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Woman practicing yoga more practices more sexy
Yoga can worldwide by women are welcome, because yoga not only can bring for the woman a healthy body, but also for the woman shape sexy enchanting body curve. Of course this is the surface of the highlights, yoga can also enhance women ‘s inherent quality.
To say now what sport is the most popular with women, you can go to the fitness check, yoga is a former top ranked. This is not to say that yoga fitness effect how good, nor Yoga how easy or no limitations, but because yoga can be very good in the movement emerged in the process of female body that sexy curves.
Yoga not although no aerobics as dynamic, no steel tube dance so sexy, but yoga is a natural matching female elegance. Classy woman always inadvertently sends out the inherent elegance, of course, through yoga is also can help you improve temperament, let a woman be quiet elegance, moving sexy.
Today Xiaobian to recommend two most prominent women sexy body movements, long-term adherence to exercise not only can let you can achieve gymnastical effect, can keep the young body.
Yoga dance style
This is a balanced posture, the body in the role of the shoulder, elbow, wrist joint, hip, knee, ankle, spine. By practicing dance type, so that the joints, ligaments become more flexible, stretch, make the person and stability, peace and contribute to the regulation of body.
Yoga dance style
Operation practice:
1 standing, backward bending the right knee, right hand holding his right ankle.
2 inhale, left arm extending upwardly, exhaled, left arm extended forward, right leg back up. Hold this position for 6 to 8 times of deep breathing. Then alternate repetition.
Deformation of 1 postures:
The left hand slowly on the hip, to maintain the posture.
Deformation of 2 postures:
Left hand slowly upward, to maintain the posture.
Matters needing attention:
A beginner or rigid body exercise in the beginning of practice, can only stay in the first step. Posture after completion, return to an upright standing posture, breathing relaxation.
Yoga cat
Yoga cat
Operation practice:
1, two knee open and hip width, shin and instep pressed to the ground, footrest. Bent, straight waist, thighs and legs and torso attention at right angles to the torso, in parallel with the ground. With your palms on the ground, set in the shoulder position below the median, the arm should be vertical, and the ground at right angles, and the shoulder width. Finger pointing forward.
In 2, at the same time will slowly pelvis warped high, waist downward slightly bent, forming an arc. Looking ahead, drooping shoulder, cervical spine and spine lined up in a straight line, don’t hold your head up high.
In 3, at the same time slowly pulled back arched upward, downward to drive the face, eyes look to the thigh position, until you feel the back stretch. With the breath, repeat the above 6 to 10 times. Moves to change complete steps 3, again erect back, at the same time, lift your right foot pedals backwards until and back into the horizontal position, the sole of the foot pedaling straight, left to the front stretch. Looked up, watching the front, stretching back. Extension of the hands and feet parallel with the ground.
1, fully stretched back and shoulder, improve blood circulation, eliminate pain and fatigue.
In 2, the spine to get proper stretching, increase flexibility.
Matters needing attention
1, do not move too fast, don’t hurl the neck or waist arch after swing.
2, don’t be stretching the neck.

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