excellent design

Web content management system has a template based on a number of excellent design, can accelerate the pace of development of the site and reduce the cost of development. But its function is not limited to text processing, it can also deal with Flash pictures, animation, audio and video streaming, image files and even e-mailWeb Content Management System.
Web content management system also each platform script types.
Content management system is the enterprise information construction and electronic government affairs is new bestow favor on, is also a relatively new to the market, the content management, the industry has not a uniform definition, different agencies have different understanding:
Gartner Group thought content management from the connotation should include the enterprise content management, content management, Web electronic commerce transaction content management and enterprise external network ( Extranet ) information sharing content management ( such as CRM and SCM ), Web content management is the current focus, e-business and XML is to promote the development of the power source content management.
Merrill Lynch analyst think content management focus on the enterprise employee, enterprise customers, partners and suppliers and convenient access unstructured information processing. Content management is intended to unstructured information publication to intranets,Website Developmentextranets and ITE ( Internet Trading Exchanges ), so that the user can search, use, analysis and sharing. Business intelligence system ( BI ) focuses on the value of structured data extraction, content management, focus on internal and external unstructured resource strategic value extraction.
Giga Group believes that as e-commerce engine, content management solutions and e-commerce server must be tightly integrated, thereby forming the content production ( Production ), transmission ( Delivery ) and e-commerce end-to-end system.
Generally contains the following features
Create, modify, delete information
Automatic release information
Automatic typesetting
Cross section, Cross website
Custom section, channel
Remote information management
The manuscript examinationPlate Heat Exchanger
Template design
Workflow definition
Extended function
User roles and authorization management
User behavior monitoring and detailed record of operation
Key connection
Site management and statistics
The system automatically backup and delete

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