slowly, for I,L-Carnitine will, I love you! We love each other, it is necessary to good, we meet again is a new beginning! Believe, we will always continue our love, our love, well.” .

practices more sexy

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Woman practicing yoga more practices more sexy
Yoga can worldwide by women are welcome, because yoga not only can bring for the woman a healthy body, but also for the woman shape sexy enchanting body curve. Of course this is the surface of the highlights, yoga can also enhance women ‘s inherent quality.
To say now what sport is the most popular with women, you can go to the fitness check, yoga is a former top ranked. This is not to say that yoga fitness effect how good, nor Yoga how easy or no limitations, but because yoga can be very good in the movement emerged in the process of female body that sexy curves.
Yoga not although no aerobics as dynamic, no steel tube dance so sexy, but yoga is a natural matching female elegance. Classy woman always inadvertently sends out the inherent elegance, of course, through yoga is also can help you improve temperament, let a woman be quiet elegance, moving sexy.
Today Xiaobian to recommend two most prominent women sexy body movements, long-term adherence to exercise not only can let you can achieve gymnastical effect, can keep the young body.
Yoga dance style
This is a balanced posture, the body in the role of the shoulder, elbow, wrist joint, hip, knee, ankle, spine. By practicing dance type, so that the joints, ligaments become more flexible, stretch, make the person and stability, peace and contribute to the regulation of body.
Yoga dance style
Operation practice:
1 standing, backward bending the right knee, right hand holding his right ankle.
2 inhale, left arm extending upwardly, exhaled, left arm extended forward, right leg back up. Hold this position for 6 to 8 times of deep breathing. Then alternate repetition.
Deformation of 1 postures:
The left hand slowly on the hip, to maintain the posture.
Deformation of 2 postures:
Left hand slowly upward, to maintain the posture.
Matters needing attention:
A beginner or rigid body exercise in the beginning of practice, can only stay in the first step. Posture after completion, return to an upright standing posture, breathing relaxation.
Yoga cat
Yoga cat
Operation practice:
1, two knee open and hip width, shin and instep pressed to the ground, footrest. Bent, straight waist, thighs and legs and torso attention at right angles to the torso, in parallel with the ground. With your palms on the ground, set in the shoulder position below the median, the arm should be vertical, and the ground at right angles, and the shoulder width. Finger pointing forward.
In 2, at the same time will slowly pelvis warped high, waist downward slightly bent, forming an arc. Looking ahead, drooping shoulder, cervical spine and spine lined up in a straight line, don’t hold your head up high.
In 3, at the same time slowly pulled back arched upward, downward to drive the face, eyes look to the thigh position, until you feel the back stretch. With the breath, repeat the above 6 to 10 times. Moves to change complete steps 3, again erect back, at the same time, lift your right foot pedals backwards until and back into the horizontal position, the sole of the foot pedaling straight, left to the front stretch. Looked up, watching the front, stretching back. Extension of the hands and feet parallel with the ground.
1, fully stretched back and shoulder, improve blood circulation, eliminate pain and fatigue.
In 2, the spine to get proper stretching, increase flexibility.
Matters needing attention
1, do not move too fast, don’t hurl the neck or waist arch after swing.
2, don’t be stretching the neck.

high-end foreign

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The high-end foreign milk years ago called most foreign milk prices do not follow the trend
Years ago, foreign milk came again the price of wind. However, this adjustment is the high-end series, mostly foreign milk do not follow up, mom had little effect on ordinary.

Wyeth says, begin from December one after another around the adjustment of” Kai Fu” product price. As a result of” Kai Fu” formula was optimized, some products to further enhance the quality of protein whey protein content, optimize the structure of proteins. It is reported, after adjustment for 900 grams of product retail price will reach 408 yuan.
Yesterday, Plate Heat ExchangerWangjiawan Wal-Mart stores, Wyeth” Kai Fu” a period of selling 378 yuan. The reporter from the much home supermarket was informed that, at present, Wyeth” Kai Fu” a price is no adjustment. In business par buyer Ye Junhua says,” Kai Fu” is a foreign milk powder in the high-end products, this year it was listed, visibility is not open, the purchase of the crowd is fixed. Before, this series of milk powder target population is” celebrity” mother,” mother has little effect on regular.” He says, although the price adjustment letter has received, but at present, the major supermarkets are not, want to see the market situation.

Yesterday, the reporter was contacted again by, mercy, Mead Johnson brand, the brand represents, in the recent domestic and did not rise in price plan, even in the years will not have price. In addition, the rest of domestic milk powder also did not rise in price.

Early in the year 6, in July,plate heat exchanger manufacturer the milk in the Abbott ‘s products, the average price of 10%, Nescafe for packaging, about the price 20 yuan