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The high-end foreign milk years ago called most foreign milk prices do not follow the trend
Years ago, foreign milk came again the price of wind. However, this adjustment is the high-end series, mostly foreign milk do not follow up, mom had little effect on ordinary.

Wyeth says, begin from December one after another around the adjustment of” Kai Fu” product price. As a result of” Kai Fu” formula was optimized, some products to further enhance the quality of protein whey protein content, optimize the structure of proteins. It is reported, after adjustment for 900 grams of product retail price will reach 408 yuan.
Yesterday, Plate Heat ExchangerWangjiawan Wal-Mart stores, Wyeth” Kai Fu” a period of selling 378 yuan. The reporter from the much home supermarket was informed that, at present, Wyeth” Kai Fu” a price is no adjustment. In business par buyer Ye Junhua says,” Kai Fu” is a foreign milk powder in the high-end products, this year it was listed, visibility is not open, the purchase of the crowd is fixed. Before, this series of milk powder target population is” celebrity” mother,” mother has little effect on regular.” He says, although the price adjustment letter has received, but at present, the major supermarkets are not, want to see the market situation.

Yesterday, the reporter was contacted again by, mercy, Mead Johnson brand, the brand represents, in the recent domestic and did not rise in price plan, even in the years will not have price. In addition, the rest of domestic milk powder also did not rise in price.

Early in the year 6, in July,plate heat exchanger manufacturer the milk in the Abbott ‘s products, the average price of 10%, Nescafe for packaging, about the price 20 yuan

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